Stream highlight // USS Kidd / “That’s an awfully nice CV you have there…”

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  1. Fubuki… Burned a CV to death…
    What black magic is that?!

  2. Just an observation on whether the torpedoes will (not) hit the Amagi. At 16:07 (launch) you can see on the minimap that your line-of-sight line intersects the Amagi’s extended course line almost precisely at the 12.2 km gun range circle. At the time of launch that intersection is where the torpedoes and target will meet, and if it falls within you torpedo range circle you can hope for a hit. Or not, in this case, as your torpedo range is only 9km something.
    Observing that intersection is how to precisely judge both over-range launches on an approaching targets, and conversely on a receding target.

  3. GG, very nice recovery by the team there–rather unexpected. +1

  4. Jedi, there is a very good way of estimating if torps will have the range to hit or not. When you place the launch track on the prediction, look at the minimap, and if the target heading line and your line of vision intersect outside of the torp range cicrle, you won’t hit. Conversely, when attacking targets that are out of range at the given time but closing, check if their line of heading and your projected torpedo track intersects within the torp circle.

  5. Must admit I would have capped rather than shoot up the BB at the end 🙂 On the carrier front I really do not like this implementation but I also think people forget that game used to be decided by who had the better CV player 🙂 Yes there where less games with CV’s in but if you had them often the game was out of your control. I wonder if CV could drop fighters without a plane there would that make a difference as often CV’s plays just go for damage and except for initial pass they forget about fighters but if they could just send some from the map?

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