Scharnhorst – World of Warships – Kraken Unleashed – Confederate – High Caliber

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Player: LittleWhiteMouse
Map: New Dawn

thx for the upload mate

” A demonstration the new Battleship, Scharnhorst. This game helps illustrate what her guns can and cannot do, the strengths of her secondaries and her torpedoes. I take a bad risk after capping B to try and push on their two . Our advance was stalling at that point and I wanted to knock one of their two BBs out. In retrospect, I should have whittled them down from cover before sailing south. It almost costs me my ship. ”

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  1. Good ship… But Even to shoot at Any cruiser Angeled did not do ane Dmg,
    you ned to use more HE at Angeled targets,
    Shibis an Hibride BB and an cruiser ..

  2. I’ve yet to see a t8/9 game regarding the Scharnhorst.

  3. Need to get german speaking warnings….

  4. From 8:07 it’s clearly visible that low caliber guns of Scharnhorst have
    troubles penning angled cruisers.
    Would this mean this BB will be rather situational? Unless BBs and Cruisers
    show you clean broadside, you might as well shoot HE or try shooting super

  5. The Scharnhorst. Best for knife-fighting in a telephone booth ?

  6. Small note to help you improve your English. The plural of secondary is
    secondaries. You’re using an adjective as a noun, which is fine because in
    WoW it’s used as such, but the plural of any y word is most often has an
    ies ending.

  7. Jack Artorius (zanxu)

    what’s that intro? Looks pretty cool

  8. Pls use shift.

  9. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman

    Der Vollpfosten in der NewYork wiederum…war wohl neidisch oder das ist
    sein täglich Brot in WoWS

  10. has he not discovered the shift key yet? i find it painfull to watch him
    scroll in and out of precision mode every time.^^

  11. when will next commetary come :3

  12. NIce, you found a LittleWhiteMouse replay! Been wanting to see her in
    action since forever.

  13. love your content, keep it up.
    A few advice I have for you, since you don’t do commentary, you can do
    something like what atsf do in his videos, put in some background music,
    use memes to keep the audience entertained.

  14. Tolles Gameplay! Schönes “Boot” :D

  15. Wie kann jeder jetzt die Scharnhorst fahren? :o

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