SUBMARINE 597K DMG Killer Whale Best Whale || World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. How do u get that sub?

  2. Nick AlexuseesuxelA

    So a submarine is just a slower Destroyer under water right ?

  3. has anyone know where that letter of dasha said is???
    still no clue where is it on the map

  4. Typ VII C?

  5. how can u get killer whale?

  6. ธรรมรักษ์ วัฒนกูล ϟϟ

    Heute habe ich gerade gespielt Ich möchte ein Boot haben

  7. Panzer why have you stopped making 60FPS videos?

  8. those sub replays NEED das Boot soundtrack, even if only for intro

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