World Of Warships – Random Acts Of Ownage #6 – Special German Warships

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are awesome, that’s all I have to say !
Here is a montage all the funny moments I had with most them so far. Hope you enjoy !


  1. mm..youa re very active this year already.. oO

  2. Subbed because of the enjoyable, well produced videos. And the fact that
    your voice is really relaxing to listen to :3

  3. subscribed!

  4. BIA World of Warships

    9:51 best part lolololololololol :D

  5. hey what do you use to record replays

  6. 3:08 Something very like this happened in my Myougi today. I ended up
    between two destroyers. Decided to get away from the Mutsuki and follow go
    the same way the Clemson had, since he was running. The Clemson turned
    around though, and his torpedo shot was spot on. I knew I was dead, but as
    all six hit home, I tapped R and T just because. Somehow I was alive, and
    he was now steaming directly away from me, with all six of my guns pointing
    at him. AP ready and facing the full length of his ship : – ) Than a
    carrier dropped me and I avoided all the torps but one, so that’s it.
    TROLLOLOL. Low damage, no flooding. I survived the match and we won.

  7. your uploads are getting better and better. for a new guy in the trade of
    wows gameplay…. You you are awsome!!!

  8. Subscribed. Sick videos dude, not sure how I haven’t stumbled on your
    channel before now…

  9. I really want the Scharnhorst but I’m 12 so no money :(

  10. Happy New Year, and my best wishes for you and your channel,

  11. Scharnhorst is a fucking demon I’m glad I bought it 🙂 BTW you earned it
    big time ?

  12. its just the truth it is a rare appearance that such a channel has quality
    and personality so early in the start

    great wrecking by the way :)

  13. This was brilliant.
    Great music too.
    Loved it! B-)

  14. “Best torpedoes 2016”, dude that was just hillarious :)

  15. you were at 600 subs when i found your channel a moth ago , you have a
    bright future ahead of you with these kind of videos and that kind of
    quality, keep it up

  16. I thought I was subscribed already but apparently not

    Now I get to click it again

  17. Gotta love the Scharnhorst, she has all the tools in one single package
    (except concealment, but meh she aint no U-boat) :)

  18. Great sound effects in this video! Keep doing it!

  19. something in current year

    It’s rather amusing how you use “best torps 2016” and still use 9fag memes
    from 2013.
    Step up your meme game.

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