Prinz Eugen Double after Death || World of Warships

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  1. agung surya pangestu

    That bounce @@

  2. BUNCH OF IDIOTS!!… got trigger and this wasn’t even my game XD

  3. andreas pedersen

    16:03 Thats a paddlin`

  4. idiot team,no way….

    • Daniel Schröder

      Danilo Mancini
      Its normal for the next 8 weeks, cause in the Islamic Republik merkelstan-germany are holiday.
      Bullshit Kid- gamers have so many time…

    • James Henderson

      Daniel Schröder Clearly you have time to post here during the day too …must be a Bullshit Kid Gamer then. Plus a little edgy right wing politics too. Ya Dreamboat!

  5. James Henderson

    Richelieu captain was impressively bad. Going broadside to a Missouri point blank when all the main gun turrets of your own ship are for’ard. And predictably get deleted. Wow.

  6. Sad to see if people don’t realize when someone is actually DCed….

  7. Ömer Faruk Çetinkaya

    that richleu gives the match XD

  8. I can only hope to play in ultra high settings 0.0

  9. I actually feel bad for him because he did a good job but had such a crappy Team. Especially the Tirpitz and the Richelieu…

  10. EPIC LOSS!!

  11. Just like in my game….😊

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