Supporter Spotlight // Z-31 / “Das Elendsboot”

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  1. Oh you are at your best when you are sarcastic, loved the intro.

  2. “Elendsboot” means boat of misery. pretty much sums it up. i am glad to not have chosen any of the german destroyer trees. Cruisers and Battleships, yes please.I felt right at home with the Japanese destroyers, the Europeans or the American ones.

  3. I finished the Z31 grind yesterday. Here’s hoping the GJ Maerker is better.

  4. I love these, when I’m in a Japanese destroyer, a free kill generally 🤣.

  5. Thank goodness I got this for free in the early access missions. Played the tier 8 a few matches before for the first time ever actually spent free xp to get the Schultz which I’m now struggling to find a way to play remotely effective. The line is just so dull. Sure you can farm from distance but at least with the Russian and French counterparts you can do some DD duties as well. Awful line imo.

  6. First time I came across a Z-31 was in a Ranked battle. The poor guy decided to rush my Atlanta around an island, while I had hydro running. It didn’t go well for him.

  7. Lol, those AP shells though! Poor Huang He. 😂 Gee-gee!

  8. Great replay- Thanks for sharing it. Why do you keep calling him by a different name than his in game name?

  9. So, the impression I’m getting is kind of ambiguous. Is this a good ship?

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