Potato Quality on the State of World of Warships in 2021

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I’m Potato_Quality, a member of O7, and probably one of the best players in this game. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

WoWs NA Invite: https://warships.us/Potato_Quality
WoWs RU Invite: https://flot.ru/Potato_Quality

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  1. Problems with companies are generally at the top. The employees surely don’t want to kill their own job. The top gets too greedy, or bored with the game and want to cash out and move on to the next big thing.

    • WG problem is they dont have many competitor beside gaijin,they both basically oligopoly in the industry. WG know most of playerbase loves naval battle so is unlikely they changed games .because like first point there not much MMO mechanical warfare genre also with wows being hard to learn. imagine they made FPS genre and create this kind of decision when they think the world revolves around them

    • Good way to put it. We as players tend to point fingers at the developers, but it’s always those at the top making it rough for those who are trying to make a living. The video game industry is notorious for low pay, toxic work environment, and greed at the top. Look at EA as they are a prime example.

    • Wojciech Dubrownik

      Completely agree. From my understanding, game dev is one of the most competitive (and one of the worst) computer science jobs. Devs obviously love games and even if they wanted to leave, they’d probably prefer to leave the game in a good state.

      But they have to make new things.
      And the community wants them to make new things. But the community doesn’t want things that are too different from existing things. But the community also doesn’t want things that are too similar to existing things. And the community wants them to make exciting things. But the community doesn’t want new things too gimmicky. Also the community wants WG to make things like they used to be. But without the issues that used to exist. But also newer and better.

      Currently the community explodes at any of these words: CV, subs, Russian, rework, planes. How TF are you supposed to have a discussion anywhere, when half of the posts on those topics are: “WTF WG”, “What are they smoking”, “obviously retarded”, “cancer” and the people that want to have a discussion are dismissed as “mindless drones” and laughed at. I’m not surprised WG doesn’t want to engage with the community outside controlled environment.

    • @Wojciech Dubrownik Well said my guy.

    • ​@Wojciech Dubrownik IMO i think the DEVS only listen to russian server because is their turf even so i dont know how influential they are. most of other server and forum probably run only by admin and PR from their respective region including programmer just for maintain server/updates,etc that why other 3 server usually scratch their head when new devsblog asking why they do this. example like conway reluctanly agree when puerto rico mission is hard because he face of WG. even CC is more like ifluencer/promoter rather than community contributor after they prohibited WIP ship review.

  2. I’m not frustrated with bad changes. These can be fixed. What I’m getting frustrated about is trying to cash in on players. The whole “create a problem, sell a solution”. And it’s not only with this game. I would be so much more inclined to give this company money if their product was good., contrary to “give money to stop being frustrated”. More like a reward for developer and not buying myself a way to enjoy a game.

    • As long as there are new players and whales they will always be able to cash in on players.

    • thats the latent ‘dead-end’ embeded in any ‘free to play’ game, their only income is taxed from cash purchase of in game ships, the skin sales are not really that much to go by in the sense that not much ppl like to color their ship into a clown car. so to extract income, this way is very much an eventuality.

    • @Boon Warframe is actually a free to play game which doesnt really has this problem at least back when i played it.

  3. The game has had it’s run… now it’s the ugly time at the end. Just let it go. It happens to everything.

    • The game would still be going strong if the devs wouldn’t shoot themselves in the foot every single update. They care to not listen to the community and this is the end result. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

    • not really they just that bad. i mean CSGO is far longer than wows and is FPS genre where she compete with other games with same genre but the games still do well, because valve know how make money without need to force is player.and better balancing system. rank in CS work based on performance meanwhile Wows treated everyone rank is the same doesnt matter you played well as long you win you gonna rank up fast even tho you didnt do shit. wows already run for 5 year and the game doesnt even have proper reward system ffs!

    • I agree WG has done everything it can to destroy it

    • @Gilang ferrial not to mention it take them this long to add daily login reward

    • When I played World of Warships at the beginning of 2020 I was like “wow this is a bit more balanced and better than WoT. I hope it doesn’t become a game like WoT” and now it is actually in this place. Sad to see that, I really liked the game and now it is just shit

  4. I bet the RU server will be pissed and then the rework will hit – hard.

  5. They do sure love “Object” and “project”

  6. Im just sad how quickly the game got so much worse from when i started. Like I dont mind them testing stuff out, but blatantly ignoring the players feedback, procedding to do said thing we did not want and refusing to backtrack to fix the issue they created by not listening in the first place is what rubs me the wrong way.

    I dont mind companies trying to sell stuff and make profit, but god take care of your players and they’ll want to spend money over the long haul rather then short term.

    • @Vinzenz Geske Its likely operations were not making profit or even just costing money so they removed them fully. Not many people play that.

      League of Legends did the same thing, they cut gamemodes that werent played much.

      Game devs decide by themselves. They take all the feedback and decide what THEY want while looking at the feedback but they never listen to the feedback. If feedback says CVs are op, they either confirm amongst themselves or refuse it. When you have a looot of feedback, you just pick and choose what you believe.

    • @Vinzenz Geske You have lot of valid points other people apparently don´t get nor are able to counterweight. But that may have something to do with me being and engineer and looking from a similar perspective, though 🙂

      I am a player who playes quite often (4-5 times per week for average of 2 hours in the evening after kids go to sleep) and I belong to the big group of “pay sometimes”, same as my wife (who plays much less, however). And since satan´s rigged crates I haven´t spend a cent on this game, even though I would love to have ZF6 etc., but the game is in “still worth my time, not worth the money though” state. For every good thing WG does (rebalance ships, different sets of skills for captains based on ship´s class, big hunt) they pull out many more greedy/stupid mechanics out like DeadEye, SatanCrates (expensive ones btw), NL bombs, secondary nerfs, crazy 20+21 captain points costs etc. I have no intentions to pay for this game if the ratio of sh-it will exceed usefull and fun things this much.

      It always seem to me that devs balance the game for top 5% payers and don´t care about the rest. And when CC´s and ST´s don´t like certain things in general and all they get as a feedback from WG is “thanks, we will do it anyway” really isn´t healthy for playebase-devs relationship

    • @dzello you need to answer yourself a lot of things – amongst others are how many players you want in the game, for how long and how are you going to maintain them interested and pay-willing? And you didn´t came with any answer above.

      General feedback on forums (at least in my country) is pointed some ways and yes, not every suggestion is backed up, but also thanks to CC´s and pro players certain things are articulated clearly, backed up solidly and hugely supported and yet the only answer is “we don´t plan to change anything”, not even “we will thing about it” with “we did(n´t) change this” following some time ago, ideally followed by “…because of …”
      This world is about relations you make. And if you feel like the devs are listening, you are happy to buy yourself a permacamo for your newly grinded T10 ships, cause you know they deserve it. New dockyard? Yeah, I like the ships look, liked it when CC´s played it and it is a premium, co horray! and I am in without much hesitation, cause I feel I get/will get good value out of it.

      Then WG comes with captain rework and your first T10 BB (GK, cause you liked vids and brawling) is definitely dead, cause constant release of HE spam, rapid firing ships, etc. is nothing you can oppose, cause secondaries became more useless than before, HE spam more effective and no matter what you are burning from front to end like a pile of wood, eating even more damage through enormous superstructure no matter what angle and distance (up to 15 km) you are. And you are having DOUBTS. Instead of variety of builds you can have only one meaningfull and no viable alternatives. Add rigged crates and other afera´s and you end up with much more careful payer than before – resp. non payer atm.

      Lots of people are watching streams while claiming they end(ed) on some occasion, where it was/will be too much for them to bear and learn. And that has happened to a lot of people around me. We eventually played operations etc, but neither of us did get anything from them after a while so we quitted and I only turn them on time to time, even though they are fun. Reason? You cannot earn anything through them and with so much content forced through this game (just count – dockyards, brawls, clan battles AND rankeds AT THE SAME TIME!), neither of which helps scenarios with. And that is stupid af to deduct “scenarios are not popular” from it when you cut all the rewards from them, resp. put rewards everywhere else.

    • @Jan Mitiska You just release tons of ships. Which is what they do. Like League of Legends: they just release tons of champions. Then they rework shit to shake the meta a bit. League of Legends rose to the top by not listening to players.

      CCs are just there to show the content to players. WG does not value them more than any player… And like League of Legends, they dont care what the players say.

      STs arent there to give feedback, they are there to create prerelease data.

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      @Jan Mitiska Actually every change has been made for the older players and sub average players CV rework, Over pen mechanic etc. League balances for the upper group of players and WOWS should have been doing that from the start.

  7. david and martine albon

    T10 russian CV has smolensk guns as secondaries if anyone is interested

  8. “Alpha potential could be insane” ohhh sweet sweet summer child.

  9. Droid Motorola 388

    I would love for them to release new game modes or just more scenarios so I don’t have to fight against ridiculous ships. Because I wouldn’t mind driving a beautiful cv, or a cruiser with sap secondary’s if I don’t have to fight against it.

  10. Personally I thought French carriers would have come first as they actually built an aircraft carrier (Battleship conversion Béarn) before the outbreak of WW2 so it made more sense to do them as their tier 4 could actually have been a real ship instead of a paper one.

    • you know what it means … french CV will out balanced russian CV just like their glorious gunboat are better than russians

    • Italians built an aircraft carrier to but they nerver finished it

    • someone, i guess

      @Alarium There was a proposed conversion of the Francesco caracciolo into a CV which got cancelled because the regia marina was broke, or at least i think that was why, then there was a conversion of an ocean liner called roma, but the CV was named Aquila and the last one was a CVL called sparviero which was a conversation of the sister ship of the transatlantic Roma, sparviero ended up getting captured by the Germans and sunk as a method to block the port of genoa and Aquila was bombed and burned by the allies and she ended up getting scuttled by the Italian resistance to avoid capture by the Germans i think one of the things setting these carriers apart from others were the variant of the Re.2001 which was fitted with 600kg (1327lb) torps they were planned for

    • @someone, i guess yes i know but wg likes to add fantasy ships instead off real italian cv’s

  11. imagine they announce Italian CVs with SAP rockets…………….

  12. I’m a pretty casual player that had a blast playing the game, spent some money behind it too. I only played brawler battleships with no real care to play anything else (or time). That being said, I have no real desire to play anymore with the way the game is now.

    • I feel your pain. Grinded to GK finally last autumn, bought premium camo for it (driving costs were insane), only for it to get killed by WG few months later due to secondary nerfs…

    • @Jan Mitiska Yup, the GK is my only Tier 10 ship, and any time I decide to take it out, the enemy flame thrower ships get all giddy.

  13. Powering Manipulation

    I feel that it is fair to say that the dev’s and playerbase are frustrated but the lack of balance and the paper ships aren’t the only reason why. The fact of the matter is wg did this to themselves and it probably isn’t the dev’s fault. When we get disasters like Puerto Rico and the Christmas crate shortlist, that burns any good will the community has with the company/dev’s. The community doesn’t have goodwill for the dev’s so whenever the dev’s change something or add something the community now assumes that wg is trying to screw them over or ruin the game. To top it all off the changes are almost always tested by cc’s and on the test servers but even then when cc’s and the community say “hey this is a bad idea” or “this isn’t balanced it needs changed” wg just goes and throws it on the live servers anyway. Then to no ones surprise the community gets pissed and wg goes into full damage control mode. It’s an endless cycle of wg have an idea, implementing it horribly, ignoring feedback that it’s broken, and releasing it anyway. No wonder people don’t wanna play anymore. Of course you now have a disgruntled upset playerbase that isn’t willing to give you the benefit of the doubt because you ignore their advice/warnings and stabbed them in the back by lying to them and trying to cheat them. Then wg is left with dev’s who lose motivation or become frustrated because everytime they try to add something or do something the community shits on it immediately. The dev’s stop listening to feedback, stop caring, and the game just dies.

    • aka toxic corporation dysfunction – the update schedule reigns supreme.

    • This is exactly what is going on. I would even support devs with money for dubs/premium time, but there would need to be a reason for it and I don´t have it. From every CC i see and hear WG “sheets” on them and nothing is changing and then you get clapped in randoms by unicums who are testing airstrikes from T10 NL cruisers and go “wtf is going on?”

      PQ has one thing really bad – there aren´t only old players, but also newer than him. Goal of the devs should be keep old players satisfied with new content so they pay some money to the bank while keeping new players entertained (also via CC´s and others) and encouraged to actually buy some premium content (ships, camos, time … whatever).

      We are in a state that only hardcore fans pay, rest of senior/medium playerbase is refusing to give money “till wg fix the game” and new players cycle really fast in and out due to unability of catching up, no tutorials, lack of content for them, stupid matchmaking and growing variety of things that punishes them and they don´t know how and why. Some of them whale, some of them no, but most of them gets to T5/6 at max and just fok of due to many things (rng, accuracy, learning curve, chat, …). It is a pity, but WG does absolutely nothing to keep such players interested and in game

    • @Jan Mitiska can confirm as a new player, my only satisfaction is Yamato dev strikes now, even if it rinses my credits due to 167k deduction per game

    • @Arch _ that´s why your either buy permacamo (50% less running costs on t10 ship), premium account (50% more earnings per battle) or both.

      But then there is coming the problem of “do you trust the company?”, because you don´t spend 16€ for fricking running discount on ship you are not sure you will be willing to use after next patch occurs due to rapid fire of BS mechanics ingame. And – while having doubts – you therefore don´t spend anything.

      That´s the whole logic WG don´t understand. If they don´t damage more things than they repair, it would actually be a fine investment that would return to you after a time. But you really don´t want to support such behaviour so go to hell WG

    • @Jan Mitiska only reason I haven’t bought a camo for the Yamato yet is because I’m waiting to see if a HSF rerun occurs to get the free one

  14. Its funny because at the core there’s a fundamental problem to CV gameplay … *its not even fun to play as a CV no matter how broken/OP it can be*

    • This is so true. I started playing CVs out of spite and because I wanted to be ”the sky cancer”. After like 10 games it got soooooo boring no matter how obnoxious I was being towards the enemy team.

    • Olaf Messchendorp

      I have to disagree on this one. There is a group of players that do like them. That’s one of the reasons you see so much carrier games. I like playing cv as well.

    • ​@Olaf Messchendorp Hey, to each their own. They’re in the game and meant to be played, so it’s great for people that enjoy them. Personally I neither enjoy playing them or against them (unless I uptier them and get like 30 plane kills a game).

    • @Olaf Messchendorp well, to me it is boring – I spend minute to get somewhere, try to drop something on a ship, recall planes due to loses, going again (this is especially true on high tiers). If you don´t have a division underneath you, you can only rely that your team finishes ships you spotted and damaged. And relying on teammates in MMO is generally a good way to lose your sanity.

      CVs have their place and on lower tiers can be fun (or in CW), but in random they are … too random. RNG guided bombs, now the machinegun nerf so goodbye hunting DDs … it is hard and compared to DDs much more boring.

    • This. I find CV play BORING. The exception is Ise, I actually like her hybrid style a lot!

  15. “Feels like the game is in its twilight.” Bro that hit different ngl.

  16. “Is WG crazy?” Maybe. Are they out of touch with the player base? Yes. I think you’d be hard pushed to find players who genuinely wanted more aircraft in the game.

  17. As a player since open beta it actually hurts to see how badly the game has deteriorated. To me the golden age was around 2016 to 2018, before CV rework (and CV culling), OP Russian ships (I.e. Smolensk, Petro etc.) and the explosion of paper premiums instead of actually bringing out historical legends. Other questionable practices like selling an overpriced Puerto Rico and loot boxes with Makrovs rigged in it certainly did not help. The final nail for me would be subs, once its out I can see myself playing less and less until I finally uninstall because I haven’t touched the game in 6 months.

    • I haven’t played nearly as long but I would agree with you.
      I just bought a new PC and even after laughing about Star Citizen for years, I gave it a try and it changed my mind. So wonders do happen. But I won’t hold my breath on WoWs.

    • Same thinking here – after subs arrive, many many players will stop because subs will not match into the game.

  18. Problem with the way WG do business is pretty shady, the way they have run this game the last few years means I’ll never start another WG title, they have lost me as a paying customer and also as a future customer. Gj WG.

  19. Stopped playing this game 6 weeks ago and my life has improved dramatically. If anyone is thinking about quitting, dont let your overall investment in the game get in the way. If WoWS is going in a direction that you are not happy with, might as well put the game down.

  20. Lefteris Meleneklis

    No one:
    Literaly no one:

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