World of Warships- The Ultimate Battleship

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Hey Guys! Today we take a look at a replay featuring the Thunderer, enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. @simplgaming8495

    Jesus. Thunderer is still a beast after all these years! Keep up the good work, SeaLord!

  2. I love watching videos of ships ill never have its so fun!

  3. my favourite BB to shoot when Im in yammy

    • yammy is my favourite ship when im in a thunderer

    • ​@@policopapa Shouldn’t that be the Preussen? Since it’s famous for burning?

    • ​@@TheStygian it’s 100% Yamato. The amount of citadels you get on that thing is absolutely insane
      If he tries to angle you just plunge five shells into his citadel cheek. The mans only choice trying to bow in as he can’t even run away properly due to the aft being such a shot trap

  4. Thunderer and Ohio !!! These two are tied for the position of the Best Battleship in the game.
    I once took IFHE skill on Thunderer just for memes and the HE started to get Citadel hits even on Heavy Cruisers !!!

  5. I scored a Thunderer in a Christmas container 2 years ago, never had a game that good but it’s a great ship.

  6. @sardaukerlegion

    Played it last for the Snowflake event – and on the Red side someone was very p1ssed because i was using the range module.

  7. I like slapping the thunderer when I’m in a mecklenburg

  8. I got Thunderer when it was in Smolensks shadow…..
    Nobody really cared for it till Smolensk was pulled.

    My all time favorite Vessel in the game.

  9. definitely a good ship, but its a ship I don’t fear when fighting it.

  10. Love my Thunderer~!

  11. When I want to play a consistent battleship, a ship I know will get me the best chance to capitalize on great positioning and aim, I choose Thunderer. That’s how I got 482k in a random battle

  12. @stevepeterson6070

    He killed the CV, maybe he’ll be banned.

  13. Never been able to get the Thunderer, but I do enjoy using the Conquerer

  14. This ship is like a comfort pillow. When the matchmaker has been hating you, RNG is busy helping the enemy and you just spent all day being set on fire, this is the ship to go to, just to set someone else’s parade on fire for a change and to tell RNG to shove of because you don’t need him anymore.

  15. Who would’ve known that when the only nerf is the range being reduced to ONLY 21 km, Thunderer still is stupidly powerful?

  16. @Jedi_Master_Obi-Wan_Kenobi66

    Hey, Random but should I go up the Japanese dd gunboat or German cruiser line

  17. I remember this match. I was in the St. Vincent on the far side of the map. All the ships there just kept falling back. Once I died I knew that Thunder was going to win it cause he was wreaking everything he hit. Didn’t realize it was a monster game for him, Congrats!

  18. Really, hope they put the thunder back in the armoury, even if it’s dabloons or research bureau points, i want that thing so much as a British BB player but well, when i started playing wows, it’s long gone

  19. great video, but would like to see the capytain skills and equipment build as i always mess it up and waste resourses changing it thx

  20. I have Conquerer and love it very good ship.

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