Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

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Submarines have come a long way and changed significantly since the first tests, but a lot of work still remains to be done before they can become a full-fledged unit type.
While we continue configuring the submarines, you’re welcome to try them out in Submarine Battles.

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!

If you’re a console player, check out WoWs: Legends


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about our video?
    Are you hyped for Submarines mode?:)

    • NO






    • @Samuel Schuler They could, instead, not trash the game even more than it’s already trashed. Then they wouldn’t have to deal with the impossible task of balancing these for a game that already has a class of ship they can’t balance.

    • Dhammika Kandepola

      I agree add aircraft Carriers to wows legends

    • what is this joke ????????????

      why submarines can’t be on random battles like any other ship ????
      why submarines can’t be purchased like any other ship (tech tree) ????
      why there is no more tiers of submarines ????

      huh ?????????????

  2. Lobster Johnson

    I’m ready for those 3am 3SS 2CV 1 BB matches

  3. “Your opinion is very important to us” Hmmm.

  4. I remember playing a submarine during halloween in operation “Terror of the deep”

  5. “shoot HE at submarines”
    British CLs:
    Italian crusiers:

    • This make smol very happy

    • Beverly Chmelik

      @that pony Hedgehogs for all my friends.

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @aluisious crewman: captain! The enemy battleship just put 6 20in holes in our starboard!

      Captain: six shells?

      Crewman: no three sir. They overpenetrated. Our repair crew are (somehow) working on it immediately.

      Captain: only overpens? Well be fine, nothing to worry about. Put some clingfilm and duct tape over the holes and dive to the sea floor

    • @Nineonine submarines technically have *no* armor, it would seem

      Since all shells that explode in their vincinity get registered as a damage-dealing penetration, it would seem that they take damage much like modules do, losing a certain amount of hp by getting caught in the splash radius of a shell

  6. Please hold, your call is very important to us – Kevin

  7. Battleships: *sweating*
    German Battleships with problems already before submarines: *confused screaming*

  8. Eric DiVirigilo

    All I see is something throwing bbs under the bus again

  9. Random bundles? Not again!
    I guess we can be lucky it’s login tokens, and not doubloons…

    • They do that to prevent from what happend on pts.

    • radialdrift how

    • Watching the video fully, it’s clear they’re just using an existing system (random bundles) to make sure there’s not a huge imbalance of sub players vs everyone else in the gamemode. It’s just a randomized delayed release. They could have done it by adding rental subs to random accounts, but they want to push everyone to be familiar with and experience the lootbox-gambling interface.

    • Derhesligebonsaibaum

      that is exactly what they want you to think

  10. “your opinion is very important to us” ?? WG dudes, it is almost June, way too late for an April Fool joke

  11. can’t wait for the sekrit documents soviet submarines with 40 mm icebreaker and deck armor

    • You don’t need armor when you’ve got a nuclear reactor and Shkval rocket torpedoes!

    • The tier 10 will be an Oscar II. It will surface at the start, launch 20 missiles and sink every ship in the game.

      Victory Comrade

  12. -Spicy_ Overlord-

    You know the image of the tank driving off the back of the ship with the caption : I go destroy submarine for the motherland. Yeah submarines are no match for Russia ship

  13. “Shoot he at submarines”
    *Cries in venezia*

  14. 4:18 “Torpedos have poor manouverability.”

  15. @belladesa91 EA, Activision, Konami, 2k, Blizzard, need I continue?

  16. TheReal RedWolfofDeath

    @Ramiel You just named all companies who are failing big time or who have been sued and government intervention had to step in.

  17. The whole Torp Citadel thing needs to be addressed far too much damage, esp considering the fact they “seek you”

  18. people sometimes really do forget that wows is a free game lol

    Been playing wows without spending money and I already got tons of content in it just by playing

  19. ***PLEASE*** keep these in a separate game mode only. Not randoms. Please, not in randoms.

  20. Me: *Starts grinding the German DD line.

    • Gaede is already such a monster at t6 with those 150mm guns, can’t wait to hydro+depth charge subs with it too.

  21. BBs already have a big target on their backs by every class. So, what do they do? they add another.

  22. @Sanae Kochiya and those of us who do pay are the ones who keep the game running for free players. I don’t think paying customers like to feel that they are being ignored or brazenly lied to and made a mockery of.

  23. “Your opinion is very important to us”

    *Looks at the Puerto Rico*
    Who’s opinion would that be exactly?

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