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Showing off a gun build for the improved Shimakaze, it is sneaky good at times and that feels great for a change. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X Japanese Destroyer Shimakaze Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Shimakaze as gunboat? I think Yuugumo do gunboat duty better. 😀

    • BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

      I mean before those days I learned to gunboat with this DD line, I was used to not using the guns because the TRB was so devastating. Either way, both ships are equals

    • +BlitzTaifun / DragonScales That I agree.

    • BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

      My 1821 Yugumo WTR, still a head of my 1571 Shima. But I love Shima’s 8km torps as much as Yugumo’s TRB.

    • I have both ships and I sold my Shima… I just like the Yugomo more…. I have a AA build (modules) and the 3mil upgrade that reduces main battery gun reload… For captain I have concelment aft bft S E (yes 19 point captain from my yamato)
      What u get is a IJN DD with good health, ~13km range, 4.5 sec reload hard hitting he salvos and still 5.2km concelment ???

    • BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

      How is your AA build your main build? What?

  2. Early again!!!

  3. Is this an early April Fools Joke?

  4. quick question: is IFHE not recommended on US or Japanese 5″ guns? I currently using gun boat build on Yugumo, and using IFHE but idk if I have to remove it and use other skills instead.

  5. ROFLMAO, guns 30k torps 100k in a gunboat build. No the shima is not a gun boat, way better off saving your health to launch more torps. If somone is almost dead yeah shoot it, other than that meh.

    • 70k vs 102k, you have to count fires and floodings. also it’s not so much about damage numbers. most of his gun damage was on DDs, his torp damage on BBs. As you well know, BBs have 5 times or so more health than DDs.

    • Almost as dumb as secondary german bb builds. Average 10k damage from secondary guns and sacraficed 7 captain points.

  6. **Me looks at title**
    Did WG put Type 98 100mm turrets on shima? From the Japanese secret archives?

  7. Doesn’t look good to be honest, better than before, sure, but still miles away from other DD lines. That turret traverse is too punishing.

    • +Steve Haney yeah but it’s offset by the light cruiser caliber unlike the shima.

    • BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

      Shima still has very good alpha damage. She can hold her own if she’s kiting

    • +Neal Boonyarit I’ll have to try German DDs eventually. I avoided them due to gawd awful turret traverse actually. But for now it’s the Japanese since I have the ships and I’m still grinding tier 10 British DDs.

    • The German 150mm is a legitimate candidate for IFHE, which makes it different. You do lose 3 percent fire chance since it crosses the 139mm threshold, leading to a compromise build. The British 113mm isn’t a good candidate since IFHE only bumps it up to 24mm of armor pen, which isn’t enough for anything at high tier.

    • BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

      Shima is the strongest t10 DD for randoms tbh. It does everything sufficiently and also has the best torps in the game (if you use the 8km torps)

  8. Walmart Harugumo

  9. It never fails. Wait 15 seconds to see if enemy is gonna adjust course. Send torpedos. Enemy starts turning. Torpedos hit the water.

    Every. Damn. Time.

    • BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

      Use 8km torps

    • Use F3 then I didn’t seen who can dodge when I use that if him not destroyer. (and you should learn why he turning sometime cuz that target think him have so much pressure that force him to turn back or no need to go that way anymore)

  10. I built my Asashio as a gun boat to deal with targets that its torp cant hit. I gotta say it worked pretty ok especially when it constantly set people on fire. I won gun fight with a Shima and he got mad saying i won because of premium ship lol feel good, man ???

    • Yes, Japanese 128 is extremely easy to use. Buff the turret traverse speed and give them 6-5 seconds reload, oh boy….

    • +I_NAMELESS_I the speed of the shell is good and are accurate. I use captain skill to make sure the turret turn quicker and faster reload.
      My yugumo and shima both have sub 6 sec reload, and the reload on asashio ain’t bad either. Its so fun to see the USN rainbow missing around you and you hit them volley after volley.

    • +Brian Hah! Right!!
      My Yugu and Asashio have the same captain, my Yugu does 5.1 second reload and it is by far my favorite DD in the game.

    • I won a gunfight vs a Jutland in my Asahio B, because that dude fired AP at me for minutes and 90 % of his shell bounced. 😛

    • TheGeekWithNoChill

      With 4k salvoes on dds, it can actually be a great knife fighter. Although I still build it for torpedoes but I make use of the guns more often is all

  11. The shell arcs looked floaty af. Might aswell stick with Harugumo. Bad idea.

    • except they arent, they have good velocity, with a lot of air drag but that’s still better than US shells with no velocity and nor air drag efficiency.

    • The arc only becomes super floaty if you try extending the range with AFT. Not worthwhile.

  12. Why are Shimi captains such great gunners? Because they have to be.

  13. I would put Minotaur as the AP master.

  14. Notser you’re truly a maestro with any ship you play. Bravo

  15. @1:48 Thats a lie, cbs this week i got hit by ap from montana and was taken down from 21400 to 2900hp on my shima, with only 2 shells connecting… multi times this week

    • I think they forget to remove splash damage or lower it. My haragumo eat a full pen from 1 shell frontal for over 14 k. What ever they did sounds like Conquer and GK citadel bs not long time ago

    • I remember WG saying that the Harugumo and Khabarovsk would still eat full pens from BB’s

    • soleno74 Haru will always eat full pen, it hasn’t been nerfed on her

    • 2 pens from Montana is 8400 damage, not 20k. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • +Narcoleptic actually I do, I’ve had many people watch my replay and tell me exactly the same thing 2 shells from a Montana connect, so don’t go try spitting facts

  16. Wow, low health DD less than 5km away and the Montana can’t kill it.

  17. is this just a troll build for Shima?

  18. Maybe some shima players will actually use their guns now. I’ve been knife fighting enemy DDs with a friendly Shima in range, no cruisers around to punish, one salvo from the Shima would secure the kill; but no, I die and enemy dd limps off with 1500 hp.

  19. I would argue that in the right scenarios, Henri has more devastating AP than Des Moines…

  20. really enjoy your uploads and hope your mum is doing well

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