New Campaign Ship Revealed: Big Update Teased | World of Warships Legends | 4k | Xbox Series X

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Today we are taking a look at the new campaign ship the Georgia. We are also talking German carriers and the new American BB split.

00:00-01:00 Into
01:01-02:32 Trailer
02:33-04:35 New Campaign Ship Georgia
04:36-06:48 New Line Split
06:49-08:43 Morse Code Message


  1. The 457mm guns of the Georgia still can’t overpen 32mm armor, so the 3mm difference from Yamato is significant and not as OP as it sounds.

  2. I’m am so excited for the next update can’t believe they’re adding the Georgia which is my state

  3. I think these BBs are going to be fast with less armor, before their class was updated, as in treaty ships. Plus they said we’re supposed to get German carriers last live stream

    • doomguy .23 from mars

      It’s actually the other way around all this these are more heavily armed but less armor so like u said but not as fast the tier 7 is my guess Kansas a south Dakota from the 1920s yes it’s the first south Dakota class

    • If they’re earnable great, but I’m happy with the ones I have already. I could use a T6 premium battleship for special game modes, but after 2yrs of playing I really don’t think it’ll make a difference in my game

    • doomguy .23 from mars

      @Time4aNew System yeah north Carolina looking strong tho plus she is a museum ship which is why the community asked for her so much

  4. My thoughts is tier 7 they will show in big trailer for campaign. New line will focus secondaries I guess and camouflage will be on 4 of July like last time

  5. Georgia cant overmatch 32mm only 31

  6. Screw the Georgia, I’m excited for the North Carolina.

  7. I really can’t wait for the new BB’s I saw the stream and I had a good time

  8. Georgia can’t overmatch 32 by 1 millimeter and definitely she’s the next campaign. As for the split line looks like its going to be early access because they didn’t show the T7 in which I’m guessing either the Kansas or Minnesota and yes the Morse code say aircraft carrier in German.


    Finally My Wish Came True NORTH CAROLINA 😃. Also For The Rest Of Them 😃


  11. My guess (and this may sound crazy) is that the Morse code at the end of the trailer is a hint is submarines coming to the game and the sub is tracking a carrier and ready to release a torpedo. Or maybe it is just a German aircraft carrier but hey I am happy no matter what

  12. So im guess the tier 7 ship for the line is going to be between USS Kansas, Constellation, or Minnesota.

  13. I honestly just want the nj. Idk if they’ll add it any time soon though

  14. What concerns me here is North Carolina at tier 6, its literally a Massachussets downtiered, it has to be nerfed a lot…

  15. Legends always intrigued me in their lineup of vessels as a lot of the ‘standard’ ships we have in OG Warships are premium ships.

    The US alt. BB line is interesting but… It isn’t really the Heavy Battleship line that is in OG Warships.

    I’m willing to bet though that the T7 standard BB for this alt line may very well wind up being Montana, although another paper prototype ship is likewise likely.

    As for the beaurea project, that does appeal to me as who doesn’t want free perma-camo? What I want to see is how Tennessee will do as she is California’s sister ship though it seems she’s in her pre-Pearl Harbor build.

    We knew the German CVs were due over the summer but the Morse code message confirms their soon coming arrival but I do anticipate it will be like the UK cruisers with early access for this update and full release on the next.

    Still, a hefty update to be sure and I’m for it as I kinda felt the Champagne was kind of a lackiluster update. Still waiting for those Italian BBs though.

  16. The Georgia only has 30mm overwatch instead of the 32 of the Yamato so it isn’t that bad

  17. I wish we could have gotten the Italian BB’s instead.
    ETA: I had to learn a few letters of Morse code to send radio transmissions. You have to be a good transcriber to keep up with the speed of that Morse!

  18. The “Ships of the line” streams have been some of the best content the WG team have put out recently.. enjoyable in their own right, never mind the bonus teasers they’re attaching to em now 😆

  19. After this all we need is to grind out steel for another 4 years to get the Missouri then add the New Jersey

  20. Lol I only just started playing this game like a month ago very cool video

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