Plymouth is pretty damn good – World of Warships

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I’m definitely getting Plymouth as soon as I get some extra steel. I was postponing getting this ship because I didn’t hear anything good about it, just like with Austin – which just tells you how much you can trust random rumors xD

I like both of these light cruisers and I’ll be getting both for sure.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Love how they keep adding ships that require retarded ass currency as a TX Fiji on steroids is something I’d have actually paid money for.

    • u really dont have to pay money if u dont want to, i played only ranked for steel rewards and got stalingrad. now saving for plymonth. I still think minotaur to be a good choice if u dont have steel due to that super heal.

    • That’s actually a good thing, it might be annoying that you have to grind for it, but selling T10 ships for real money is just dumb, there’s already enough stupidity in the game to be opening the gates for T1 whales with less than 20 games to start playing at T10.

    • @Pelotudo47 the really problem is WG actually listening to these noob players. Earlier steel was something which could be obtained only from clan and ranked battles but then players complained that it’s too hard to grind steel and as a company WG listened to them

  2. Maewen Von Sternberg

    As always, a plaesure to watch you play ^^

  3. MyopicAutisticMetal

    lol as the thunderer moves even further away and leaves your ass in the breeze, lol that kansas had such a hard on for you!

  4. Watch him getting kicked from CC program next

  5. Pretty lucky young man ouns ultimate torque and horsepower.

  6. 🤣🤣🤣 that z46 made my day, it was hilarious
    GG man, nice mastering of CL playstyle 👍

  7. made 2 vids on her and am making a 3rd right now(248k, 7 kills). like you, i also have no idea why the general reaction has been so meh, but i kinda relish feeling like im in on an almost secret ship! 😉 As long as the MM works for you(no CV) and you keep tabs on the location of enemy radar ships, she is god-tier! Tankier than the mino, more maneuverable(if a bit slower), and the ability to radar almost as soon as youre spotted, makes her the best DD hunter in the game if nothing else.

    • “The general reaction has been so meh,” is because the vocal minority are predominantly the DD mafia or Reddit trolls who want to keep the game in their stagnant pirate’s of the caribbean state.

      Any player who plays the game knows Plymouth is competitive in a reasonable sense. DDs just can’t dunk on it like they do everything else.

  8. Whenever you see a cruiser do more damage on a bad salvo than your BB on a good salvo… only to see it reload six times faster. :’O

  9. So, this is a tier X Belfast, with everything that made the Belfast OP at tier 7?

    • @BladeKi11a on the contrary you were talking about the history of radar in WoWs. I dutifully corrected you. If your too fragile to be corrected then speak accurate information in your future discussions.

    • @Mthammere2010 You don’t seem to handle sarcasm very well nor read. As I stated before I was “strictly” talking about T7. You corrected me about the Indianapolis being the “first” T7 ship to have radar and I acknowledged your correction. I know the New Orleans was officially the first ship to have radar but you and I both know we were specifically talking about premium ships. I’m just having a friendly conversation and I never intended to make you feel attacked. *THE REST OF THE COMMENT HAS BEEN REDACTED DUE TO YOUTUBE’S TERMS OF SERVICE. THE USER THAT WISHES TO VIEW THE COMMENT PLEASE ACCEPT THE TERMS OF SERVICE BY INITIALING BELOW*

    • @BladeKi11a that’s funny someone trying to retaliate by accusing someone of not understanding sarcasm should find out what sarcasm is first. Suck on that. And talking about reading captain butt hurt, maybe if you roof read your dubious comments you wouldn’t find your retorts up your intestinal tract.
      Meanwhile, radar was first introduced at t8 as a t8 consumable.
      Your statement that atlanta had the first radar wasn’t sarcasm: stupidity. Stupidity through the neglegence of appearing to be attracted to the genre, or being hip/cool.

      Grats on wearing your ass for a hat. Anytime: 👍

    • @Mthammere2010 just wondering, in this game, what’s the difference between aircraft carrier torpedos and regular torpedos used by destroyers and cruisers? Are the regulars torpedos are more powerful and hard-hitting then the carrier torpedos?

    • @BladeKi11a Yeah, but Atlanta is bad, compared to Belfast. The combination of Smoke + Radar with no ships that can really counter it, that is the thing that makes Belfast toxic. Atlanta gets deleted by every BB on the enemy team before it can use it’s radar to counter Belfast.

  10. I just bought this ship, and was struggling to find a lot of good commentary on it. First thing I do when I open YouTube? See Flambass say it’s pretty good. 🙂

  11. 12:14 So there’s a new badge called “Battle Hero” huh? I wonder how you achieve that one……. any ideas/knowledge?

    • get a certain amount of heroic achievements (confederate, high caliber, kraken, solo warrior I think)
      it’s like 30 or something?
      you can only get it once

  12. with guys like the thunderer and amagi in the end you have just no chance when they going more and more away from the center of the game xD

  13. 12:14 “Battle Hero” achievement is that new?!?!

  14. fk steel ships, i aint gonna spend all my life playing this game to save 20k plus steel, let them rotten there

  15. The Edin, even when uptiered at T10, is still good. Give it 4 more guns and a radar, then its amazing.

  16. Holy flip that’s a lot of consumables.

  17. Warhamster Gaming

    Of course it’s good. it has smoke, hydro, and radar.

  18. Same as usual, tested by a CC account, everybody thinks it’s a great ship and when you buy it, it’s not better than the others because it has been nerfed and you don’t make even half the damage the CC guys make.

    Same ripoff as usual. F*** you wargaming 😁

  19. Those last two BB’s are true hero’s, holding themselves in reserve to stop Xur and the Kodan or something 🙂

  20. I just got the steel for Plymouth and it’s exactly what it looks like: an Edinburgh on steroids. My Minotaur captain and same consumable load-out as Mino and it feels really familiar.
    It’s ships like this where the player base doesn’t help; a Steel/Prem ship that isn’t overpowered and everyone says it’s underwhelming. Which is why we will have to put up with the Austin cancer that will be the new Smole cancer.

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