Viewer spotlight // Akizuki / “Solo: A DD Wars Story”

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Is it heretical to say I actually kinda liked that film…?

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  1. Nice match 😀

  2. PHJ: I’m not a big fan of the Akizuki.
    Jingles’ cat: *plaintive meow*

  3. I actually didn’t mind Solo as much as the sequels. At least it tried to be something new, a Star Wars heist movie.

  4. Thomas Bernecky

    A fine game to watch, SJR, you do seem to get around lately. Well played. Jedi, always good to see one of your lollibote reviews.

  5. I have to agree with most of what Jedi said, with the lack of Akizuki love being the main thing…
    I think one thing that SJR could have also done is use the Aki’s AP more. You get the broadside of pretty much anything and the AP will chew them up pretty good, especially DDs.
    Also AA sector reinforcement could have helped as well

  6. Akizuki! 😀

  7. It’s not heretical, just like what you like, really. I thought Solo was fun too, even if there are probably hundreds of people already complaining about me liking it. It’s just how it goes with any popular franchise nowadays.

  8. nice way to start my week,
    thank’s Jedi

  9. Well done SJR!

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