World of Warships Santa Crate Unboxing

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It’s Christmas! Soon. Ish. You can already buy Santa Crates! Probably. Honestly I have no idea, they don’t tell me these things. Oh look, shiny boxes!

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  1. When are they available?

  2. God damn it Jingles it is 1:00 am, I was just about to go to sleep.

  3. iCat Formerly iCrystalaxyCat

    I am early!
    Of course the good man Jingle Clause gets gifts from the other good man!

    Are you two friends?

  4. Yay, more gambling in games, just what the world needed!

    • Hope you are against Pokemon cards, magic the gathering or those types of things too. Otherwise this whole loot boxes are gambling thing is really hypocritical.

    • buying closed decks is indeed exactly the same thing.

      so your attempted gotchya? uh, I hate to break it to you but….

    • You idiots understand the game already has boxes you can buy for shit right? You can buy all the collection boxes and not be guaranteed to get all of it. You could’ve bought the British DD and French BB boxes in hopes for the missions. I mean seriously all you are doing is bitching about something that’s been there for a while

    • +Monokuma Piss off. Go work for EA if you want to be like that.

  5. *sits down on the bus for school*

    *opens YouTube on phone*

    *Jingles video posted 1 minute ago*

    Welp, I’ve got plenty of time until I get to school!

  6. What an ungodly time to release a video…

    Weeeee it´s Jingles ^^

  7. Jingles, I hope you are aware you’re advertising gambling

    • Jingles became a sellout long time ago.

    • Blue eyes white power

      +Thomas Neal noooo i clearly acknowledged that it is a form of gambling, i just dont want to keep repeating my opinion to someone who doesnt give a shit and just wants to talk down to people, i mean i think thats fair

    • Piss Off

    • Blue eyes white power

      +Marcel Lorenzz while that is true and i agree, i had mentioned to another perosn that i feel that these crates suit the casual playerbase best because like me around half the prem ships i got i got via these crates, and that the people that get the worst deal out of these are the cc”s and the people that have all the prem ships and almost all the lines unlocked since all they would get thays of any values is the flags since they have no use for all the gold and free xp

    • herpidy derpidy do.

  8. I wonder how many people are going to spend money on loot crates after watching this video.

    • All I ever spend cash on is premium time and the occasional premium ship. But what the hell, it’s nearing Christmas and I’m going to be stuck at the clinic most hours of the week, so I may as well splurge a little and gift these out to friends.

    • +Dylan Wight I like gifts, and I can be your friend….lol

    • I like to gift a few crates to my clan mates… And its not like the crates are that expensive. Instead of going for a drink with the lads I give them crates.

  9. World of Gambling

  10. So this video is just a reminder for me that i will forever be a free to play scrub in a wargaming title lol

  11. „we really want you to have the monahagan. do you have the monahagan yet? here have the monahagan. will you do a review of the monahagan? btw. do you have the monahagan? no? well here have the monahagan. So you have the monahagan? Ok great, here have a krasny krym.“

  12. Wonder how much money you’d have to throw out the window for this

  13. And if a new player wants a Belfast basically they have to buy a fk ton of mega crates

  14. More friggin loot boxes. Why the hell must they continue with them?

  15. LowCommentaryGamer

    these are going to sell like theres no tomorrow given you can get the Missouri

  16. I hope they make you a French captain.

  17. Oh, that’s nice. Wargaming didn’t give me jack sh*t and I’ve been playing this thing since the early days.

    • heres a “thank you” for playing so long. 🙂 now go fuck yourself. youtubers and twitch streamers only allowed. you peasant. < pretty shitty aint it lol.

    • locomotiveAlex1996

      technically the full event doesnt start until friday so dont give up hope just yet 🙂

  18. Fraking figures they would jam the fraking damn Missouri in crates after removing it saying its too good to let people earn. So lets make it a insanely low chance and have gamers spend their christmas bonuses betting on getting and ball their eyes out when they don’t.

  19. “We’ll whip out our Kronshtadt” Please Jingles, there might be children watching!

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