Napoli Review – MONSTER SAP Secondaries – World of Warships

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Pure Fun


  1. Welcome back to you ! You have been gone. We miss our “ your instructor chase” .

  2. Vladimir Kutuzov

    finally, waiting it for 2 months

  3. Me *looks at Ägir* ,,Why can’t you be like this ?!!!!”
    Ägir *points at the flag*
    Me ,,Ohhhh…..”

  4. Basileus Raptorrus

    Wg be like:kill Agir and Siegfried secondaries, ruin any chances of italian bbs having fun secondaries and combine both into tier X to sell

    • Seriously why is it so hard for them to put SAP secondaries on the Italian BBs? And buff Agir and Siegfried secondaries to make up for losing access to the secondary build commander skills on cruisers?

    • @RedXlV They are to lazy to balance the tiers that aren’t tier 10 to be good and have a personal grudge vs germans, hence why they’re always on the end of being nerfed into the ground but not their precious op russians.

    • @Alex I agreee with the ENDLESS grudge against the germans..I think its the DEEP seeded ww2 hate still. Cmon russkis..that was 70 years ago..Time to let t go…

    • I say hybrid ships like battle cruisers, super cruisers, and the larger dd’s, same with the smallest cruisers… should get to pick skill from both relative categories.

    • @Verands sdnarev if you read QA their criteria for buff/nerf is popularity. If ships are shits but people still play them they dont care (i love German lines and play them frequently although the powercreep)

  5. That’s some decent secondaries, hit 1/3 of all shells fired and decent damage.

    Might be something to pick up and have fun with, secondaries are fun!

  6. This looks like my next coal ship. It is hilarious that I have Sansonetti and he basically has no ship to command! 😂 Napoli will change all that.

  7. Napoli: Comes to game

    Secondary build players: Who called?

  8. Gimme back my siggie secondaries! DX or at least some better armor so im not getting citted through my damn giant nose so often >_<

  9. 10.3 KM concealment?
    Wow that’s even better than the new british tier 10 BB!

  10. Good lord, I was saving coal for supa fast HE spammer or CV.
    This might save me from devil’s hand 😀

  11. If this is what the final product will look like, we should riot so they rework the trash can that Agir is.

      Ägir is stupidly tanky.
      I have problems with Alaska because of how used I am to Ägir.

    • @Legendendear ok that’s an overstatement
      Agir is tanky, but not stupidly tanky. Excessive plating shatter all HE and bounce all AP, but if caught flat, it just eats pens, let alone cits
      And its nose is big, and only 27mm, so 16 inch guns (most T9-10 Bbs) punch clean through it.
      Alaska and Agir play mostly the same so idk why you have problem with Alaska, ig floaty arcs is the reason?

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA somehow I am able to tank wit ägir for days, but if I attempt to try the sam ewith alaska I die pretty fast

    • @Legendendear How is Agir tankier than this? She doesn’t even have an icebreaker…

    • @Legendendear ok keep doing it then 🙂

  12. I rather wish the Italian cruisers had more utility in their consumables. After coming off the US and French lines I feel like I’m lacking tools.

  13. Hi Ichase, I don’t think you remember me but we were on the same team when you were testing Napoli (I was the Austin) thanks for the great game!

  14. why does napoli have a thicker turtleback than the entire italian bb line?

    oh wait, it’s wargaming

  15. SAP secondaries: the ultimate anti-camping weapon

    (actually no, but still a nice one)

  16. Why do all the reviews say she has “long range secondaries” when she has the base tier 10 7.3km, not the 8.3km Germany and France gets?!
    (Yes I know that would put them at further range than her minimum concealment. They could have put them at 8km stock, and that still doesn’t explain the reviews calling them long range? they’re literally less than average range)

  17. 16:42 less than 8.9km smoke firing penalty? on 254mm guns??? I mean wtf???

  18. gabriele dondoni

    Oh, look: what the italian BBs should have been

  19. Me, looking at German battleships: “Why you’re not like this??”

  20. WG: let’s not give SAP secondaries to ITA BB’s. Instead let’s give them to a Cruiser…..because this make so sense

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