Skip Kitakami Get Defence Instead! – First Impressions

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  1. Ngl Kitakami was nerfed to the ground. They really screwed it over.

  2. Seeing how hard they threw Kitakami under a bus, this certainly hasn’t got much to compete against.

    • Yeah, Kitakami isn’t just the most expensive Cruiser (/ship) ever, but imo also the worst lmao

    • @smilingpolitely12345

      @@Choukai_Chan Not the worst , is just very expensive , and all those that cant afford it will troll it …

    • @@smilingpolitely12345 Which cruiser is worse tho? I mean Yodo is pretty bad, but atleast it got SOME gunpower to work with and doesn’t die that easily than Kitakami does..
      The fact alone, that its a Kuma hull that relies on torpedoes while everyone got a hydro these day, kills it for me.

      You litteraly gotta wait over 4 min for all your torps to load, if you want to trop that massive 40 torps salvo. Jinan can do that, granded having to turn more often, with one reloadbooster.
      Keep in mind, most games don’t last longer than 12 min nowadays.

    • Wargaming finally found a ship the old whales and old players will throw all their resources at to get, the Kitakami. Hopefully they watch the videos on it and realize it really isn’t worth it before they do. I’ve seen these kind of events as a way to clean up the economy more then any interest in something good for the players.

    • @@Swarm509 Lets be honest, most whales already did/will min one.

  3. This one reminds me PQ is a BB main……He look so much more comfortable in playing Defense than Kitakami.

    • yeh, the kitakami needs to be played more like the shimakazi, just stay back as much as you can and spam torps to try and push campers off the back sides of islands.

  4. I played against this ship on Two Brothers, it was bonkers. The guy just went through mid and then sat there in smoke setting people on fire. When someone tried to push to take him out he just spat torps out of his bow…

    He basically won the game for the enemy team.

  5. @phuongnguyen-hb4wj

    this ship has:
    -356mm guns, overmatch light cruiser and punching broadside like nothing
    – British HE
    – Torps for brawl
    – Smoke
    -10-ish km conceal
    forget russian bias, this game has became british

  6. It’s a pocket King George with better AP. That’s pretty good, as I’m almost always happy to be uptiered in KGV

  7. The less bbs, the better, I’m hyped to use it in CBs & try flank in it with the DM pen angles it has, people talk about the HE even tho it has AP designed to delete most cruisers.

  8. They really need to separate the light cruiser and heavy cruiser/super heavy cruisers because you get ships like these in ranked and absolutely nothing with smaller caliber to counter dds

  9. It’d would be nice to have this ship, but the only super cruiser I want to keep playing is Stalingrad. Solid guns, solid shells, soul crushing AP, solid armour, decent AA, Kutzentsov, good speed. It has everything one can ask for except concealment

  10. why not both !! Have to say Defence looks surprisingly good.

  11. @majestichotwings6974

    Gonna see how the resources break down for this one, hopefully I’ll pick her up looks fun, the Nelson designs are generally very fun to play imo, ugly but fun

  12. The reload is insane for 356s

  13. These guns are the same as Duke of York guns but with a faster reload, so pretty much equivalent pen to Alaska as well, the improved pen angles make such a difference

  14. The amount of resources needed to get Defence when you add up the stages is insane.

  15. @kyleuptergrove4040

    I love it when you love a ship! Your entire demeanor changes when you actually enjoy the game again! I will be getting and grinding this ship!

  16. Honestly so upset with wg, I’ve been INCREDIBLY hyped for kitakami since forever, we used to use them in navy field as crew trainers, firing a WALL of torpedoes the entire length of the map, but wg have made it so insanely overpriced and useless it’s a mad shame, I’d have paid £100 or so for her no problem, but this scheme is insane

  17. You should play the T7 Italian cruiser too. That thing is surprisingly strong. Long range SAP with super stealthy ship, 13.5 km torps and an almost nonexistent smoke firing penalty. The gun layout isn’t the best, but the firing angles forward are really good and the back turret is a 360 turret.

  18. It’s nice to get a british cruiser that isn’t all gimmick.

  19. Love the defense. I did 110k on my 2nd match which is high for me.

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