World of Warships- Just What The Hell Is This Line Supposed To Be?

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Hey guys! I finally got through the Japanese BC line, while the Bungo is a satisfying T10 BC, the line as a whole is just…odd. Enjoy!

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  1. Well they do match the top speed of the real steel IJN battlecruisers, Amagi and Kongo, so I wouldn’t get on them for their speed, and compared to Izumo and Yamato (and Kaga, a Tosa Class) they are a little faster

  2. PQs reviews showed that they are actually good HE spammers, though that is not what they were initially advertised to be.

  3. Totally forgot they were being fully released with this update.

  4. I saw PQ 2 salvo a super-carrier with the Bungo lol. If you hit, with the plane boost, you can get between 40k and 60k in a salvo :~) Can’t wait to get it.

  5. @undertakernumberone1

    What also feels weird about the line: Why didn’t they move Amagi into the BC line, it is a BC after all, and added Tosa as BB?

  6. 30 kn speed is correct spec according to IJN Blue print which be designed post WW1.
    Bungo AP salvo alpha is higher than St. Vincent, AP’s pen at 18 km very similar to Montana

  7. Most bbs at tier 10 go around 30, not 32 knots… some are even slower. Vermont, yami, ohio, monty.

  8. @andyaweebphysicist

    Getting bounces on slightly angled battleships, sounds like typical German BBs to me.😂

  9. Going to disagree, they punch hard and can hit at long range. One knot speed difference is not an issue compared to BBs in general. Yeah they can get slapped but the game is mostly about positioning anyway.

  10. It has at least really great looking perma camo from collection. WG art dept made good job again.

    Finally who wants another St.Vincent? It seems WG was really cautious here, xd.

  11. Why did they not give these group of ships a speed boost?

  12. @winstonedwards2014

    These look and feel like Kongo+ (one + for each tier above Kongo). Not to say it’s a bad thing, but just moreso how they play.

  13. Japanese BBs are like my a-a class regardless of archetype

  14. 82k hp for backline ships is still to much if you compare it to the CC BC like schielffen who need to get close for max potential but only has 74k or so

  15. Luv your analysis Sea Lord. I agree that the speed is a real issue for this Battle Cruiser line and the AP is very disappointing. I feel more confident flinging HP out of the mains and just collect lower, but more consistent damage and wreck some AA and 2ndaires.

  16. I have the T 8 and not my type and still thinking if I should or shouldn’t grind out the others!

  17. ALright, hear me out, Cowa-Bungo secondary build. Yes, the HP is not good, however she has the new highest concealment of the techline battleships, topping at 12.1km. Her secondaries are the same ones from the Satsuma, subsequently being altered Harugumo guns, trading a bit of range for damage maxing at 11km. Mix that with the conceal and you get a Karl Johan situation where as soon as you are detected, you’re basically already in range. Would this be ideal? Probably not, you got some 32mm armor to bounce shells, and the citadel is quite low, it’s just that HP pool is quite low… Still a funny concept though.

  18. I got the tier 8 and discovered that at long range against nose ships in the HE is great, really tight groupings with the spotter. AP is really reserved for broadside CLs and CAs at mid to close and some weaker sided BBs. I have worked my way up to Bungo and my view is much the same; tight HE, standard AP. Also, kiting. All the time.

  19. Got yumi and ada early. only play yumi in operations, ada doesn’t really hold alot of sway over games but those 457’s are decent esp for t9, bungo is a hot mess. Iwami looking better and better.

  20. i’m thinking the italian line could use the precision spotter planes.

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