Some Bottom Tier Two Brothers Mid Push Action – World of Warships

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#worldofwarships #wows #ftp #f2p
You do not need a crazy result to be useful and you do not need to be the top dog to win. Just a bit of 2 brothers mid action, while being bottom tier and keeping the enemy busy.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Flambino El Torro!!!!!!!!!! En De Leh!!!! YEE HAW!!!

  2. Playing Cherbourg against Thunderer once made me laugh so hard of irony. Just sad.

  3. I didn’t like the Cherbourg, guns were meh. Brest is a bit better, but I find there are better cruisers at that tier.

  4. Would have been great for a Sub to follow you threw..

  5. getting close to the split in french cruiser line… undecided which way to go

    • The conde line is objectively better, I grinded the marseille one and while I had fun, I think they are completely average but can shine if you can utilize them properly. Mostly the accuracy sucks and you get citadelled from every single damn angle even with you being a ‘heavy’ cruiser.

    • @Iron_Blood_Enjoyer1933

      @@nikolagrudev3128 I’m guessing the Conde line was the original. With Charles Martel, Saint-Louis, Carnot, Henri IV, and Conde. While the Marseille one is Cherbourg, Brest, and Marseille.

      I get that right?

    • @@Iron_Blood_Enjoyer1933 yes, thats right

  6. Flambass on Two Brothers, no CV’s you say? Settles down with the popcorn

  7. Game dying? Not in asia server yet, cause for the first time, the server is overloaded. So yeah, could only be because of the Christmas event and then go back to dying again.

  8. Is it only me, or does the video title seem a bit sexually suggestive?

  9. I still straight up post “For FLAMBASS!!!” in global chat every time this map loads… Amazing how many channel fights I still bait lol

  10. It’s coming to legands along with Ohio I’m kinda interested

  11. Liked this one a lot!!! thank you

  12. I recently re-bought Cherbourg. Not as bad as I remember, but the guns are not designed for today’s mid-high tier armor.

  13. Throw on a Jimmy Buffet song, Cheeseburger in Paradise !

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