Popeye in the Armory! | Please welcome Popeye the Sailor ManTM to World of Warships!

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Popeye and Bluto are paying a visit to the Armory.
Ahoy, Captains!
It’s clear for all those who sail on our waters—our virtual seas are teeming with an abundance of ships, and this fact alone attracts loads of experienced sailors to our game! Now, a real legend has decided to pay us a visit… Please welcome Popeye the Sailor ManTM to World of Warships! Let’s get straight to the point—I’ll tell you why they say Popeye is always strong to the finish! Popeye is tough, he’s fit, and he’s got grit—he yam what he yam—a rugged sailor who never backs down and doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind. Themed bundles and combat missions, of course, are waiting for you—don’t miss them!


Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website: https://wo.ws/website


  1. Not sure why but Popeye’s voice is too… “high”… compared to the old technicolor films

    • StarshipEnterprise

      Probably not the same voice actor. If he still alive.
      Edit: The original voice actor dead almost 40 year ago.

    • MIKE_WOLF_GR (P-2*)

      I would like to edid hes voice and add it to the gamee. Is not the same like old times

    • Yeah…it just ain’t the same. If they truly did a cooperation I’d think they would have the liberties to edit some of the old voice lines…but alas. Let’s just say Bluto’s the only one I’m getting.

    • StarshipEnterprise

      @Matthew Yang They truely did the cooperation, because without that they wouldn’t have right to put the character ingame.
      But sadly, the copyright owners has the decesion right to what voice can be used.

    • @StarshipEnterprise Makes me…disappointed.

  2. Ah yes my favourite show while I was a kid

  3. Missed opportunity to to also include Olive Oyl and
    The Legend
    J.Wellington Wimpy !

  4. Already got them. If there would be another Popeye collab, hope later on it can include Olive Oyl, Wimpy and Grand Pappy. Also why no G.I. Joe and/or Sabaton collab yet for WoWs?

  5. Sun Vulcan Sun Vulcan

    Pokemon Masters EX X World of Warships

  6. I would be interested in buying one of these if you had a preview in the local language if there even is one. Otherwise its just another gamblepack in a different disguise.

    • World of Warships Official Channel

      Hi Captain, Popeye and Bluto are available for purchase directly. Additionally you can finish a Combat Mission which is already in the game and choose between Popeye and Bluto commanders to add to your reserves! Their voiceover is only available in English.

  7. So, when/or/if whatever will you get a collab with Sabaton? That’s a commander I want to get!

  8. idk why…but old Popeye sound is more catchy especially the laughing sound

  9. YoWoRingo Ch. 有無蘋果

    This is great

  10. Since when is a captain 3,500 dubs instead of 1,500

  11. Sun Vulcan Sun Vulcan

    Pokémon Masters EX’s Hilbert, Nate, Calem and Allister joins the French Navy (Marine Nationale) from World of Warships!

  12. Sailor Moon x WoWs collab when, Wargaming? 🌙

  13. Ah the nostalgia

  14. The Popeye camo…. someone on the WG art team has that aheagao sweater I swear.

  15. Popeye always waits too long to open the dang spinach

  16. LOLZ Popeye has hilarious banter all the way through the battle.

  17. I have watched Popeyes for years

    I’ve seen every one of them I think


  18. I’m hoping to see them in legends eventually


    Estoy súper contento con la llegada de Popeye y Blutos, mi infancia revivida hoy en mi juego favorito “World of Warships”. Y recordar como mi mamá, en mi niñez, me recordaba como ejemplo a seguir a Popeye para que yo coma mis verduras y espinacas. Un millón de gracias Wargaming. A penas lo ví al paquete en la tienda premium sin dudar lo adquirí. Un abraso y saludo grande desde la Provincia de Salta, Argentina.

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