World of Warships Legends Random Moments [Episode#38] The EPIC, BEST, FUNNY, & MORE! WoMsLegends

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World of Warships Legends [Xbox & PlayStation]
World of Memes Legends Episode 38

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  1. Can’t wait till my replay is in a video

  2. Dude how many clips did you use of mine? I lost count! 😂 Huge honor m8.

    Any updates from Chaotic?

  3. Triple Lyons….now that’s a lot of damage!

  4. Yes I finally got my Izmail nuke! I hate speak to text sometimes XD

  5. See double or triple lyon is nasty especially since on console its possible for it to citadel bbs

  6. 0:25 absolutely beautiful

  7. In the first clip was you live with peek?

  8. Got 2 of my clips in. Very nice!

  9. The dislike is gay

  10. Imagine 1 game all ur team is a lyon battleship 🪦

  11. This is so cool!

  12. Might as well just end the video after that first clip. Jayyyzuuuss

  13. Stephanie Watkins

    What song is that at 0:25 someone please tell me

  14. I’ll make sure I submit some more recent shenanigans we do. Like full secondary Aircraft carriers with unlimited Fletcher smoke

  15. I play on ps4 can is still send my clips cause everybody in this vid is on xbox

  16. Kylle Hellgerson

    Big oof by triple Lyon mon bateau favoris

  17. Dimosthenis Tserikis

    Wish u put in the description the names of the songs

  18. they made the weser shit no more citadel hits

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