Rare Tier 8 Top Tier – World of Warships

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Played a fine round in Admiral Hipper, rarely do I enjoy completely the MM that is presented to my Tier 8s. Hope you enjoy the game have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII German Cruiser Hipper Replay

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  1. Today i play musashi from 8 games get 4 times top tier lol

  2. Admirap Hipster

  3. picks yamato > 4 dd per team(2 shima and asashio)
    picks zao ~ all enemy cruiser are des moines and worcester camping behind island whole game
    picks dd > enemy unicum division stallingrad + worcester + black

    Special case
    any meta ships like Henri in your team will always die in the 1st 5 minutes

    every… single time

    • +Akyamarukh Pirau zao can easily hit cruisers at any range with its railguns…especially island campers if u need to deal with those specifically. American cruisers can barely hit it at those ranges.
      What does bb radar and deep water torps got to do with it??

    • +cobrazax alright, let’s say you win this argument and i am wrong all along. Keep playing with your own playstyle and your own advice.

    • ​+Akyamarukh Pirau
      explain what u r talking about…
      he said he got issues with island hugging cruisers when he is a Zao…and Zao is excellent at annihilating island huggers at range.
      BBs dont really have radar and DWT are not really relevant to this…Zao doesnt have those. so what does it have to do with it?

    • +bobby sands yes that. Everytime i pick salem. No cv and dd but Triple montana/GK division that rushes island like madman.

    • +Faisal MaTs i have near 80% on asashio. Yes. Even when i got those god awful mm. Literally used that as mini henri with engine boost upgrade ?

  4. “.. my team mates are doing, just, exactly what they need to be doing ..” Yeah, I haven’t seen much of that lately, matchmaker has been absurdly onesided, and not in my favor either.

  5. Christopher Wilson

    I agree with what you said that games are rarely close anymore. One side stomps the other most of the time.

  6. I only have a 13 point german captain also and hes a proper wanker. He sails my boat like a fookin wows na potato player.

  7. 1:34 “Switch Reich to armor peircing”

  8. i ALWAYS use AP as default on high tier german cruisers. their alpha dmg is extreme while HE dmg is low. first shot is usually a suprise shot, having increased chance of finding the enemy vulnerable to AP.
    i always try to use as much AP as i can with them as thats their best ammo by FAR. i switch to HE only if enemy angles a lot so i cant do any pen dmg…
    a SINGLE regular AP pen will do almost 2k dmg…so 5 pens will do 10k, which can easily be done even to BBs! i once did 16k to a BB in a single volley.
    an average AP volley will do FAR more than the most perfect HE volley possible.

  9. German CAs always need expert loader.
    Farm that nice broadside!

  10. The prophecy is true! You can be a top tier in T8.

  11. Fantastic game play and video! Thanks Notser!

  12. PanzerJäger Hantoeig

    I would rather spec into AR instead of EM for my second skill, simply because Hipper’s turret traverse is not particularly slow.

  13. Lol Notser…. I don’t have a great Commander only 13 pointer yet one of my best commanders is only a 14…….

  14. I still wish tier didn’t matter………… as was the case back way when, lulz.

    (rip), such it was less about your ship tier and more on how one played them.

  15. *I also still say that when abilities do not mutually exclude eachother or take up the same kind of “slot” per the ability….. it shouldn’t be a mutually exclusive thing.*
    (AT THE LEAST let us make the picks, ehs?)

    Like, if a “5 pic 3,” let us pick what 3 of 5 and where to put em in the slots, rip.
    (using DF and using Passive Sonar is not mutually exclusive)

  16. Georg Eysteinsson

    Loved the Hipper. it performed very well for me at top tier even.

  17. You made a great point on AA support….now plz do a whole video just for it, maybe three
    With all the Carriers currently being played in the game, players need retraining.
    Plz point out that if the detectability by planes, and the effective AA range are the same, there is NO reason to turn it OFF.

  18. Nice vid Notser and well played.

  19. Hi there Notser , a question that is maybe outside the topic of this video :

    Haven’t seen too many topics about it , but why WG haven’t implemented so far an “Assistance” award to prevent “kill steal”
    since there’s a health pool for every player why not implement when sinking someone if one player has dealt 75% + of the health pool of the targeted enemy should get the kill and anyone else gets an “assistance”

  20. The Hipster is one of my favorite ships to play. Under the old AA it has my best air kills with 55.

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