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Hello boys and girls. I hope you are all doing well. Thank you for all the support. Stay safe and healthy.

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  2. but but 510 mm gun broadside tho 😉 anyways great vid tren as always 😀

  3. Hastur, the King in Yellow

    Vermont personified: Fat dude in a motorized scooter dual-wielding Barret .50 cals

  4. Is the Vermont more accurate than the Montana?

    • Yes.

    • Majestic Hotwings

      Pretty much, it’s also got special shell characteristics that make it easier for her to snipe. Of course Monty still has plenty good going on with her, go undetected and reposition and it becomes trivial to rake in the dmg. She might only have 406mm guns which lack overmatch, but we are still talking 12 406mm guns firing every 30 seconds, they hurt if given the chance.

    • @Majestic Hotwings and dont forget about american super heavy ap shell, it does hurt when hit

    • Majestic Hotwings

      @Dedy Arief definitely

    • Just a bit more accurate than Montana.

  5. “Think about Vermont going 26kts…” I’m actually trying to imagine Vermont undetected. 😀

  6. when are going to play the monty!?

  7. I call this ship “Big Chungus.” Its a great ship but still meme worthy.

  8. *Vermont going 26kts*

    Sailors: captain, we’re going way too fast!!

  9. Majestic Hotwings

    I really enjoy alternating between my Monty and Vermont, they have such divergent play styles

  10. if you looked at your chat half as often you would get much better results!

  11. Love that Stalingrad just sailing full broadside to you without a care in the world lmao

    • also, for the deadeye replacement skill, i guess some slow dd might actually get some use for it? i don’t know all the dd lines so i can’t say for sure but isn’t there at least 1 slow torpedo dd?

  12. Feels good to see Vermont at least it is better than Kremlin’s gun because Once Kremlin had 15500 damage and some good dispersion in long range but Now after the nerf of both Guns and AA really makes ship not to push in CV match at least you can Use defensive AA in Vermont to Destroy powerful CV planes like FDR.
    Probably best ship but Her speed makes inferior but still you have Range to counter these.

  13. Do the the other tech tree based on the line have this gun power?

  14. Vermont in Azur Lane: bodybuilding chick. 💪

  15. I really love this bote, but she’s very team-dependent. If you don’t have spotting or you are in a vulnerable position you can get sent to port pretty quickly. I’ve been spotted for entire matches before.

  16. Think that 10% in speed could help a DD though, especially if trying to evade aircraft, add the speed boost and they can wait longer to disengage when ships are charging them.

  17. I have citadeled I forget what honestly for 35+k in the vermont . Who ever says she isn’t a good battleship isn’t right she’s slow but very very good!

  18. I also think california is good at mid to long range, her guns are quit strong and ready to cit. I like playing these big ol bbs 😆

  19. Doesn’t Colombo has the highest broadside alpha? But in terms of strength i guess Vermont is better due to accuracy and penetration.

  20. I think the strongest broadside in the game right now is Colombo. Theoretically that is. If you manage to land all 16 shells perfectly.

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