The Terrible Russian – World of Warships Russian Destroyers

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  1. And add the fact that from Tier 2 to 4, the ship’s max speed goes
    decreasing… That Tier 4 will be the nightmare of that branch.

  2. Izyaslav? No, he’s Russian.

  3. MegaAwesomeSauce99

    Leaf a like hisssssssssss

  4. u r terrible with destroyers. u dont know how to fully utilize ur destroyer
    for full potential.

  5. that first battle was amazing XD

  6. Tier 4 always sucks

  7. Sequential.

  8. Play the Königsberg class cruiser please!

  9. is this Caleb rassmusen

  10. if u watch befor you shot the destroyer drove in front of a group of

  11. Tier 5!!!

  12. just keep going up the list

  13. HOLY TITS! Baron’s mortal guys! He can die!

  14. Baron you detonated that guy in the dd and when you were firing at your max
    gun range you were undetected so try and keep your distance from the other
    ships and just pelt them with fire they will never see you :)

  15. Mount an blade sorry bring it back

  16. Montana blade man bring it bbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaacccc ccckkkkkkkkkkkk

  17. Please turn off the in game voices, so spammy and so annoying

  18. you must use the fastest ship in the gane only

  19. At 8:17, you did 7810 damage with a single shell hit. You must have hit a
    magazine is all I can figure.

  20. danm nice second ??

  21. please hop up to tier 5 dd

  22. You play something that sucks just to get to the good that basically
    explains the entire German tree in War Thunder XD

  23. When you hit the DD, the same second a guy from the other team got the
    achievement ‘Detonation’. He shared the name with the dude you killed.
    Coincidence? O:)

  24. you magazined him

  25. The Clemson got detonation achievement when you sunk it, probably mag

  26. 12:15 Could have waited a few more seconds and landed all of your torpedoes
    on him, his guns weren’t facing you.

  27. The colorado has 39 secs turret rotationXD.Pretty good ship:p

  28. You got Devastating Strike, so it’s not allied torps that dealt most of the
    damage (in fact none of them hit). It was your shot that penned and mag’d
    him, he got Detonation medal, just look at the chat the moment he got
    destroyed for 7810 damage with ONE shell.

    Russian DDs seem to be really awesome torp boats, can’t wait to play them!

  29. Can you name your Captain Vladislav Dorkovich?

  30. you maged him for 7810 damage mate, banzai ; )

  31. A poor workman blames his tools…

  32. +BaronVonGamez – GG… but the vids with ‘yore homies’ are top
    entertainment bro… The Tanks, Boats, Planes and Lightsabres match vids
    are hilarious… “Scheiße Tits”… :p

  33. Don’t like them now, you wait for the inevitable Russian power-creep. If we
    initially make them bad, then no-one will complain when we super-buff them
    later. I’m on to you WarGamming..

  34. shat was Satalins special shots

  35. woo I was in the video Tommyturbo32

  36. Some torpedoes were going for that ship I guess your rounds killed it in
    the process, hitting at the same time as the torpedoes, but you got the
    kill :p

  37. I think I am already gonna name it ”the easy slap”

  38. This terrible russian is probably best to used as kamikaze, full speed
    towards enemy and when in torpedo range hard turn and let spam torpedski!

  39. Jelani “TheSavorings” Wood

    Hey Baron will you play Rebel Galaxy when it comes out on Tuesday? It seems
    like a game that matches your play style. I’d love to see a playthrough!

  40. Why the fuck does gaijin never put new German anything in, it’s like 2 a
    year and 90 Russians

  41. i got a Tier 6 Russian DD but i dont wanna play it

  42. magazine detonation. Same thing happened to me while driving a Cleveland.
    During open beta I turned away from a full health Omaha and shot my back
    guns at it at max range. Next thing the Omaha was sinking, from what I
    could tell, I only hit him with one round. Had to be magazine detonation, I
    didn’t see any citadel hits

  43. tier 6?

  44. That Clemson did receive the “Detonation” achievement.

  45. Khabarovsk next

  46. look in the chat baron lol
    it says detonation

  47. heyyguyz “muzzy”

    u magged the destroyer

  48. Why would you get close to a minekaze not firing his guns (aiming
    torpedoes) and turn broadside ? You just signed your death warrant with
    that move ,the izyaslav wasn’t really to blame there.

  49. You hit the magazine of that Clemson, which caused him to detonate lol.
    That 40 sec turret rotation sucks but I am sure if you get the upgrade and
    the captain skill it would cut it the time in half

  50. Save me from the hissing spam! It is on EVERY channel I watch! AHHHHHHHH

  51. baron play tier 5

  52. WG realizes the Murmansk was over the top, so now all they overcompensated
    with weak Russian ships. :(

  53. 8:21 Maybe a BS shell hit him right before yours and your damage finished
    him off. There WAS a BS behind you.

  54. Go tier by tier

  55. should I get this game? Is there submarines?

  56. I love your videos Baron keep going on to tier 5

  57. Why you didn‘t make an fan-gameplay you play with a fan

  58. yeah, you hit the magazine of the destoryer, poor chap. RNGesus favored Sir

  59. What Russian destroyer do you want to see next? Do you want to see Tier
    1-10 in order, or a specific Russian DD?

  60. I love your videos baron

  61. Definitely Magazined that Clemson.. I’ve done it before, with torps.. on a
    Yamato.. 1 torp took out 75K in health..

  62. I ahm unable to halp u dmitri

  63. 40secs is harsh.. until I saw it shoots 9 Potatus salvos o3o damn, I guess
    that balances it. Loving the T1-10 series idea!

  64. Keep going… Tier 5 now… Thank you!!

  65. It is like listening to an autistic kid on coffee

  66. when will these ships release?

  67. How can i play german ships ? cant find it :l

  68. Hey baron

  69. first

  70. First

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