The TORPEDUS is BACK! (World of Warships) Destroyer Torpedo Carnage!

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World of Warships Destroyer Gameplay – Torpedus is BACK!

Thanks for watching!


  1. “WUNDERBAR” your German gets better ^^

  2. Glad to see some WoWS vids and not just Warthunder….good stuff

  3. Our Lord our saviour! Baron von Torpedus! I worship thee
    (I Warship the… ba dun tss)

  4. ita about time. lol!

  5. Watched coz of the thumbnail

  6. Just so you know Baron, slowing down actually makes turning worse.

  7. Baron there were some rumors that youtubers will be able to put a price on
    a video or couple of them at once…so my question is will you ever do it
    if there would be that option

  8. baron is pretty bad at some points :/

  9. WHHAAATTT!!!!! That juke at the beginning of the video!!!! :)))))) You
    mister are a ninja.

  10. Maz “das Zerstörer” Jaeger

    Long Live Long Lance!

  11. 형은진지하다

    too many troll

  12. That’s the countdown before you can start capping. You can enter, just
    won’t do anything.

  13. thumb nail killed me

  14. heroes and generals plz

  15. Tiger 2 level 5 pls in the war Thunder Pls

  16. Dang. I haven’t played this game in months (though I do watch Baron’s and
    Phly’s vids usually) but I just noticed how much they improved the sound in
    the game. The battles sound much, much better.

  17. The visual quality of your videos has went downhill. Are you rendering
    differently? They’re not as clear as they used to be.

  18. Matrix seconds in! Love it! #Torpedus

  19. The Torpedus!!!

  20. Baron can play tier 10 destroyer plz

  21. Slick as usual bringing down the quality of your videos with his moron


  23. If you still have it, I would recommend Kitikami. That bastard dishes out
    torps for days.

  24. Umikaze has to be my favorite ship by far. Now Wargaming just needs to add
    the Yudachi and I will be the happiest little DD captain.

  25. Did they change the gun sounds? Or is it a Mod

  26. Best thumbnail I’ve seen in a loooong time

  27. as phly would say “Yiuhs duuude!!!

  28. the second battle you did is not new ive been doing those kinds of battles
    since i started and im just starting tier 6 in this game

  29. Need a wallpaper of that Thumbnail xD lol

  30. Play the heavy cruiser Pensacola next baron please love your vids keep up
    the good work

  31. Yo Baron! I have thinking this for sometime, but is there a reason why you
    don’t keep the roster on ingame? I mean, you check it with TAB sometimes
    and we can see the names, so it can’t be it, right? It would be easier to
    us, the viewers to keep up, that what’s going on and what your team and the
    enemy team have left.
    Big love for Power House vids. Love ya all.

  32. Hey Baron love the WoWs vids man =D Just a quick question did you guys get
    in on the Project R to restore the Kamikaze R Japanese destroyer or was it
    just the Asia server? And also can you do a vid on it if you did unlock it?
    It has an awesome camo. Cheers and good luck from an Aussie fan

  33. My favourite ship is the one that doesn’t get torpedoed

  34. Baron looks fabulous on that thumbnail.

  35. In order to truly master the Torpedus, you must become the Torpedus, Baron.

  36. Why do you always use a wide spread +BaronVonGamez? 😀 Use a thin one. :P

  37. Holy shit that thumbnail XD

  38. If you press “Backspace” while holding right “Ctrl” and right “Shift”, you
    can ghost around the map using your mouse and arrow keys …maybe follow
    your torpedoes to target(s) after death?

  39. I was in my aoba and launched some torps ahead of my dds in the cap at like
    6k away to block any enemy dds and the fuckers decide to go right through
    the cap and sail right into my torps that have been spotted for 6k. you’d
    think that a t7 would know how to avoid torps that had been going for that
    long but apparently not

  40. love that thump nail

  41. Shion Kaito Version 5.8 (Canadian Variant)

    best. thumbnail. ever.

  42. +BaronVonGamez swimming through the water with my boats shootin torpedus
    you know how it go

  43. Mark Kennedy (MrMark123w)


  44. Admiral Von Schneider

    3:02 Instant Baron british accent?

  45. 14th xD

  46. love the umikaze, done 80000 and 6 kills in one game. (Japanese accent)
    Best ship in game

  47. 9:10 The shot did not even hit before you detonated…

  48. Nice Job m8 it’s gr8 u r dis gud go home u tityfish

  49. The New Mexico, Mursmank and Mahan……..for now

  50. 2nd

  51. love american battleships

  52. Stage 2 Torpedus incoming!!! Prepare your butts!

    What is your favorite ship?

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