STILL my fav tier 9 BB – World of Warships

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I think from the moment this ship came out, till this very day, I haven’t changed my opinion it for 1 second. Jean Bart is still my very favorite BB in the game.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Jean Blyat, most reliable t9 BB that doesnt earn nearly enough mone

  2. i LOVE my JB but the 5km asw makes it so much worse

    • Seems quite obvious that WG fear so much for their beloved subs, that they nerf the ASW on anything that have decent secondaries. Just look at Warspite that has 8km ASW compared to JBs 5km.

  3. Re the question early on about secondaries… prob with secondary build on any french BB is that they have low pen so IFHE is needed to make them work and that f’s your fire chance for your main guns as well… if you plan to mainly use AP on your main guns that is fine but a good JB player needs the flexibility to be a fire starter. JB strength is bow tanking against all but the highest calibre BB and that will mean fights with other bow tanking BB, having less effective abilities to start fires is a big issue in that scenario. The lack of base accuracy of secondaries is also a massive issue, in very limited situations a secondary build can work on the Flandre and also on the Alsace but that comes with massive trade offs on the main guns and I don’t recommend playing the Alsace under any circumstances as the 1.6 sigma is almost as bad as Pommern at 1.5 and hitting things with main guns at greater than 12k is unreliable (unless you enjoy Pommern you will hate it).

    • The main reason people don’t build secondaries on French ships is because the secondary mounts are bad. They die to minimal damage. Even if they were accurate and penetrated, it would not be worth it.

  4. I have mine as a secondary build just for giggles but i do know its lacking compared to german bbs. So i may change it up and see

    • My fav secondary ship is Massachusetts. Gosh, that ship is so fun! Then again, I haven’t played since the commander rework neutered secondaries in favor of that stupid Deadeye skill.

  5. i actually hate radars more than carriers as a dd. subs suck anyway

  6. First thing I saw was a three Pomm division and I immediately thought .. fail division. So I had to watch just to see the results at the end lol. And then that first one charges around the island into four ships. Then the second one tied moving into the red cap in front of the two DD’s and three other ships. Oh they got kills no doubt about it. But they were using the ships and ignoring good play as the ships are able to take a pounding. I’m willing to bet if you looked at them they would be repeatedly playing games in divs in high end special ships as they can’t really handle the less endowed ones. I mean in that one game you got the high damage score in a Pom years ago, you did almost 110K to one Pom on the other side (and he was still alive at the end). The live with the heals and secondaries and their play showed it.

    • On the other hand, it is arguably the _job_ of a Pommern to draw fire and heal back up – i.e. to tank. If you’re not a threat, you’re not fired upon, you can’t tank… So it’s a bit unfair to hate on players for being “saved by the heals” when they are just playing the advantages of their ship, which happens to include good survivability.

    • @QemeH No problem with that. But drawing fire while trying to be at least at angles or have some cover to reduce incoming fire is proper play so you survive long enough to use the heals. In this case they seemed to have not paid attention to that concept. I’m betting the two that died still had heals unused as they failed and went a little too far with the draw (even assuming they were trying to do that and their play makes that questionable).

  7. I remember a lot of people were critical of Jern Bert when it first came out because of the low caliber guns. But then when skilled people began streaming and making vids showing how to use it, the community saw how much the spood beast, maneuverability, and reload booster enhance its performance. It’s a great example of the difference between seeing a ship’s attributes in port versus its actual performance in game. So many people love the it now. What a great ship!

  8. yeah very strong. better than Bourgogne on the armor front for some reason

  9. @Salatsauce at least you know where radars are, and they have a cool down. planes can appear anywhere on the map and accidentally spot you because you are near a big fat bb they want to attack. they are so fast, you can’t get out of the way (which is the most annoying part for me). although to your point your air detection is short range, so they need to get pretty lucky to spot you.

  10. I’d either let it go or just stick to T1 ships.

  11. Black Bart is also my favorite BB…actually my favorite of all ships.

  12. JB is so strong at holding the door like this, post up and none shall pass.

  13. nice accunt there flambino. you were over 1000K more exp than the second but not twice then you shuold have like 3.2 K good show anyway.

  14. watching Flambass vdeos while playing WoWS is a trip lol

  15. I love Jean Bart but Alsace is more fun for me.

  16. Yeah the fun stops when you have to fight a Sub with 5km ASW^^

  17. The Face Flambass made when he got that Iowa lmao

  18. I get that it is a game of ships, but seriously these players that still do not use the terrain to their advantage! Clueless

  19. Just curious how your main guns reload so quickly. I think I was seeing 10 seconds if Im not mistaken?

  20. Роман Шундрик

    I don’t know why they love him. Not a ship, but a piece of misunderstanding. You just destroy his main battery guns and that’s it, this shit will follow you to at least ram.

  21. Man Jean Bart is just such a fun ship. I was so disappointed that it was no longer available back when I was playing – though I messed around with the T6 premium version that has similar layout and play style (can’t remember the name).

  22. @Salatsauce but radars are just some weird hydro derivative. don’t get caught and thats it.

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