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In which the aptly named ErraticKAzE takes the HSF Harekaze into a tier 10 match, gets the fright of his life, has to rely on his team to not suck and is NOT disappointed.

Sometimes it happens!

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Last time I was this early Britain still had an Empire…

  2. It’s that bloody boat game again with some sort of weeb ship this time

  3. Hey early peeps


  5. 43 views, 9 comments. earliest i’ve made it so far.

  6. The Lowest class is the Onion class – but no one plays it – because it brings us all to tears.

  7. Actually Jingles, the collaboration between Wargaming and the HSF producers ended some time ago. The HSF ships won’t be sold ever again, unless a new collaboration comes around.

  8. AlwaysBakedNeverFried

    Yes it has 3 options, but you will be using just 1

    • And if you plan on switching between configurations, obviously you’re also planning on spending doubloons every time you do so.

    • not Always, i sometimes switch between the hulls, played with the US guns for a while, wich are good for finishing off DD’s on low HP, played with the 100mm guns for a while wich are pretty nice and am currently enjoying a torpedo-boat with torp reload booster instead of smoke, without the cost of any doubloons becouse i have captains for all occasions anyway

    • MrAlumni72 doesn’t cost anything AFAIK

  9. Yes some more lower tier battles would be nice. Watching Flamu and the usual suspects, know their craft, and you can summize their videos is going to be over the top damage numbers and sunken ships. Gets a bit stale after a while. Must be up and coming players who could use the attention.

  10. HazarDeus Shishiza

    Alright people, breaks over, back to the salt mines…

  11. 12:21 Recapture Charlie? It is the only cap they are actually holding!!?

  12. Jingles, when we said we want more ‘lower tier battles’ we meant more like 4, 5 and 6. Not a Tier 8 ship in a tier 10 battle…

    Still a good battle though

  13. That was great teamwork at the end so well done
    Thanks for showing us that replay
    Now I am going to bed so good night all

  14. Wow jingles how much did it hurt U to go down 2 levels. People ment like way low like 4 5 and 6

  15. One of the big reasons we’d like some low tier (6 and below) gameplay is because of the maps and the ships. In your videos you frequently comment on the strategies, which is helpful, but also on the specific characteristics of the ships in the battle. I, because of your videos, know more about the conqueror at tier 10 than i know about the iron duke at tier 5. I own an iron duke, she’s my favourite ship and the one i have the highest win ratio on. I do not own any ships higher than tier 6.
    I can understand how high tier gameplay is higher skilled and makes for better videos but it doesn’t help me to know the conqueror’s fire chance, and whether i can bow tank a yamato, if I’m stuck grinding through the tier 5 cruiser citadelathon.
    Please do some low tier games, it would drastically improve the skill levels of lower tiers.

    • +Sean S In my experience, there’s the various . . . let’s call them ship puberty, transitions going on from tier 3-6 that I’ve noticed. German and Japanese cruisers will test off set gun placements, American cruisers start with torpedos and then their guns improve and their torpedoes are stripped. I’ve played a lot of the IJN line, so you also get tier V fast battle cruiser Kongou to the tier VI Fuso, that’s pretty much a parade float (slow moving and everyone can see it). That swapping of ships and style of playing makes tiers 3-6 interesting, not really super fun. Like when players go from the USS Omaha to either the USS Dallas or USS Pensacola and rush at you to try and “torp” you before dying to only die and realize that that’s the tier where the training torps are taken off and they have to be a shooter now. Or players who still don’t understand deep water torpedoes. Interesting, not always fun, but interesting.

    • Douglas Fitzgerald

      @Qeztotz Citadelathon… ???

      The feels as im at tier 6 mostly, myself

    • Douglas Fitzgerald

      @Mr. Analog ohh i love lower tier DD runs and getting away with crazy things no one should away with.

      Or actually being a BB on the front lines before Jingles called out others to change.

      Feel ya here

    • +Douglas Fitzgerald Being a BB on the front lines and getting away with rotflstomping everyone as they drop what their doing to find the nearest window made of glue, simultaneously lick and sniff it. . . . . they inhale it, and immediately go to brown alert when you show your [W, A, S, and D] keys work past their torpedoes and that 14″, 15″, and 16″ critadels hurt in any dosage over none is one of the best feelings in the game.

    • Actually this sometimes happenes, but tier 7 and 6 is not shown off very much. I would love some more pepsi videos or how to play the akat or something.

  16. Sure, we watched a tier 8, but it was still a tier 10 fight. Show some tier 5 or something.

  17. The harekaze going up againts the musashi, its almost like you watched the anime lol

  18. Your hanging around with quicky baby to much, tier 8 is not lower tier to us!

  19. The Harekaze fights and kills the Musashi… Oh the irony 😀

  20. Khoi Nguyen Tran Mai

    I miss all the collaboration with anime like ARP and HSF

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