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For the first of 2017’s gameplay videos, I’ve decided to double up with a pair of replays from both Tanks and Warships – and all four vehicles are ones you won’t have seen much around this channel previously too.


is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sigh up through:

Want to see me playing live?
Submit your Tanks replays for the channel at


  1. T-150 best tier VIII heavy 🙂 Cheers for having me again Jedi. Hope you had
    a good new year!

  2. @PointyHairedJedi – QUESTION: Do you accept replays from the previous WOT
    version as well, or only from the current “Swedish patch”? I have a couple
    of really nice games, but they have all been played just about a week
    before the current update was released.

  3. To be fair, you and Jingles both mangle some of the Japanese ship name
    pronunciations (like the mutsuki and akatsuki)

  4. 2:15 wow, shots fired at the m56! Hahaha thanks for the video and have a
    great year!

  5. The 13 75 is VERY Baroque!

  6. “are you still there?”

  7. It’s pronounced ‘Embra’, as in ‘Chooky Embra’, the Queen’s old man…

  8. Secondaries on British cruisers do fire HE, and I know of people who’ve got
    Arsonist medals in them. Of course you do need to get close enough to get
    secondary battery hits, so you won’t do it without taking a few risks.
    Having said that, with the Leander and Fiji especially (as they’re the most
    nimble), I have had some success charging down lone battleships and getting
    into secondary/torpedo range whilst relying on WASD hax and luck to avoid
    getting killed.

  9. Make a comparison between 13 75 and the bulldog.. Feel the balance!!!

  10. Hey Jedi ~ I am up to the Edin-burg as well now and I have found being
    ‘bold’ in them tends to pay off more than being too passive. A play style I
    had to adopt playing the Atlanta as well. Thanks for the commentary.
    Amusing as always. ;)

  11. AMX 13 75 is one of my favouritetanks in the game, 2 marked it easily, and
    I never used a single APCR clip ^_^

  12. No chance for Edin in that one, think you were pretty harsh – definately
    one of those where it needed another ship to survive longer. Also, did you
    just pronounce Minotaur the US way? 0.o :)

  13. I enjoyed the T150. The armor never helped but that gun worked well.


  15. That 6th sense warning triggers me :P

  16. Me again! No apologies for the full APCR load out ôn the 13 75, was the end
    of the grind and wanted to mark and ace it and with the crappy pen I really
    needed the help of the ammo. I enjoy the French lights a lot but tier for
    tier the 75 is by far the worst. @pointyhairedjedi, wait until you get to
    my A-43 replays. ;)

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