Moskva 250K dmg and 8 Kills || World of Warships

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  1. First comment.
    I commented after seeing the whole fight … and I think that this Moskva had more luck than ability, since many of those enemies that he faced could have sunk him, like that Zao towards the middle of the fight, but it seems all the enemies were inconpetent or something, since they could have quickly destroyed this Moskva with fires and almost no enemy really tried to burn down to sink this Moskva. And the worst of those enemies, is that almost all exposed their citadels to the main canyons of this Mosvka and did not try to angular (beyond that Zao and Cleverand? To the middle of the video), and ate impacts on their citadels.

  2. the clev and the zao and the cv near by could kill im in less than 3m wen i play whit moskva i got at least 4 ships permanent shooting me

  3. Lucker. Broadside to A and no one shooting him

  4. Unlucky to lose that one, not much more you could have done. Good try.

  5. All luck

  6. The result of this game was more a case of enemies enabling the player than actual skill.

  7. Please publish only replays with skill shown, not luck

  8. skeletaur skull night

    He had the de hard flag ?

  9. Is HE moskva better than AP ?

  10. really bad positioning and pure RNG

  11. I Hope one day will be Russian BB in this game ?

  12. For those of us who do not play the game but just like to watch, the battle was enjoyable. Everybody needs a little luck. To each their own, I guess..

  13. Sea battle where you hide behind rocks.

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