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Sharing a game from testing in the Saipan, matchup was insanely good and I share my first impressions on the changed Saipan. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII American Carrier Saipan Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. I demand that the japanese get kamikaze planes

  2. So you fly it out against lower tier bots and a Lex that is not great and you claim that it is OP? Seems like in a mostly t8 match, you’d be quite hampered. and as a bottom tier, you would be ineffective. Team up with a Midway and fly out, I bet you get nothing meaningful accomplished.

  3. Notser you say this will be OP against T6s and yes I agree but you have to also think that this ship will be playing Teirs 9 and 10 a good chunk of the time. I feel as though this will be a terrible ship when it goes up against AA built T10 ships, making the ship ineffective when it has to recharge all of its planes

    • My thoughts too. And taking it a step further, what T8 premium is not able to dominate T6 enemy ships, especially when most are bots and your only human opponent is very much still trying to learn the game?
      One issue he did mention that has me very concerned though – the CV duel that will come at the end of many games. It seems like a lot of games will drag on because of the significant extra time it takes for a CV to sink another CV, especially if all other surface ships are eliminated like is happening quite often currently in test. Or maybe will be time for those Graf Zeppelin guns to shine? 🙂

    • Notser is just talking shit. He says also it’s easy to dodge aa, yes agains t6, i would like to see him playing vs a DM or worcester how he would easily fly around.

      And this game is just hilarious. I mean, he plays vs t6 and says how OP the saipan is. Which t8 isn’t OP vs a t6 ship?!

      Sometimes, i think, he is a comedian, otherwise you can’t talk shit like he is doing in this and a few other videos.

    • just look how fast he is losing planes vs. bot with no aaa other then stock and going only vs. 1 ship. in up tier you will just zoom around.

  4. I do agree that this is a poor test. A T8 CV with T10 planes against (mostly) T6 ships who are being piloted by bots. You’ll rarely ever see T6s, as the MM at T8 is mostly serving to populate T10 games. Throw in well-specced captain/module/signals and a Saipan will struggle a good bit more. You’ll still raise hell, but this kind of 6-kill riot across the map won’t be as common as may first appear.

    • yeah but he doesn’t want to point that out he just wants to say everything is OP because he wants to be just like Flamu lol!!!!

    • Did you mentioned the stock ships? I guess the Bots using stock ships 😀

    • +Pikko Zoikum Agreed. Let’s see him go up against a human-piloted Atlanta. 1v1. We can then see how many birds the “Best DD in the Game” takes down during their attack run. DFAA, BFT, AFT, Manual AA, the works, run by even a semi-competent commander, and he’ll shred one flight after another for little to no return on effort.

      Or, we get *really* crazy and dig up an AA-spec Montana, T10 planes vs a T10 battleship. Any idiot will bet a finger off of their right hand that an appreciable chunk of the upper-tier player base will re-spec their captains for AA on the day that 0.8.0 is released. The Saipan is powerful, but he was losing birds to a same-tier carrier at a pretty high rate. Several attack runs just ceased to exist on the approach, without dropping their ordnance.

    • Right on the money!

  5. The only solution is to remove CVs from the game until they get the balance right. It is nowhere near ready for release, yet it is going to be shoved on us in a week’s time. Remove the CVs as a class while they continue to test and balance them, and at that point add them back in. Even with three rounds of testing, CVs are not in a state to be released.

    • +MonkTheWorldTree Better if we just lose you and the CV players! Without carriers the game is competitive and more decided by skill. Carriers are PVE in a PVP game and you think that is competitive?

    • They cant legally. They allowed people to purchase premium CVs and pay real money to progress their CV lines, removing them would be Vaporware.

    • I say remove the dd and torp reload

    • +Versus who’s “we”?

      just make everything one shot and there you go with true skills.

    • My understanding is that they have done all the testing they can outside the “real world” of normal game play. Congraluations, we are all beta testers now.

  6. I think it looks like it will be pretty good but… Facing all tier 6 ships and a CV that never dropped fighters near you. I think the results would be different when you show the weakness of this CV. It will really suffer in tier 8-10 games and you start to lose planes. This was ideal circumstances even before you factor in the fact that they are all bots. Also, Cvs should still be able to dev strike sometimes… just less than they used to. Great video, cant wait to see the other prem CVs in action.

    • Just a random Horse.

      Just goes to show how WG is far too incompetent to ever balance CVs, and the fact CVs will never ever work in a game like this. we’ve had this problem with artillery in wot, we’ve had this problem In war thunder where they threw in everything in the gamemode and hoped for the best and here. I cannot understand how people are so dumb that they can’t just look at the facts and stop thinking this could ever work. It hurts my insides lol

  7. Yeah Notser you where able to do very well in this game but as you pointed out you are playing bots and this is probably the best possible MM you could ever get. How often do you think Saipan is going to get this kind of MM on live server? Would a tier 8 BB not also run wild with the same MM?

  8. So not looking forward to this. I see a lot of people leaving the game over this…

  9. Meister Wunderfart

    It’s the same CV impact (maybe even more than pre rework) – So I don’t really understand what the real point of this rework is… I guess to make it “more interactive” than the RTS system? just seems a stupid amount of resources and time have went into this for it to have the same freaking impact as before.

    • +VuHien2011 You obviously haven’t played the rework if you think that you get 1-3 torps per drop. In fact, you only get 3-4 torps per drop and its actually not at all easy to get a good drop because enemy is always moving and if you adjust you get big aiming penalties. And all the while you are dropping you squadron is taking dmg and by the 3rd wave (if the squadron survive) you planes are damaged.

    • LOL, I said 1-3 torps per attack, you said 3-4 torps per attack which is a higher number but then you said that I over estimate the hit rate.

    • +VuHien2011 i meant that you drop 3-4 torps per wave. In reality you hit rarely more than 2 if a ships is moving.

    • that means 6 torps per reload before returning to the CV, that is way enough to annoy surface ships, don’t you think?

    • +VuHien2011 It’s not like all of them are going to hit you. Also, he spam is pretty annoying as well…

  10. I feel dirty for just having watched this.

  11. Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName

    Early “It’s too OP, I feel like I don’t have any opposition.” A bit later, losing more than half your health to two Bayern salvos – where if the bot had aimed better, you easily could have been dead right there “The hull is weak.” A bit later “Shouldn’t be able to one-shot a T6 CL” ??? Name one Tier 8 battleship in the game that *can’t* one shot a T6 CL. Or even a T8 DD that can’t take down a T6 CL with just a couple torpedoes. Why *shouldn’t* a T8 CV be able to do that?

    I have loved your videos Notser, thank you for them. For my part, I hope you continue making them as long as you wish and I’ll keep watching.

    I think with the commentary on CV rework, though, you need to get out of your own head and try to look at this from some different perspectives. We aren’t all going to be expert flak-dodgers on day 1. The average player is going to have a learning curve on everything – attack runs, preserving planes in the air, using consumables properly, working with the rest of the team.

    While we’re learning, WG will be learning too – and adjusting, and fixing.

    I’m not saying hold back on your opinions, but maybe also remind us and yourself that whatever we get on day 1, we already know it’s going to change.

    • Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName

      +Jerry Lee – I had missed that! Well, he either got bad RNG on that second shot (which happens) or he could use some work on his aim. Which, TBH, I could too.

    • Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName

      +Emil Kluczyński – Respectfully, no. The point of the rework is that almost no one is playing RTS CV’s. The removal of simultaneous multi-squadron attacks is enough reduction in alpha potential.

    • +Dude YouDon’tNeedMyName RTS CV aren’t popular because they are demanding skill wise. Anyone who figured out how to strafe with fighters can mop up “Iplay4fun” CV players. And damage you would deal pre rework is spread out over time. Without reload penalty between attacks and without real risk of deplaning unless you’re speschul extraordinare when it comes to flying into AA

    • Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName

      +Emil Kluczyński RTS CV is a completely different skill set. It wasn’t strafe that I lost to. It was not being able to coordinate the actions of four to six elements all at once. I got to T6 in each line before I decided to stop subjecting other players to my lack of competence in RTS CV. Just wasn’t fair to them.

      Also, RTS CV can, and frequently does, torpedo cross-drop followed immediately by dive bombing. That is NOT damage over time. That is alpha-strike, and the potential damage of it is much higher than what is currently possible with the rework. POST rework, when the CV only controls a single squadron, and has an effective ‘cool-down’ between attacks will be a lot more damage spread out over time than the current RTS CV.

    • The difference with a tier 8 BB is that BB depends on the situation. The cruiser has to be visible not only to a friendly ship but to the BB itself (for example, in a cyclone, the cruiser is visible to a friendly ship but not to the BB), it has to be in the gun range of the BB, it has to be in direct sight of the BB and the cruiser has to show a broadside of the BB. a CV has none of those limitations.

  12. wows is fun without cvs, but terrible shit with cvs.
    reminds me of wot and arties and why i stopped playing a year ago.

  13. Why taking example of high tiers ships against low tiers ships? It makes no sense. This is another problem that WoWs always had and WG couldnt fix it. It’s called Match Making. From the first game everybody can notice that just one ship-tier of difference makes a lot of difference. WG is regularly allowing 2 tiers of difefrence and occasionally 3 tiers of difference between ships in the same game. Another aspect of the stupid MM is that skilled player like CC, KOTS champions, etc. can play Vs noobs, potatos, etc. There is no MM function to make team of similar players skill, experience or whatever could balance the teams a bit. So I’d say what is wrong is the whole system and this is what this game is showing CC vs potato boats PLUS T8 vs T6. Saipan is a bit of an exception because they put on her planes of 2 tiers higher so you can have T10 planes vs T6 AA. But I guess that a Saipan T8 vs T10 AA can’t do a lot of damage. Her squadron are half the size of other T10 CV and T 10 AA will treat them worst than other T10 bigger squadrons. To be fair we should also put a noob or bot in the Saipan CV and 12 CC with T10 ships and full AA spec on the other team to see what happens. Thats what happen regularly: T8 have to play vs T10. Doesn’t make sense? Right neither make sense that a CC plays vs bots. Show a competitive game with Saipan and it will be much closer to the reality. Confirmation of what I am saying: just watch the only 2 attacks against a T8 ship: 2 squadrons completely lost and only 2 planes per squadron could attack the ship. AA and defensive fighter were a sufficient defense to limit attack and attacked ship was alone. Against a T10 would have been even worst, probably no aircraft could hit the ship. The problem is MM not the ship.

  14. I thought it was an excuse to prepare the game for consoles… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Yes… It is worrying if WG has given up on the PC master race to allow console peasants to play… maybe they should just grow some balls and buy a PC?

    • MotorsportsMania21

      +Billy The Dog Maybe PC elitists like you should grow the fuck up. This is coming from someone whose primary gaming machine has been a $900 PC for the past 4 years. I never have and never will understand this pathetic sense of elitism PC gamers have.

  15. Think of T10. Its insane. Saipan is NOT OP.

    • yeah thats why ill be refunding mine. Players now a days completely ignore AA builds. thats going to def change. and thats going to cripple the saipan more so than it already will be at = tiers

    • +Tyler Moore Errr guess u better keep Saipan cuz other prem CVs are even worse

    • It is situational OP…just like now.

      Of course, the current situation is toxic as hell and no one wants it.

      It’s Bogue / Zuiho vs Saipan…still.

      What was the point of the rework again? To make more people play CVs?

  16. I made the switch to war thunder a long time ago. Has a better naval game and tank game. Aircraft is also better. AA works better. WG is pay to win.

  17. Show me any other T8 Premium,. that would not have a great game against T6 Bots…

  18. A point that everybody seems to be missing is how often the CV is spotted under this system. The only reason why CV’s aren’t being blasted out of the water in the first 5 minutes of the match is because bots aren’t prioritizing their targets. Just look at the live server, the instant the CV is spotted shells are headed it’s way. Here in this video you basically charge a Bayern and a Dallas. Had this been on the live server, you would have been fucked. Royally.

    My point is, a lot of people are not realizing that bot’s don’t prioritize their targets. CV’s are going to get instantly deleted on the live server just due to the nature of people’s target preferences and how spotting works with planes now.

    • Wrong, bots, prioritize DDs and the game is even cheating. It always knows when I send torps. It also always points the bow at me even when it cannot see me. and when I go around to try to reach the broadside, it continues to point the bow at me. CV are sending planes directly at me even when I’m not detected by any enemy ship.

    • +VuHien2011 They prioritize DD’s, but what sane player would prioritize a DD 20km away when you have a CV literally 10km away from you. What I’m saying is that the bot’s don’t act human and prioritize targets like a human would.

  19. Wargaming idiots has done their work. Now I’ll be happy to watch game decline due to this insanity while players leave.

  20. I wish it could have kept the A1D Skyraiders.

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