Stream highlight // USS Oklahoma / “BuOrd Strikes Again”

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Is there any reason why the shells should be this bad…? Of course, the answer is no, but they are anyway.


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  1. I’ve had several people tell me the guns are “accurate”, oh god how they lied! I still love her cause those standard designs are aesthetically pleasing, but yeah this is meme boot in my opinion XP <3

  2. that Meow’ing at the start 🙂

  3. New captain voice : Meeowwww !

  4. Speaking of grinding, as usual the lootboxes in WoWS are absolute trash. Bought 2 premium Black Friday Lootboxes for doubloons, both rolled 6k FXP.

  5. Oh wow, this ship looks incredibly anti-fun to play

  6. Your title sums up, for the historically aware, everything which is wrong with this ship. I’m fond of the US Standards and I like everything else about her; the problem is that the one bad thing is the most important.

  7. For the past two years, it’s been one questionable decision after another, starting off with the CV Rework. The Oklahoma, and the announced Captain Skill Rework, just being the latest examples. Just came back to playing after about a 9 month break, just co-op games here and there – to the literal nonsense of the ARP Yamato, the Oklahoma, and now the great Skill Rework. No thank you.

    • Yeah this game is on its way out and dead with in 2 years tops. Its been boiled down for kids to play at his point…. Its not competitive game play for grown ups hence matches barely last 5 minutes & why one side completely gets steam rolled. I’m going to stop playing at the end of the year because i just can’t deal with it no more, all that you’ve mentioned, the mediocre at best player base a majority of which are complete potato’s, subs on the way and since the flood gates have now been truly opened with WG saying subs would never make the game and not selling tier 10 ships which they did. All bets are off and i don’t want to be part of this lying cash grab sh*t show WG has going on xD Sad really because i want to enjoy the game but i can’t because WG doesn’t give a rats about its players. Just show them the money!

  8. I refuse to believe they balance the ships you can get for free any differently than tech tree ships. It’s almost a meme at this point that virtually all the grind/giveaway ships have been bloody awful with the only exception being when they gave away the Graf Spee…

    • and even the Schpee is an aquired taste.

    • Note that they didn’t give away the Spee until after the great cruiser armour rebalancing that reduced her bow armour, one of her key features, to the point that she can’t effectively bow tank any more.

  9. Jedi – get out more! Or teach Sam new words please!

  10. It is good of PHJ to show us the Oklahoma. Despite it being as bad a ship as it is, the modelling is gorgeous. Note that this is one of the few ships that display the impossible positioning of manned after fire-direction behind the main exhaust funnel. You’ll note that some genius suggested making it a bit higher up than the forward one to reduce the impact of asphyxiating gases on the director crew, but Jutland proved this a non-starter. Pretty ship, but largely useless.

  11. Actually thought Jedi had snapped at the beginning of the video. Meow!

  12. Only two fires – and both of them were set by those 6 main battery HE hits; not the secondaries. I’ll also note, with great degree of painful awareness, that 39 main battery hits out of 153 shots fired ratio. 25.5% accuracy and a significant percentage of those hits were either AP shatters or torpedo protection hits for 0 damage. I’ll also point out that the bloody thing suffered a main battery mount damaged to HE bombers. I’d expect to see something like that on a light cruiser, not something claiming to be a battleship.

    • Its the worst thing i’ve ever played in this game, its horrendous and i play USB BBs at this tier all the time and this thing i nion impossible to play.

  13. Jedi, I’m starting to worry about your sanity, but then again I suppose cats will do that…

  14. This is thee worst ship i’ve ever had in 4yrs of playing this game. No wonder WG had to give it away because nobody would have bought it. This guy said exactly the same things i’ve said…. Having great secondaries doesn’t make up for the lack of main battery performance. the reload is miles to long, shell penetration is extremely laughable and its so rage educing to play. Its the worse USN BB by far and the biggest lot down of any ship. It should have been an Arizona @ T5 but we got a South Carolina at tier 5. It was that rage educing, i had to sold it out of frustration.

  15. This ship wrecks cruisers but struggles against anything else dds wait till u fire then have 40 sec to yolo and kill u u must have a dd screen when playing this ship great accuracy for the tier only thing worse is kansas but I do not do a secondary build I build for stealth and aa

  16. Well that was painful to watch. 😛

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