World of Warships: Tone – New Japanese Aviation Cruiser

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Tone is the newest Japanese aviation heavy cruiser in the game. She’s very much like an Atago, but also has planes.
The ship was given to me by Wargaming.

0:00 Tone Match
15:53 End Screen
16:55 Captain Skills & Upgrades
19:11 Tone in Port
24:34 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 Japanese aviation heavy cruiser Tone.


  1. tl;dw kind of like Atago with 1 fewer turret, but extra heal and has planes!
    She performed pretty poorly in my hands. I think it’s cause I suck.

  2. God tier concealment, great torps, decent firepower, a heal and a *squadron of torpedo bombers?*

    So it’s effectively an Atago that loses one turret in return for better concealment *and* carrier planes? Wow.

    • I mean Atago still has its 41mm deck plating and a really low freeboard going for it, BUT nonetheless seems like a good trade for what Tone has

    • @Yichen Wu that and it doesn’t get Atagos torps, it effectively has Ibukis angles, but I honestly prefer her’s over Zaos

    • “decent firepower” is quite a statement when Cheshire out DPM the thing
      That torp squad even by tier 6 standpoint is weak
      So I would sail Atago over this always

  3. great, now im going to have the song from the 1943 arcade game stuck in my head all day

  4. Oh Well 😮
    I’m happy to see Tone so close now ^^
    However i’m sadly to see Torpedo planes on not HE bombs. T.T

  5. finally I dont have to test this ting anymore! had to play this thing for months XD

  6. Being an IJN history hobbyist, I’m very excited for the Tone to come into the game. Japan made cool ships and managed them like a blindfolded cat with PTSD during the war. The ship looks sharp and accurate to the real thing. It’s nice to see REAL historical ships instead of the Russian or “what if” paper ships filling the game now.

    • @Andrj Molotov The problem with the Russian paper fleet is that it doesn’t represent Russia’s real WW2 navy in any way shape or form. The real Russian navy were made up of smaller vessels and stayed in the Black Sea mostly since Stalin wouldn’t commit his ships to engagements outside of Russian territory. It’s not fun for non-Russian players to play this fantasy tree when real historical ships from other nations go ignored for a long time.

    • @Sword Monkey Hello, i found some rusian ships quite fun to play and many people (non rusians too). Namely BBs, nvesky,moskva, grozo. these are not more fictious then Henri or Goliath. Rusian navy was rly small, but its game and devs are from rusia, so milking rusia first is not bad. And i see that many historical ships arive, but some of them are not desired by a comunity at all, like tiger (t8 UK cl), Renown ,strasburg etc. You can see that their strategy is to milk by nation. After germans, next year, next nation will probably be UK or French so allot of historical ships will arrive 🙂

    • @Andrj Molotov the US Navy was near 600 warships at the end of WW2. The Royal Navy was quite similar. Japan built god knows how many. Italy also had a sizeable navy throughout.

      And yet, the almost completely fake Soviet Battleship line was added before the Italian BB line. For one example.

    • @sgtrpcommand US had 600 ships almost- yes, but 100+ of them were Fletcher, Gearing clases. Fake soviet battleships are not fake mostly.(blueprints) They are copied/inpired by talians. It makes sense they ad kvasi before tru orginal Ita BBs…

    • Historical yep. But historically it had better armor than the other IJN CAs. And only spotter planes that did ocasionally drop light bombs. But still a good addition to the game. Now to just figure out how to use it.

  7. So Tone has 27mm deck plating (and sides I assume), 8.8km concealment, 8×2 203mm guns with good Japanese HE alpha, 5 heals, hydroacoustic search AND torpedo aircraft …
    LOL why does WG even bother having Hipper/Prinz Eugen in the game right now …

    • Well, 27mm deck equals citadel from any BB. That’s really, really heavy downside.

    • @disketa25 no T8 cruiser can tank T8-T10 BB for long time anyways so is a decent trade.

    • Alexander Shugaev

      Eugen still a better yolo CA – better torp angles, icebreaker, citadel that doesnt exist, in ranks and blitzes it matters. Also Eugen still has get more total HP even with 1 less heal due to larger HP pool and better reload with same 8 guns

    • Because Atago needs some competition for “best looking ship in the game”. Eugen may still be ahead on that very crucial metric.

    • @mjxw Atago do be looking damn nice, but iowa be looking kinda THICC

  8. She looks very fun, can’t wait for her! I honestly don’t know how you were able to survive this, you had so many close calls

  9. the 203mm Japanese dual guns has aged really bad, and that’s why sometimes Ibuki feels so awful

    • I still find them more enjoyable than playing cleveland at t8, but to be honest, right now the best ijn cruiser in the game is probably furutaka, nice armour, nice accurate guns, good torp angles, good speed.
      Personally i think it is the best cruiser for its tier

  10. The irony of the Tone player complaining about Ise planes. “There was supposed to be no carrier!” 😉

  11. Tone is beautiful.
    I hope WG is thinking of adding aviation Mogami. Mogami actually have more planes.

  12. For some reason, I thought Tone only had 6 guns from the amount of hits you kept getting on the BBs.

  13. They seem to be setting a unique Tone with these new ships.

  14. Outbound Flight Gaming

    Doesn’t ise have a 1 minute CD on planes?
    This CD makes the planes borderline useless

  15. So you are lucky enough to land in a no CV battle but still you have to worry about planes. Thanks WG!

  16. Remove TGG. It is useless because most of the fight you pick are outside of your concealment value. Instead pick SE and EL.
    That being said, Tone looks like a fun ship

  17. Holy…

    This thing outspots the minotaur…

  18. Now that WG has added the Ise and Tone, maybe it’s to also add the Swedish light cruiser Gotland with either of as an avaition cruiser or as an anti-aircraft cruiser. Don’t forget the Mogami in her 1944 configuration who dropped her aft guns in favor of many scout planes.

    Edit: I forgot the light cruiser Ooyodo.

  19. Can’t wait to see her in the game, however kinda sad she doesn’t get HE bombs and her planes are somehow worse than Ise despite being 2 tiers higher.

  20. +1 for historical ship! Also she doesnt seem like complete powercreep, if she wasnt Premium I’d probably get her 🙂

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