The Future of World of Warships and Keeping Players Interested

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World of Warships has been out for over three years when you include the closed beta. In that time, we have seen clans and ranked, along with some game modes that have come and gone. While we have had numerous premium ships added, we have has much less game modes and maps. We’ve had some creature comforts like patches, but they could be so much more.

The question is what is the future of World of Warships. How do we keep the game fresh for another 3 years and beyond? How do we keep players interested?


  1. How about WG make an actual tutorial for the game, instead of relying on the player to go and watch videos to learn anything about how to play properly. The standard of gameplay by the player base is shocking. You see players at T10 that have still no idea how to actually play effectively and help the team win games.

    • Well, until WG adds that, take advantage of them. If your team is incompetent, carry their asses, the rewards are yours. If the enemy team is incompetent , wipe them out and end the battle before the 10 min mark.

    • You mean like T8-T10 US BB players spamming HE all game? Or a player using HE on a broadside target then switching to AP for an angled target?

    • Glad to see all the armchair and rolls have a view on how players are supposed to play. I’m glad I display my tear tends to have fun and do as much damage as I can if it pisses you off too bad

    • A more detailed tutorial would be nice but hard to keep up to date with the rate of changes in the game. I watched a lot of videos to see if i liked it and how to play OK. I just play CoOp batttles so my gameplay will only anger one team, though I do try to make a contribution, like defending a CV that has been left alone and is threatened, but then I sometimes make an effort to kill the enemy CV if given the chance.

      Prestige, might work for some. It depends on what you want to get out of the game. I just play to have interesting fun, not make myself a virtual bad a@#. But then I am older and am not part of a “gaming comunity”.

      I do not mind financially supporting WOWS as long as they don’t get carried away with profitibility. I have a nice tier VIII preimum CA that I hope to work my up to playing, not going to take her out until I am qualified (in my own way). Living a relativity peacful existence at tier IV at present. (probably played fewer that 500 games so far.)

      Perhaps WOWS needs to survey their players. Not to just find out what they want, many probably don’t know themselves, but to find out how many different types of players there are and what they want to get out of the game. Many are not vocial but need to be thought about.

      Maybe choice of gameplay, maps and even opponents (no CVs for example). How about a tutorial game play that has just your ship vs. bots and limited damage so you can learn without getting swatted in regular gameplay. But the latter is probably not practicable nor economical to produce and many players probably would not bother.

    • It’s not rocket science to look at the thousands of videos online to see how to play a ship. Watch the CC’s and people will quickly get an idea of what they should be doing.

  2. Couldn’t agree more Zoup, we need more game modes.

    • I agree that we need more battle modes, and possibly game modes. I differentiate what I call battle modes and game modes. To me, Domination, Standard, and Epicenter are “battle modes” within randoms. And I could see Arms Race being another battle mode. I suppose that something like the Twilight Battles could be a battle mode, but I utterly LOATHE that shrinking map concept to the point that I would seriously have to consider quitting the game if it was implemented. It’s an absolutely garbage idea, bearing not even the merest semblance to anything historical.

      Anyways, I consider Coop, Randoms, Operations, Clan Battles, and Ranked Battles to be “game modes”.

  3. Great ideas. I hope to continue playing WOWs for a long time. Fresh modes and medals will make that more likely than more premium OP ships.

  4. Christopher Pittman

    I’d love to see a reworked bastion come back. Prestige though no way it takes far too long to reach t10 I’d never want to regrind an entire line again.

    • That would be the problem with prestige the way he described it. It is interesting but a far too long time to get back where you were and on this other side, this prestige mode needs to forbid to use free xp or many players would just buy prestige. Then the whole idea is meeh, because some really did it, others just bought it.

      Prestige would be better per ship in my eyes. If you play a ship x-times you get it to prestige level 1, if you play it even more you can get a higher level. That way you don’t need to grind an eternity, to restore a status you had, you can show even more. You can show what ships you like/played the most.
      I don’t really care about such things, it is a nice to have, but nothing that gives me something.

      In my opinion, they first should fix the major problems they have now. There are the technical issues, like full CPU load and lags in harbor, and even more important those issues with the carriers or the powercreep in the game. Why does every new ship needs a new gimmick? A few more maps would bring a real variety.

    • +Andreas Loefke that’s a better way of doing prestige I think because it does take incredibly long to grind a line

    • Agreed, as a person who work on average 50 hours a week, it took at least a year to grind a line and i am not keen to loose it halfway throught or something like that. Plus i do not only play tier 10 once i reach it, i like playing my favourite ships from other tier. I definitely enjoy the shrinking map mode, it give a better chance for brawling ships to shine in the second half of the game.

    • bastion was implemented in PvE operations…it wasnt much fun in PvP

    • Aside from the long time it takes to reach it, what about those who “buy” their way to tier X? How would that be fair

  5. Christopher Wilson

    More maps ! Introduce a large number of new maps (20+) at one time. It will make the player have to develop new strategy.

    • Christopher Wilson

      When they had the community contributers in st. Petersburg they were able to do new maps overnight.

    • Maps are constantly refined until they become mirror images, like Rorschach prints. Better to introduce new maps and then pull out of rotation so they don’t get stale so fast.

    • I love the new maps for WoT and constant map changes are a dream of mine in WoWs.

    • +Christopher Wilson I remember seeing a video of that. The overnight maps were very crude. That said, I think that they could produce good maps a lot more quickly than they do. There’s an old saying. Perfect is the enemy of the good. And it seems like WG is constantly looking for “perfect” maps, when I think that a majority of the players would be happy with a large quantity of “good” maps.

    • +terry I agree 100%, Terry. Every newly refined map gets closer and closer to being not only clones of each other, but end up looking like they’ve been mirror imaged N/S or E/W (depending on the spawn locations), to the point that the maps are boring as all f*ck. The best maps in WoWS were some of the original ones, like New Dawn and Big Race, and the original version of Islands of Ice. Maps that didn’t worry overly much about being perfectly mirror images, but were a lot more interesting than the crap maps they’ve been releasing more recently.

  6. Can’t wait for Arms Race to make a comeback. Of course, more game modes are always welcome.

  7. for someone that does not pay to play, no premium etc, i dont think i will grind to t10 again with that prestige idea, takes too much time and effort. Been playing a year and only have 2 t10 ships, almost 3. however new maps, game modes and bragging rights about achievements sounds interesting! keep up the good work with your vids 🙂

  8. That would also help repopulate the rest of the tiers

    • It would at least be a means for Wargaming to absorb free experience back, as I suspect those that would want to ‘prestige’ may just free xp back through a line. It would be cool as a re-population of lower tiers mechanism, but it would really be rough on the new players at those low levels. Really not trying to be a pessimist, but just thinking out potential drawbacks and how it may effect the player base.

    • +Temojin You’re completely right though. They would have to keep people from using free XP to unlock ships then, i suppose.

  9. Zoup wash your mouth out with soap then do it again! Lose my line because of some stupid point system! That is the dumbest idea if idea. We all ready have prestege its called rank.
    I have been playing for 2 years if I losemy ships because of some number I am done and so would be ALOT of people.
    You go ahead and stat shame but leave my hard earned ships alone.
    And if t19 is a quagmire don’t play 10.
    I have been playubg t5 6 and 7 for months because I got tired of 10. Never mention that again!!!!
    I would love to have a historical mode. No Toro reload ammo counter, no names of ships, less zoom.
    It would very interesting to have a SIM type mode.

    • +David Scott Gaming
      well its unlikely to be very popular or viable in WOWS

    • Prestige in Call of Duty is a choice. They wouldnt automatically take the line from you once its complete. You could choose to do so in order to unlock unique cosmetic items for the tier 10 in the line or perhaps every ship in the line. If you dont want to give up the ships you ground out then so be it, you just dont have to prestige.

    • +N00T
      it also includes converting fxp into premium cosmetic items like premium camos? so either grind or pay fxp? ok…finally something useful for my 2.6M fxp!

    • +David Scott Gaming I understand that. Tbis is the only game I play and the idea of losing my 4 t10 is an idea that should necer even be thought of.
      What about a prastege mode that uses tech tree ships from every nation to dp that with?

    • +cobrazax ok you can close the idea off but it would be very interesting.

  10. This is a game, I play it to have fun and relax. No amount of BLING will satisfy me if the gameplay is bad. Prestige ? Badges ? Special Camos ? Those don’t improve my gameplay. Good game modes do. Interesting ships do. Properly working mechanics do …

    Unfortunately WG sucks at the later. They are quick to introduce cosmetic bullshit and new things to pay for. that’s about it.

    Just as an example, I have played Eve online since 2005 on and off … I guess a total of about 9-10 years now. Why do you think is that ? They release new content regularly and tweak it constantly. How long is WG “fixing” carriers ?

    • This game is in need of some serious gameplay love, but dont underestimate cosmetics. There are plenty of cosmetic only economy games that are very successful.

      But yes more game moods for the love of god WG

    • Agree completely. It’s just BS to introduce more resources, which only serves to water down everything. And cosmetic crap just makes the game more childish and arcady.

    • +The Gaming Python yeah … I noticed in the Arsenal that we have copper now … yay !!! I am not against cosmetic stuff, after all different people have different tastes but it is just the icing on the cake … if the cake is a piece of dried turd …. no amount of icing will fix that ….

  11. With 2.6 Million freeXP in the bank, prestige doesn’t seem to be something very difficult to achieve…

  12. Lose a line after finishing it? No thanks. The grind is too hard to accept that. The camos and stuff would be cool however.

    • +Kris J

      How about a special ship? Not sure how it would be special, but something where you see it in game you know this person achieved something.

    • +Steven Wiederholt They already have that with the Flint and Black for achieving rank 1 over however many seasons. (I haven’t done it once because by rank 10 it stops being fun.) But they already have that in game. Just saying…

    • +Bobby G

      OH OH! I may have learned something. 🙂

    • +Kris J Kris, so long as there’s clan battles where one needs your tier 10 ships, hell will freeze over before I choose to lose my tier 10 ships just for the sake of “prestige”. Frankly, “prestige” sounds like a way to not have to produce new ship lines while there are still historical ship lines left to add to the game. Maybe after all the important historical ship lines have been added they can think about prestige. But in the end, I DO NOT want to give up my tier 10’s to regrind the line at the cost of losing that ship when I need it most for clan battles!!!

    • What about a half-yearly separate prestige mode without credit expenditure for ships and modules?

  13. WG must be better on up-comming shiplines and focus more on tech trees than premium ships for already existing nations and a heads up of what to expect the upcomming year, we still lack alot of ships and nations in games. Give us some taste of new nations with premiums and make it so that maximum 1 year after premium release of a new line or nation there shall be a tech tree release that we can use our captains on, so next up would be italians based on the Roma and Abruzzi premiums within the next 6 months.

  14. IFHE needs a rework or it needs to go. HE spam is killing the game. makes every match stale

    • Im torn on this idea. I do agree the HE spam is annoying, but at the same time being able to damage any ship at any tier was kind of the key draw from WoT and other games. Being downtiered isnt as big a deal because your HE can be effective.

    • i dont mind it on cruisers much…although i wish it heavily reduced their fire chance. i swear im getting set on fire from every single hindy and zao salvo. but my main problem is destroyers with it. specifically the japanese gunboats. they set loads of fires, have insane ROF and can do damage with every hit. fires and constant damage is too much, there is no counter other than sitting at the back of the map….to which everyone cries about campers.

      they need to make it either you do lots of fire damage, or you give up like…80% of your fire ability and focus on damage. 1% fire chance that a DD loses with IFHE can be countered by flags

    • +bladeclanhalo3 Running IFHE on Hindy or Zao is basically pointless. The new IJN DD split probably is a bit extreme, but that could easily be changed by modifying their default HE pen from 1/4 to 1/5. Whereas the new changes they are proposing will widen the gap between tiers- something mid tier ships *definitely don’t need.* Especially since they are frequently up-tiered.

      IMHO, it should not be the tier that decides the outcome of an engagement, but the player’s skill. Of course higher tier ships will have an advantage, but I personally think the fire resistance (which scales to tiers and ship hull, alongside other coefficients such as Fire Prevention) of higher tier ships is enough. Widening the gap between tiers will reduce the fighting capability of lower tiered ships and hence reduce their popularity.

  15. As an older gamer with a degenerative eyesight condition I stopped playing random battles and have stuck to more or less just the coop and some scenarios where I might be less of a burden to others’ gaming experience. I would like to see pve expanded, maybe larger coop matches or scaled where you take on the bots in waves. My first gaming was in the early 80s on a Commodore 64, I am simply awed by the choices and abilities of today’s modern gaming.

    • +crucisnh You”re probably right. Unfortunately having all roles played by a player doesnt work either, at least when WoT tried it with their historical battles years ago.

    • They need to be careful with this.  I know of a tank game that killed itself by having too popular of PVE & it killed multiplayer which in turn killed the game.  But I do like the idea of opening it up some.

    • +S7CentNickel Thats only because the multiplayer was pure ass.

    • Very true!

    • +crucisnh Hey I’ve checked out the ops format and yes I see that . The trouble with the operations is that you need to division up or or create a team, they are not open generally to single players, and for the same reasons that I avoid randoms, not wanting to ruin someone else’s game ( or wr which seems to be the main concern of most) i’m not sure if it’s for me. I may be old and broken but i enjoy a good scrap just as much as any youngling. 🙂

  16. The most important thing in my opinion: MatchMaker balanced by skills/stats!
    Also: tutorials for beginners.

    Right now, most of the battles last 5-8 minutes, because one team obliterates the other quickly once it has 5 or 6 players with 100k+ average damage and 60%+ winrate. While the other has a bunch of 27% winrate and 39k average damage players that just bought their free XP to get acess to high tiers (or just use bots to play for them… like a Colorado I found yesterday – in my team, obviously – with 2950 battles WITH colorado and 11.920 average damage).

    Splitting the good and bad players in both teams, would make battles more interesting and fair… nobody wants to invest 20minutes in a battle that you have no chance to win. Sometimes you know you’ll have to carry most of the team, but it’s doable. Sometimes you get outplayed. It’s part of the game!
    The way it is now, however, when your 3 useless DDs rush into enemies radars within 3 minutes and die miserably or your CV has 40k average damage while the enemy team has 130k… you know you’re just serving as food to the enemy team. Wasting your time.

    • ​+MidnightPhoenix07
      yes its less fun, but all other players in your and the enemy team are random, so they have an average of 50% winrate overall…more or less.
      with skill based MM, the players are distributed fairly with all skill levels from best to worst. if u r the best player in your team (which for me thats very common), the rest of the team will be about the same as the enemy team, minus their best player, which is WORSE than a random team would be on average.
      this makes your team WORSE on average than random games now.
      the worse u r, the better your team will be. the better u r, the worse your team will be.
      i dont think thats a good idea.
      the best way to solve the problem of having so many ultra useless players, even at higher tiers…is to give them guides in their face in every opportunity.
      only a minority of players would ignore a good simple guide being presented them directly after a battle they did horrible in. most players want to improve and perform well, but lack the proper guidance or enough desire to look for it on the internet by themselves.
      giving direct guides this way, especially if they are relevant to the mistakes the player did in that game, would be very useful in improving the skill level of players, even from early on.
      the earlier they know they r doing something wrong, the more chances they got to change what they r doing and learn from experience.
      of course some would still play bad…but as long as they r shown what mistakes they r doing, as well as shown what is the CORRECT way to play their ships, they will have all the chance in the world to improve. if they still dont…then nothing would help, but those are reasonably rare…sort of.

      btw if u want some good advice ill be happy to help u out as im a 61%+ solo winrate player with about 10000 battles and all but 2 ships unlocked.
      same name in the game, in EU server.

    • I agree that skill based MM is totally needed, but not in the way you describe it. I’ve seen enough games where balanced teams still ended in total stomps, because two or three of the bad players on one team got deleted just because of spawning opposite to the best players on the other team. I want skill based MM so that your team mates AND enemies are all of similar skill level. I consider MM balanced when all existing players have about a 50% WR. A lot of other online games manage to do that. Why not WG?

    • +superdau
      u mean choose a winrate group and stack them all together in 1 battle? maybe…but thats probably very unlikely because u also have to consider TIER difference, limited number of players in the queue, and the desire to make wait time short. the first isnt usually included in many games.
      if u include this into consideration…waiting time would be insane at most times

    • +cobrazax
      Considering that I hardly ever have to wait more than 5 seconds to get into a game, I’d gladly wait 10 seconds more a hundred times to avoid just a single frustrating game that in the worst case is dragged out to 20 minutes. It wouldn’t have to be hard limit. In the simplest case they’d just wait to have two battles worth of players and put the better ones in one game and the worse ones in the other. If there aren’t enough players for that, go back to the old MM (as they are doing right now with ship/tier balance anyway).

    • ​+superdau You’re right, mate!
      My idea was to balance the ammount of unicums/regular/bad players in both teams… so no team would have an UNFAIR advantage over the other. It’s just that. If the MM puts 4 unicums BBs in the battle, why not split them in both teams? Same goes to regular or bad players.

      In like 10 or 20% of MY TEAMS, it’s so overpowered when compared to the other team, that I feel bad for them and it doesnt feel like a win… we know we just are going to rape the other team.
      More or less 30% of the times the ENEMY TEAM is so overpowered when compared to mine that we cant expect a win at all. I try to organize my team to focus on their best players in a hope to decrease the skill gap between us, but normally when you have that kind of team, they are either bots or simply dont care about reading chat or following suggestions. They don’t care about victory (or they would go after tutorials on youtube, like many of us did ages ago).
      The other 50% of the battles are more or less balanced and can go either way.

      But obviously, even when my team or the enemy team is WAY BETTER, there are times that the garbage noob team wins! Its unbelievable, but I’ve seen that happening some times… but that depends much more on the good team messing up /afking/ disconnecting or getting terrible RNG (like detonations) than on actions of the other team (although they still help).

      So even if the teams were perfectly balanced, it would still be possible to steamroll each other due to the game mechanics and tactics, team effort, etc. But at least it wouldn’t be a result from a RANDOM RNG giving you an useless team that couldn’t care less about wins/defeats or supporting the team while facing 6 or 7 unicums who know how to support each other towards the victory.

      Thanks for commenting, gents! o7

  17. Nop im in no mood to grind all the way back to tier 10

  18. Endless island humping is ruining the game. WG removed invisible fire but stupidly reintroduced it. Sitting behind an island for 19 minutes, moving a few metres is pretty moronic and being spammed with hundreds of HE shells without being able to counter isn’t fun.

    • They didn’t re-introduce it. it will always be a part of the game so long as maps are choked with islands. So long as maps are choked with islands, people will play WoWS like it’s World of SeaTanks. If you want WoWS to be a more dynamic game of fire and maneuver, then the maps need to be a LOT more open. And the Ocean map needs to returned to being a common map within the game, at more than just the highest tiers.

    • +crucisnh It is not about too many islands or too few- there needs to be a balance. Have you ever played Ocean, Mountain Range, Okinawa etc? Have you experienced the camping in open water? Have you experienced the dismay of playing a CQB ship on an open water map?

      I don’t think so, or you wouldn’t think that no islands = no problems. Islands provide many opportunities to break line of sight for pushing, just as they provide opportunities to fire from impunity. Just as open water encourages movement, it hampers it as many ships cannot block line of sight of ships creating crossfires. Often persuading players to ‘camp’ at the back, as playing safe gives more consistent results than aggressive play.

    • +noobtotale
      I think when we get submarines and/or more people that can do DD’s in open water the campers at the back will change their toon, lol

  19. So to “Prestige” a ship line would mean starting over and losing access to the ships I’m ground out….Hell No. Some of those boats were a pain in the stern to grind. For Instance I haven’t played the FurryTaco in 3 years and there is no way I would want to play it again. Yes the boat has been buffed 4 times since I played it. But the Furutaka is dead to mean and I plan to keep it that way. If I wanted a Camo to show people how big my Bow is I’ll go suffer in Rank or Clan Battles.

  20. I’d also like to see our OWN matchmaking lobby, instead of always being thrown into Tier X matches and getting pwned all the time (cough cough Vanguard).

    I’d also see more technically related improvements in the ships. There is NO EXCUSE whatsoever for not having Dual Telegraphs in these ships. They are all 2 or 4 shaft ships. Individual shaft control is a primary feature of warship handling. We should have it available to us.

    All this badge/whatever collector item crap is a waste of time and energy. It means NOTHING to me or the game.

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