World of Warships: The Secret of the Udaloi – Soviet T9 Commentary [134k damage]

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Interesting ship. The fire nerf hit the RU DDs hard, but the Udaloi still has very strong guns.


  1. I have no idea why people have a problem with Kiev and above dds. I have
    been doing very well in the Udaloi myself. I don’t even have the commander
    skill for better camo rating. I do the Udaloi at range and rarely shoot
    torps. Took me a long time to figure that out. Once you play it like a
    flimsy cruiser with better camo then you will own people. I shoot and shoot
    till they look at me then run away. Once camo kicks in again then I turn
    around and go a differant direction and shoot. Also, pick your targets. I
    always go for the low hps regardless what they are. Oh and hammer cruisers
    with AP on the broad side, another thing most dd players don’t do.

  2. Nice vid m8. Im at the Taskent atm and looking forward to this one soon:).
    GJ m8.

    Cheers, Gilles_Schey

  3. its suck that the russian dds got nerfed

  4. i’ve noticed HE is really weak now vs a few months ago.

    Except when its fires against me.

    fire, repair, 2 more fires in next volley.

    Actually, its usually, engine destroyed and fire, repair. then 2 fires and
    engine and rudder in next volley.

    Which is funny cause i’m taking angled shots from the front. *sigh*

  5. Looks like your HE had a 5.26% fire rate. Garbage. I’m really struggling in
    the Trashcan. Any chance you could do another video on her?

  6. The first game with no torp hits on a dd. Holy fuck :D

  7. do you recommend AP on the kiev as you do on the udaloi??

  8. I’ll give this a try on my Kiev, I hate to say it but I’m near the point
    where I’m just gonna sell it off and pursue other shooty boats

  9. Good commentary, as always.
    Will join your stream soon o7

  10. just as I hoped, then I’ll keep grinding ’till this ship and keep it. great
    game, great advices as always. keep it up!

  11. Great video. Are you planning on doing ranked this time around? If so what
    do you think you’ll be running? I only have access to the Kiev and NC for
    ranked, not sure if it’s worth bringing the Kiev out for it this time. It
    got me to R1 last season, but might be time to retire it.

    Dunno, just wanted to hear your thoughts on it all. Is it still worth it to
    grind up the Rus DD line? I stopped at Kiev. My friend despises the
    Tashkent, THEN the nerf to Rus DDs hit, so the whole thing seemed pretty
    unappealing to me.

    I don’t check out streams often, but I’ll follow yours and will definitely
    drop in if I see you online. Keep up the great work Flamu!

  12. Great work again bud, Will keep an eye on the stream, good luck hope it
    works for you m8 u deserve it.


  14. idk. i feel like Tash is much better ship then udaloi mostly because of my
    RNG in udaloi … everytime i want to hunt IJN DD (like you are suppose
    todo) i get close to him (to actually spot him so 6KMish) the 1st. salvo he
    shoots kills my engine and destroy one turret every fucking time then the
    second kills engine again so good bye speed and damage another turret so i
    cant even shoot ….

  15. People have been asking me to stream for as long as I can remember, but
    I’ve always been skeptical because of my hardware. During Christmas I
    however upgraded my computer to the point that I can handle streaming
    easily, so I decided to give it a shot and see if people / I enjoy it.
    I’ll probably stream during the afternoon/evening in Europe, we’ll see how
    it goes.

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