World Of Warships- A Tier VIII Alaska

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Hey guys! Today WG announced the Congress, a Tier VIII Supercruiser that is essentially the Alaska slammed down to T8, enjoy!

WoWs Gamer blog:

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Ross Rowley:

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  1. tamas lapsanszki

    Ladies and Gentelamn, the real reason for the removal of Alaska…

    • Autistic Anglophile

      @RosarioBQ That must have been a really bad Alaska player then because I always smash cruisers whenever I play Alaska and whenever I fight Alaska in a cruiser I always get smashed.

    • @RosarioBQ sorry a well played Alaska is better than some BBs. So yeah

    • @RosarioBQ It all depends on who’s playing the ships really. A bad Alaska player will get burned to the waterline by a Donskoi or Riga, yes. But if you have a decent Alaska player vs anything less than an effective, competent Donskoi/Riga player, it’s gonna end badly for them. DPM doesn’t much matter if you can club them with citadels and/or pen their decks with HE each time you hit. Any Cruiser, Russian or otherwise, will melt under that kind of firepower. All depends on the player match up.

    • @AgentFrosty I can bet anything on you that no alaska with the worst shell velocity ever will beat donskoi in a 1v1. And i am talking about both being good players,angling and no potato broadsides

    • @RosarioBQ Don’t need to go potato broadside for Alaska AP to citadel a Donskoi. I know, I’ve done it before. But that battle will depend on numerous variables to go in anyone’s favor. Distance, who sees who first, all kinds of things like that. If Donskoi gets the jump on the Alaska, and it’s at a good range, yeah Donskoi will probably win. If both ships are undetected and go into a heads-up fight, with Alaska’s detection, the Donskoi will be able to fire first, but at that range Alaska’s shell velocity won’t be much of a factor and it becomes a battle of “how much damage can the Donskoi do before Alaska’s heavy shells kill it.” Which, again, that all comes down to player skill and how well they aim. Like I said… You say all things equal, but it’s never equal, somebody is going to have the advantage, and that’s going to determine the outcome. Me personally, I’m not afraid of going toe-to-toe with a Donskoi, and I’m an average player, if that tells you anything.

  2. They should rename it to the “senate” instead so I can say “I am the senate” :p

  3. They should have named it Guam, Hawaii, Philippines, or Samoa as those were the names of the other Alaska Class cruisers

    • @Timber_Wulf I meant the bc just give them upgrade hulls ie HMS invincible to G3 class and maybe have renown 1945 be a premium 8 or 7

    • @casselsc shouldn’t they be named after famous battles like Chancellorsville, Harpers Ferry, Shiloh, Bull Run, Fort Sumter, and Antietam? Just an idea.

    • @U.S.M. Valor Carriers switched to being named after battles during World War II. Naming the Congress after a famous ship would just imply an earlier launch date. Naming after battles would imply that carriers never existed and we mass produced battle cruisers (which I’m totally on board with because battlecruisers are far sexier and there would have been a battlecruiser named Enterprise!).

    • @Charles Cassels I know, but honestly, I wouldn’t mind having a battlecruiser in the game calling itself the Enterprise even though shes already in the game, but I would also love to see a BC calling itself the Bull Run.

    • @U.S.M. Valor I wouldn’t see an issue with a Bull Run, I’d make it a Tier X CC on a midway hull with either 16 or 18” guns, good speed, and crap armor! Think of it as an alternate history late war battlecruiser.

  4. WG is like an ABBA song: Money, Money, Money.

  5. Pay good money for it and then those cnts at Wargaming will NERF it.
    Wargaming: Who gives a shit

  6. WG isn’t even hiding anymore. They are pulling Alaska out of the store to add it again with another name.
    What a terrible company

    • @Ben Stahlnecker
      I absolutely agree! They will!
      All the best!

    • @Ben Stahlnecker Doesn’t bother me, I understand a vehicle might have to be nerfed for the health of the game, as long as they don’t use that to sell new OP ships I would encourage it.

    • @Anthrax I get this is WG we are talking about, so yea, their intentions are probably just money. But I really don’t get why people are so against them being able to change premiums. Seriously, the ability to balance literally every single playable element in a game is so incredibly basic, it really baffles me that people are so butthurt. Like, people are complaining that the game isn’t balanced (which it clearly isn’t) but in the same breath DEMAND that premiums can’t be changed? That’s just really stupid. Everything needs to balancable, even if you paid for it. I can agree to some sort of guarantee that every ship you payed real money for will be at least “average good” / somewhat viable / middle of the pack. But NOT being able to be balanced? That’s just dumb.

    • @Onauc C i think the issue is mainly bait and switch. if WG sells a very strong/OP/broken ship for real money then nerf it later to become average/balanced, it is considered bait and switch even if its for balance purpose because its no longer the same ship that people bought. its also WG’s fault for not balancing it before selling it.
      afaik bait and switch is against EU law which is strict especially on digital goods. that is why starting with arp yamato WG add the line “if deemed necessary, balance changes may apply in the future” in the ship store page so that people who purchase it knows that the ship’s stat can be changed.
      edit: they still cannot direct nerf or buff ships they sold for money(or doubloons) that is released before arp yamato.

    • @Onauc C But here is the thing. Suppose you are going to release a ship. You a reasonable idea of how it should be balanced, but neverthless you know it has to be tested. Then do an internal testing, make adjustments, then call some players to test, collect data, feedback, make some adjustments and preferably release it a bit weaker or at least on par with tech trees ships. Later, if needed you make some minor adjustments, like buffing or nerfing it. That is fine, but that is not what WG does.
      WG releases a ship are overpowered as possible to drive as many people to spend money on it. After the gameplay is broken enough, they decide to pull it from store. They don’t try to nerf it because of possible legal implications in some countries, because they are essentially misleading the customers.
      WG knows full wells that the Alaska 2.0 will going to be far superior to any other cruiser in the game, will release it anyway, collect a lot of money and then what?

  7. The Wichita sits in the corner sobbing, “Am I a joke to you WG?!?” Will be interesting to see how much better this ship will be in all departments except concealment. Will give a good measurement of power creep.

  8. Imagine the congress flanking a tier 6 fleet of battleships. This thing is fast and can turn pretty well

    • I’m not sure but my Warspite and Bayern will murder it.

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA if it keeps its minimum of 27mm bow/stern armor, no, they won’t. 😉 Not unless you catch one broadside.

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA Bayern sucks btw

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      It’s not just fast it’s stealthy for a super cruiser or battleship, and the gun range with buff is going to out distance pretty much every tier 8 or lower cruiser and most of the battleships at tier 7 or below. Warspite, New Mexico, Bayern, KGV, Colorado, Queen Elizabeth none of them are fast enough to catch it, all of them can be seen well before they can see her. It will be child’s play to stay out of range and out of sight while hammering most of the ships it will face in tier 6 7 or 8. The only ships I can think of that have the speed, range and firepower to catch it and kill it at tier 7 or below are Gneisenau and Scharnhorst.

      That’s not to say it will be able to just wipe the floor with an entire maps worth of ships. Smart players that see it will focus the Hell out of it to kill it early. And the maps are limited enough in size that it can still be pinned against a map edge and dealt with but it won’t be easy. Those guns pack an enormous punch for their size, they’re decent at setting fires and have really good range. AA will be strong enough to easily eat tier 6 CVs alive even without defensive AA. So if I’m facing one in a destroyer I want to keep it spotted keep out of detection range, keep moving, not waste my smoke and hope that I have some BBs that will help kill it. Regular cruisers are just screwed IMO.

    • @Ashleigh Elizabeth And stay out of range of that 10 km 35 second radar – the same one Alaska gets – and can easily be bumped up to 46 seconds.

  9. It’s gonna e called the “Congress” huh? We’re not gonna be able to get anything done in that ship!

  10. So when all the focus needs to be put on the upcoming German DDs and balancing of Italian BBs, we get this shit. Bravo WG

    • Ahh yes, because WG has a single employee who does all the work on the game. I’ll call them out when they act shitty, but why the hell are you under the assumption that different people don’t do different things within the company?

    • @Weaboo Trash yeah but can’t they keep the premiums quiet. Already a lot is announced plus this tech tree ships.

    • Yes, because the thing we need is more German dd’s.

  11. OmnivorousCarbon

    Can we stop adding premiums and more ships with radar, this thing is going to be power creep hard.

  12. Lowest Tier Supercruiser?
    *sad Graf Spee noises*

  13. Could even call it the Hawaii since she was a territory during the war.

  14. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Yes I completely forgot about the Graf Spee, things been in the game for ages.

    • RuSomeKindaIdiot

      @Sea Lord Mountbatten My comments remain unchanged. I wouldn’t admit to it either if that was my game!

    • Dude congress is an old USN cruiser and frigate name . They should leave the name as is as a history buff I really like the name. Change it and my wallet closes

    • I did a comparison of the stats for Congress, off of SeaRaptor’s screenshot, and the stats of Alaska from Fitting Tool. Below are the differences I found –
      Congress has 100 DPS less each on it’s short range and mid-range AA ratings.
      Congress has 7 guns, 2 less than Alaska
      Congress doesn’t get the Slot 6 module for range or reload.
      Congress will probably have shorter secondary range, due to being a Tier lower (wasn’t listed on SeaRaptor’s screenshot).
      AND THAT’S IT. Every other stat listed, except for a minor difference in HP, is EXACTLY the same as Alaska – manuverability, concealment, gun performance, etc – all the same.
      As far as the consumables, the radar listed is the same one currently on Alaska – 10 km, 35 seconds – which you can easily punch up to 46 seconds with the coal radar module and the two point consumable skill – 50 seconds if you also forego the Concealment module for the Consumables module in slot 5. That radar is second only to the one on Des Moines (40 seconds base).
      I certainly hope those stats were just a placeholder, because they were in a hurry to announce the ship, and that it will face further changes before release – because it will be an absolute mess if Tier 6 DD’s and cruisers, have to end up facing that combination of Tier 9 guns and consumables. At that, I don’t think the Tier 6 BB’s would end up fairing that well either.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      @RuSomeKindaIdiot My man, if you look at my covering of the commander rework and still say I’m “trying to suck up” to WG, then you are just delusional. I spent a week creating a montage of the lunacy of the commander rework just for starters.

    • Congress has more HP than Odin and its a cruiser.
      that alone is already a meme.

  15. SCHARNHORST…You forgot Scharnhorst, which is basically a supercruiser in all but name. I didn’t get on at all with Scharn till I stated playing it as I would my Alaska, now its probably my favorite t7 ship.

    • Nah, shes more of a battleship/battlecruiser. She definitely has a battleship’s armor

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      @Arctic Tiger yeah but he is right she is the ultimate cruiser killer and the best ship I can think of to deal with this thing at tier 7 or lower. Trouble is I don’t see a lot of them anymore. Gneisenau will work against her too but the dispersion on those 15inch guns, low shell count and slower reload won’t do her any favors. Any captain with half a brain driving one of these will never get close enough to one of the twins to allow secondaries and torps to be a factor.

    • @Ashleigh Elizabeth funny story-I was in a randoms in my Scharn and was having a bow-tanking spitting match with an Alaska (we were literally against islands within 6km of each other) and I think we ended up trading. Unfortunately we noticed that we were from the same clan only after we died hahaha

  16. The very fact that the Congress will get a heal at tier8 will make the ship a favorite in ranked.

  17. WG: Guess what everyone, Alaska gonna go, make sure you throw us some money so you can get this ship before its removed for good.

    A few weeks later~

    WG: Gasp* what is that

    Playerbase: is that…. Alaska ?

    WG: no… its um…. Congress! a completely new and unrelated ship

    Playerbase: -_-

    WG: ok… now……. now throw us some more money.

  18. My motivation to play this game dies a slow but steady death …

  19. This thing will have more health than Odin and again Odin is being casually powercrept

  20. Stephen Marshall

    On console at least we are getting new ships that actually existed, we are getting the Suzuya, a Mogami class cruiser, but this one is armed with the 155mm guns as a premium.

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