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Operation Ten-Go was the last major Japanese naval operation in the Pacific Theater of World War II. Find out more about Yamato’s Last Crusade!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    On April 22, we will publish a video about new in-game Yamato 3D model.
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    • +John Angelo Tenorio , thanks, seems like many big toys.

    • TRC / The Real Catherine

      I want more!!!!

    • +19Crusader91 are you sure? Yamato still doing great for me even when they show broadside I get pens and citadels, in fact between today and yesterday I have done 4/5 dev strikes with Musashi (practically the same guns). You only need to have luck and know where to aim.
      And if you lower the fuse some long range hits wouldn’t be as hard like 20km citadels at the start of the game to enemy BBs.

    • +Josemi EC Thats the shit part. Being lucky.. which i am certainly not. And i would rather trade the odd 20+km citadel hits for consistant mid-range owning of retards showing broadsides.

    • I need the name of the soundtrack when US carriers show up

  2. its time to say :


  3. And I thought this video was an introduction to a new campaign/scenario for the new CV mechanics.

  4. I honestly felt sad, especially when Yamato sunk on my birthday 🙁

  5. Elbough Le Zoreil

    “… torpedo the Yamato… torpedo the Yamato again… AND FINALLY SINK THE YAMATO!”

    • Costoiu Razvan Catalyn

      +R Blinson they kinda learned something from the that :))

    • Agent Bowlingball


    • Richard Petrusev

      +R Blinson The main reason for that was two-fold.
      1. Musashi’s damage control center was never knocked out
      2. The Americans were haphazardly attacking form everywhere, so she was even-keel for the majority of her fight. When Yamato was sunk the Americans had changed their tactics, targeting mainly 1 side to make Yamato capsize.

    • Ahh the ads

  6. this is what happens when you get 2 CVs per side at T10

  7. As see in every Random game with 2Vs2 T10 CV spamming torps plane at every other enemy ship in game……

  8. I think WG is an awesome filmmaker.

  9. One of the most Beautifull Ships ever build

  10. I wish id see this level of detail of CGI when i watch documentaries on TV tbh. Seriously tho, wg’s CGI crew is top tier imo :T

  11. Remove the CV limit in the trainning room and allow us to give to bot prem ships so we can simulate other ops too :3

  12. Yamato, the fall of the iron samurai and Imperial Japanase Navy

  13. Francisco DeTonne

    This is literally a clipping from Naval Legend: Yamato video!!!

    • And it looks like the opening cinematic to the game, too. What of it?

    • so i’m not the only one who recogniced it….

    • They’re getting lazier everyday

    • +Apple User 193 I don’t think he expected entirely new CGI clips or anything. At least I didn’t as I know that it’s hard work (not looking forward to computer graphics lectures in uni lol). I actually quite like that they reuse their great animations. What disappointed me here (and I’m going to assume that Francisco probably meant that as well) is that they literally used a fraction of another video they made and pretended like it was something new to celebrate the anniversary without adding any new information (yet they put the link to the full Naval Legends Episode right next to it).

      But at least they say that there will be an entirely new episode of Naval Legends so I guess one could see that video as kind of little reminder?

  14. Last Strike Mapping

    Yamato: *exists*
    American naval bombers: *I’m about to end this man’s whole career.*

    • Career of mostly sitting in port and being used as a HQ ship few times?

    • +Joni Mattinen You forgot running away from US escort carriers, destroyers and destroyer escorts with her tail between her legs. The Pride of Japan lost to the second-rate ships of the US Navy.

      That said an excellent synopsis of the sinking of the Yamato.

    • To be fair, when they’re building Yamato, the only proof of Carrier’s OPness was done by dropping bomb on a derelict husk of a ship floating perfectly still in the water. Even USN admiralty didn’t believe that Carriers will be the future back then as well.

      Ask yourself if you only have that as a proof to compare with the fact that Ship-of-the-line broadside duel was the bread and butter of Naval battle that lasted from the Age of Sail until 20th century, aka 300+ years, who you will believe? This young upstart advocated for Naval Aviation? Or the tried and tested doctrine?

      We actually have to thank the Japanese for bombing the Pearl Harbor for that, because USN was forced to use Carriers due to most of their Battleships has been sunk or get sent to the drydock to repair the damage at the start of war. If that didn’t happen, Carriers would still be on the sideline, maybe just base at sea for scout planes at best.

    • Yamamoto himself called the ship a folly equal to the Great Wall of China…he believed in carriers even before the war.

  15. Last radio transmission from the Yamato’s captain was translated as “CVs OP, please nerf”

    • +robert rowe only thing that bothers me is 2 cvs per side at tier 8 thru 10..but you are right they are effective

    • Umm…. 36 torps to sink yammy in game midway torps are like throwing marshmallows atm and tiny Tim’s are a laughing stock 2k hits from 5 rocket hits and dive bombers are the only thing worth it now to use and yet people are gonna cry till wg nerfs the only viable thing left I’m one of the last cv players in game even when it keeps getting nerfed the problem is not cvs it people crying they are too powerful when it’s a lonely dd cv hunting or a bb trying to get a free cv kill alone as a cv player i lm limited in striking potential 1 ship can ruin my full squad in 1 sec so no cvs are not op atm if anything they are over nerfed semi useless with paper mache planes and 1 thing that is viable with USN it’s the dive bombers, IJN it’s the torps ,rockets,ap bombs, RN I know torps are good and bombs tend to set a fire so that’s my rambling about you saying cvs op bc they are not op at all they are underpowered compared to what they actually should be

    • WtF? :v

  16. This is why you should always mount the AA upgrades and never rush into cap a point. Potato commanders……seriously….

    In all seriousness though, a salute to all those who went down with her.

    • glorious death

    • Not a salute. Telling a few psychotic officers to pointlessly massacre thousands of men who would be shot onshore if they had the good sense to refuse is not honorable.

    • +aluisious First of all, one can not ignore a direct order from the emperor. If it was so, pearl harbour wouldnt have happened. No matter how you die, if you die for your country, you are certainly honourable. Besides, the sailors all had an option to stay ashore and not take part. The IJN was not made of retarded officers who would suicide for no reason. The emperor simply ordered that the navy take part, and the navy had to do so.

    • Aiden Thomas exactly. Even the commander of the yamato said it was suicide to attack pearl harbour and he even knew operation ten-go would be yamatos last voyage. Japanese would rather die then disobey their emperor. Unlike the westerners.

    • +John Lee Zhen The one against pearl harbour was Yamamoto. He was imo, the only sensible man of the entire Japanese armed forces and is, as such, the reason why the IJN is not as retarded as the IJA. Even after Yamamoto died, the IJN was still somewhat sensible with most of the commanders actually rejecting the proposal for Ten-Go. However in the end, they ended up getting swayed to carry it out.

  17. This happens when your the last ship on your team because your teammates go Rambo somewhere else. You’ve become a huge ass target practice for the cv.


    • More likely when you are that long range sniper Yamato that is shooting at +20km and running away instead of tanking damage like a BB player should do. Then you are the last one and all go after you.
      PS: Pls remember that Yamato/Musashi are battleships, no rifles, so they are designed to tank damage.

  18. Well I guess CV’s being OP is historically accurate

  19. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    They knew it was a suicide mission. They went anyways. To die for the emperor. to die for their homeland, to die fighting for what they believed in. may the crew of every ship who went down rest in peace. I respect anyone brave enough to hold their ground and look death in the face, despite overwhelming odds.

    RIP every lost soul.

  20. Yamato, a beautiful battleship built in the wrong situation.
    Indeed, my favourite ship of all.

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