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Editor of the vid is WEBE here is his car channel!


  1. That intro was sooo good lmao

  2. LEGO Star Wars gonk droid

    Day: 53 of asking Phly to play the Typhoon Mk Ib

  3. I come for the intros, and stay for the killer gameplay

  4. Day 107: Phly, I challenge you to the conphusing aerial smokescreen challenge. Destroy three enemy aircrapht with smoke shells in a single game. Good luck. o7


  6. Well day 181 i will probably go till 200 then stop but it was worth a try: play the P-51C-10 to show em a little trick you learned.

  7. Eating Scabs For Breakfast

    Ah yes forgotten, more like unavailable to 99% of the community.

    • @Sam Maybe those people who have them already at high tiers and don’t want to play 6.7 lineup Germany.

    • @Daphy Drake absolutely not. it does need to come back, but its one of the only balanced spaa other than the american bofors in terms of “its deadly to planes like it should be but not to tanks, like it also should be”

    • Christian Haegler

      @Daphy Drake when was it supposed to have had these shells?

    • Haha got it right before the removal

    • I don’t think it ever had hvap. Only it’s pen was reduced when gaijin decided to no longer use historical documents, and instead use mathematic formulas of people high on vodka


    I remember when this thing use to have over 60mm of pen, I actually killed a T32 from the front with it. Not joking. I didn’t know it at the time, but I had shot the little 40mm lip on top of the T32’s turret which killed some of his turret crew so I just kept aiming there. Both the T32 player and I were confused as to how it was working and after that battle I went over to the T32 and checked that weak spot and lo and behold it was there. Now that the pen is 49mm, it can no longer use that weak spot, especially now because of the volumetric shells update. It can still kill light armored vehicles, but I just wish Gaijin didn’t nerf its APHE rounds, yes the rounds are APHE, and used to be OP as hell. I hope someday it can pen over 60mm of armor again.

    • Christian Haegler

      @Unexpected SPANISH INQUISITION I have video evidence from 6 years back that Coelian AP had 55mm max pen tho

      And the pen update wasn’t thaaaat far back.


      @Christian Haegler It was at least 2 years ago, but I remember the coelians pen being at most 64mm of pen.

    • Christian Haegler

      @Unexpected SPANISH INQUISITION only thing I remember about the Coelian’s pen was that it was disappointing.

      Which is why all those people claiming 100mm pen or 65mm pen irk me because I don’t remember that at all. So I go and check old YT vids to look for pen.

      64mm sounds like way too convenient a number since it’s the exact same pen as the 2 cm.

    • Christian Haegler

      @Unexpected SPANISH INQUISITION Ah, found my mistake.

      See, all you people talk about the “old Coelian”, the Coelian before any nerfs and formula rebalances so I of course look for the old Coelian.

      Turns out the Coelian got actually buffed to 65mm max pen later in its life, as a review from 3 years ago shows.

      No wonder my memory of it is worse than that of newer players.


      @Christian Haegler I have played since 2014 so I wouldn’t consider myself newer. Tbh 55mm of pen would still be better than 49.

  9. as a german it is strange to hear the mustache man yelling out of a tank

  10. I played since this tank was named Coelian and its BR was higher than Kugelblitz

  11. Alex Miguel Sanchez

    With the Downfall rant audio, that made me laugh a lot.

  12. The intro makes it feel that the game is really fun- until reality hits you.

    • its fun.
      when theres no event or something, when you actually play the game for the sake of playing the game.
      when your strong mind and doesnt let the snail approach your soal with evil temptations.

      im not strong mind, had to delete the game. “do not lead us into temptation yadayadayada^^”

  13. Whenever I spawn a fighter or bomber there is always three to six enemy aircraft waiting to ambush me. When I spawn AAA there is almost always not a single aircraft in the sky but always some spawn camping a**hole who somehow gets by the entire fricken team.

    • Extremely, relatable

    • Barron Helmut Schnitzelnazi

      Yea I feel you. Though it feels nice to be in a falcon. Planes or none up, you still shred both tanks and planes. M247 is up there too. Can kill russian mbts frontally magically lol. The ZA-35(gepard on wheels) is also very fun. Flank thin armored tanks all day

  14. Phly: Hey do you know the Phlydaily curse.
    Me: sure do.

  15. *plane slams into the side of a mountain*
    “Yeah, he’s going down”

  16. Has a lot of depression more than most german vehicles

  17. Not to mention that gun depression which is insane.

  18. Day 173: play HMS invincible to experience the things that make me depressed

  19. @Lost Luftwaffe Pilot It has far less explosive filler in an HE round than a M4A3 (105), about equal pen to a 8,8 cm flak 37 SfL. at 3 times the reload rate and less than 100 grams more explosive filler. It’s armor is worse than an m10 while also being slower and not having a turret or coaxial. It’s turret is also a huge easy to hit target.

  20. if what you said is what i think you said, damn thats dark.

  21. Oh no

  22. I’m not sure what you said and having read the replies I’m not sure I want too.

  23. @Mr.Wooby o

  24. @Mr.Wooby oo

  25. CyanoticSpore 67

    @Cookie cracker2 the panther became a school shooter

  26. @CyanoticSpore 67 oh……….oh….

  27. @Sam dont forget length and composition

  28. @Sam its just the other most important factors bro

  29. @Cookie cracker2 it had somewhere close to 64, I could even pen t54 sides with it. It was nerfed with the drunk pen formula

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