World of Warships – Back in Black

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Okay, only one of todays battles actually features a Black Edition ship, but who’s going to let facts stand in the way of a title like this?

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. It’s that bloody ship game again, not *Cassandra in the Wild West* :/

  2. All I have to say is Yes. (To the line randomizer idea.) :Edit: WHY CAN’T I HAVE THAT KIND OF LUCK IN MY BRITISH BATTLESHIPS WHEN I’M FIRING AP!? :Edit x 2: Why can’t I have any luck in any ship I use? 🙁

  3. Hooray Jingles won the Ring!

  4. To be perfectly clear – I’m really glad Jingles has won The Ring. I really enjoyed his voiceover in Fractured Space and can’t wait to have something similiar in WoWs.

    However I must say that the contest removing community involvement entirely is crap that should not be repeated in the future.

    • I would say there was some community involvement, you could vote to keep players in the competition. I voted for a few times pointy-haired Jedi. Also, the people voting were looking at the videos that they put up and the responses to them witch help them make their vote. If no one watched the Jingles competition videos he would have not won. We still helped just it had to be done indirectly because balancing this was hard to do and having a human look at it was easier and fairer.

    • Your comment is basically why WG is never going to do anything of the sort again. The first time they did it, they wanted it fair for all CCs and everyone gave them shit for it. Then they made is mostly up to CCs, and got shit for it. I think they’re glad it’s over and they probably will never do it again.

    • +SpartiuS94 True, everyone gave them shit. But every time there was a reason for it.
      The first approach (with formula) was putting diverse CC with a lot of subscribers at huge disadvantage – there was no contest.
      The second approach greatly favored CCs that are most friendly/popular with other CCs. There was little to no contest for our Overlord.

      I don’t know if there even exists a fair way to make this type of contest, but if WG decides to do it they really should put a bit more thought into it.
      And if contest is not possible then maybe simple popularity vote once every X time? CCs already added would be excluded in future editions giving “smaller” ones a chance. This would also not exclude CCs that don’t use youtube at all, like LittleWhiteMouse.

    • +Alex Eastwood I also voted every time, but it felt more like illusion of involvement. “Saved” CCs had very little chance of surviving next round, all it changed was including their vote one more time.
      Is it possible for them to have an impact? Of course.
      Did any of them have it? I don’t think so.

    • +Mike P well, the reason people complained in the first time was because Jingles had no chance of getting it. Once we knew Jingles is guaranteed to get it, who cares how it is done. We all wanted Jingles in the game, and one way or the other, WG managed to find a way to make it happen. Regardless of the approach, I’m happy for the result.

  5. Nice lives, cat eyes, each n every one of them are wanted for

  6. Jingles, can you ask Wargaming to make another deal with Japan so we can try to get ARP ships again?

  7. If we don’t get „That´s a paddlin“ I will quit WoWs

  8. The Old Gnome had done it!! Three cheers for the Honourable and Venerable Lord Salty Rear Admiral Jingles!! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!!!

  9. When the ship hits land, you could say “Jingles landing successfully accomplished” or something like that

  10. So wargaming did the same scam in WOT with the black version of is6 t34 mutz ect. and they did it here lol

  11. There need to be a “adult” version of Jingles speak so we can get “surprise buttsex” when killing a ship from the arse ?

  12. Palindromemordnilap

    I see a grey ship and I want to paint it black…

  13. People really don’t like you using AP in the Conq, hit a Yammy with something daft like 6 citadels when he came round an island. Called me all sorts he did.

  14. If you have jingles in a carrier all fighter planes lose one landing gear and attempt to land on enemy carriers crashing and setting them on fire

  15. You can’t citadel a Hindenburg under 5km. It also has turtleback.
    This was tested by Flamu with Montana and also many have tested it in game too. Sure, it will explode at 10km easily, but under 5km, its immune to citadels.

    • +Notsofamous one Frederick der Grosse. the ß is called the SZ or sharp s, and is replaced with double S if you don’t have the character.

    • Nate given the accuracy of fritz guns I think Friedrich der grobe is rather fitting

    • +Torsten J hehe nice pun 😉 for the uninitiated: grob means rough, coarse, crude, rude, gross

    • When was that tested? I do it all the time…

    • You can citadel any German BB or CA/CL from any range when you got the right angle and know where to shoot. you never get them through the side at close range, that is correct but you can get them at the transition from the nose to the main armor belt right in front of the first turret about mid ships height. It goes straight through the nose armor into the citadel athwardship

  16. lets hope the perk is not the “jingles effect”

  17. I just want my citadel pens to be announced with ‘Thats a Paddlin!’

  18. Don’t play wow but want a piece of the mighty jingles in your life, well my friend check the info in the description to get yourself a t-shirt or mug. Thx again to the patreon supporters. I’m a college student so I’ll help the jingles by reminding people of the store that jingle has

  19. When Captain Jingles is sunk, it should say: “Well actually Jingles…”

  20. I’m adding my vote that it needs to say “that’s a paddlin” when you get a citadel.

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