World of Warships- Mythbusting: Salvo Fire Vs. Sequential Fire: Whats The Most Accurate Firing Mode?

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Hey guys! Today we take a looking at Salvo Firing vs Sequential Firing and trying to discover what method is truly the most accurate. Enjoy!

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  1. Eh, after switching to mainly volley all my best games happened, maybe its conformation bias. I think you should’ve tested fire chance in the two types of firing, i noticed an uptick in the amount of fires after switching between them. Again it might just be luck.

    But one thing is for certain, the vertical dispersion in this game is completely f–ked

    • Fire chance would fall under the damage thing that Sealord mentioned. The fire chance, I believe, is determined once the number of shells connecting with the target has been figured out. Then comes the fire chance with it’s variables; ie location of hit, flags, Demolition Expert, etc.

  2. What about shooting at angled or smaller targets, where to can correct the place you’re aiming in relation in turret placement? (as with pressing C key)
    Shooting flat broadside is easy 🙂

  3. I think its pretty simple. With a salvo, if the enemy changes course, you’ll miss more. With single shots, you can literally follow and adjust for every change in thier heading.

    So people might think they are getting lucky when infact they’re actually just aiming better.

    • the advantage of salvo is if the enemy has a bad position u can send all u got at the right moment, if u single shot he might move to take less damage. Salvo has an advantage for punishment soo it has to be less accurate to compensate (considering single shot is more accurate this would explain the balance)

  4. It’s always a good thing to show the basics of the game again.

  5. The reason I like sequential fire is you can correct if you don’t aim well. And if you kill something with the first salvo or second salvo you can use the remaining salvos on some other target. More close range concerns but that’s why I tend to fire in series, rather than broadside or volley..

  6. @matheusfiorelli8829

    one thing i know, if you preload the other type of shell before firing a volley, for some reason the salvo “seems” to be more accurate 😅

  7. Was not expecting them to have similar results, but I do agree that both could be better than the other in different situations. Though I think if you want a “best of both worlds” is to just hold click, which is basically just a very short sequential fire. You get your shells out quickly like volley firing, but with that added ability to stop and recalculate like singular firing.

  8. I’d like to see a vid showing the difference in DPM between firing in ‘regular’ mode vs using the ‘funny button’ on various super ships. I Know it’s worse, but how much so?

    • @genevieve.annabelle3296

      Burst is really situational as I’m sure you know. I doubt it would be worth a full video but if he or someone else took a bunch of smaller situational things and made a video highlighting them and their uses on various ships it’d be good. I’d only ever use Burst if I’m spotted by a single DD and had half the enemy team focusing me and I knew if it was destroyed it would unspot me. That’s just one example I can think of ever using burst.

    • That you can use math though no?

  9. I like using sequential firing because I like the sound of it on most ships. I will use salvo firing if I feel like I need to get all the shells on target faster though, such as a ship about to leave spotting range.

  10. I think when calculating the roll of the dice for dispersion, it is done per mouse click. So a Salvo or sequential firing of the guns if you hold the mouse button is still the same roll of the dice. So I think you have to pause, then click again to reroll.

  11. The reason you got similar outcomes is that the guns each roll for their shot, whether or not you volley or salvo fire.

    • as far as i know is that a false information. at full boradside the first gun rolls for every gun. salvo is calculating turret
      by turret. And dont forget that american bb`s are sepcial because of their upgrade options

    • @sealordmountbatten

      @@SingJCsIngevery turret calculates its own ellipse regardless of volley or salvo fire

  12. Always a good plan to show the basics.
    I’d been told when I started that there was a penalty applied to firing all guns at once of some fraction of a percentage, so I would fire in sequence all the time. Then I got into high tier British BB’s and like it when I watched things go boom suddenly from a distance

  13. Very excited about mythbusting on this channel – SOOO many could be tested out

  14. The issue I’ve seen described before was when switching targets or acquiring a new lock. The thought was that waiting a bit longer gave the lock on more time to have effect. Thus ripple firing means that the later turrets get benefit from a slight delay. I’m not completely sold on this.

    What I do personally notice is that the physical act of double clicking the mouse tends to move the mouse slightly… for than just holding down the button. This throws off my aim more.

  15. I generally use a salvo to start with, simply because at the maximum range you can take a shot at an enemy ship, you’re likely to get at least a hit on them. For closer in, particularly if the enemy ship is on lower health, I prefer sequential fire so that I can switch targets if I take out the first one and not have to wait for reload.

  16. Interesting test. This could turn out to be a good series, using in game testing like this is great for showing what really happens.

  17. I always liked sequential firing the Izumo guns, but that was mostly due to just enjoying the sound and animation. It wouldn’t make sense to calculate all turrets fired at once with one calculation and then do it differently for single turrets being fired. I’m surprised they do it by turret and not by individual barrel.

  18. If you aim a little bit higher, you will get 70+ hits with the same Montana guns instead of 50-55.

  19. Great analysis thanks. Maybe want to include that volley fire lessens the chance of the lock on issues /bug

  20. Salvo is best if you want a lot of damage fast, or if the enemy has not seen you yet, otherswise single shot will usually be better for most situations

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