Riding that island like no other – World of Warships

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#worldofwarships #wows #ftp #f2p
Using land to your advantage as a ship, is a concept not familiar to many, for some weird reason. Land can be your biggest ally in some situations and this shows it pretty well.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Nice Work

  2. @Metallicahardrocker

    Yeah worst players… hugging islands with bb. I hate those players…

    • @vitezslavlorenc3479

      Clearly the correct technique is not to hide behind the island, but to press W and die in 30 seconds with a 20k damage score…

    • play RU server if you want wall punchers whose only goal in life is to prove how manly they are by pushing in the video game.

  3. The Midway on your team was really incompetent.

  4. @thomaskositzki9424

    Watching the rest of your team after you died was just annoying…

  5. @davidchrysostom695

    Masterclass in sneaky shots over the edge of the island with less that 1000 hp left, nice work !

  6. @11:58 If a fish bumped into your ship it would sink…

  7. Too bad you don’t have Cunningham on this account. You’d have gotten an extra heal and could have possibly pushed out.

  8. @justinsimpleton833

    Yes! A victory!

  9. Old Des Moines skillset is like riding a bike for Flambass

  10. when you said, “this is a little bit awkward”……..i was like, welcome to just about every game i’ve played this week!!…..thank you for posting!!!

  11. Potato in an Ohio.

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