Taking a look at World Of Warships – Attacking All That Floats

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Nick Bunyun
3300 Hamilton Mill Rd.
Suite: #102-163.
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  1. Hey. wtf its like 4.15 am in lithuania…. But still nice video❤️

  2. Doarme lumea la ora asta fraticu’

  3. Is the promocode for all server

  4. I pkayrd thsi on mvobile

  5. pay to win game

  6. A world of warships vid. Ofc it’s sponsored lol

  7. Well that was short. Seems like you just wanted to get it over with

  8. Wow. Less than 4 minutes on a sponsored video. I guess I know your thoughts. I’ll skip it.

  9. Wish There was csgo he would upload

  10. The Lankee Pineapple _

    another rival game is War Thunder and they are more realistic while still being casual but there is the grind, but in War Thunder they have air land and now sea all in one game instead of having to download each world or tanks/ships/warplanes.

  11. Emm… Nice? 😀

  12. You have 2-3% viewership for your videos. Your channel is dead hahaja

  13. the game link is not working :/

  14. This channel is sinking faster than the ships in this video.

  15. Can you do an Azur Lane video next 0w0

  16. just play assassins creed black flag

  17. Nick I’m a cheater sry to admit it I guess not really I have cheated in both csgo and tarkov I’m willing to do an interview explaining some things about ch eating the features how they work and how they can or can’t be fixed

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