World of Warships- ZF-6 First Impressions

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Hey guys, today we have the first impressions review of the new Dockyard German Premium Destroyer, ZF-6, enjoy!

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Haha got here in less than a min. 😀

  2. How many flags would you like on your ship?
    ZF-6: Yes.

  3. This is the first dockyard event that I have no interest in, I’m kind of happy about it because I really can use a break and this gives me the opportunity. Good luck to everyone that’s going to do the grind!

    • You have to basically put you life on hold for 2 months AND spend dubs! I did the Hizen… never again

    • Dockyard missions are pretty easy, i did them without even noticing. DDs just are not my thing so not as fussed over this one.

    • This is probably the best dockyard ship so far though. Pretty much the only reason to not be interested in it as much as in the others is of you don’t like to play DD’s.

    • I will do the missions for the dockyard for the rewards but will not give a penny to this since the first dockyards costs keeps going up and up.

    • @Farkel Rysunhope the cost in doubloons is the same

  4. When Germany and france decided to make a DD, only thing that it misses is the fast reverse speed

  5. 1.30 into the video and I had to say I love seeing the crew lined up on the deck whilst in the port. I do hope one day they will have it so we have little crewmen manning the AA and other stuff whilst in battles. That would be cool.

  6. FYI, if you go full concealment on the ZF-6, the concealment is 5.8 km.

  7. Wait so you can’t grind this without spending money?

    Well that sucks i thought i could actually get this by grinding it…..

    • @hindenburg that freaking sucks, i thought tjoght a way for normal players to get some premium ships…

    • @Fallington EMS Sadly WG wants $$$

    • Jugaloking69 Dope

      @Fallington EMS this is the first one that doesn’t have a free ship in the middle of the grind. witch is why I’m not grinding it. not sure if there was one in the rico one though

    • @Fallington EMS Normal players can get premiums with coal. It’s not as if the dockyard ships are super overpowered anyway, the main rewards are experience, signals, coal and steel which you can get during the grind – and not have to buy the ship at the end.

    • @Jugaloking69 Dope Gorizia was from the Puerto Rico dockyard event. According to WG, the whole point of that event was really the Gorizia…….. hilarious.

  8. i was hoping schultz reviewed frist but k

  9. The ZF-6 is slower, therfore it really needs the good concealment of 5.8, also the torpedos shouldn’t be neglected. They are very useful thanks to the concealment. It’s actually one of best german DDs in the game, with the T-61. At least from my experience and I play DDs the most. I had some really good games thus far 😉

  10. Afaik, this thing is a torpbote with decent gun power (similar concept to T61) and as a hybrid DD you can compare it to the Z-46, definitely NOT with the new DDs. So you should build it for concealment, then go either torps or guns.

  11. I’m not going to try too hard to get this one. I’ve got the tier 9 premium Z44 with a 12pt captain and have 6.1km detection, 2.9km in smoke, with a torp reload of 65 seconds. The guns are ok but with the detection range and torp reload times, I’m more than happy. I’ve managed to brawl T10 BBs and win!

  12. Awesome review.Thank you.

  13. Razvan George Andrian

    I’ve watched your videos since last summer and you taught me a lot about the game, but in the last few months I feel like you make your reviews on autopilot, and by that I mean that it feels like when you choose a playstyle for a ship and upgrades and commander skills you don’t REALLY think about the strenghts and weaknesses of that ship(that can be seen in its specs). On ZF-6 you have 3.9 rudder shift time which is already pretty good and you mount double rudder shift upgrades instead of concealment and propulsion because you tought it is gunboat like a french dd?! You read the speed and the HE alpha and reload on this ship and it clearly isn’t a french dd or a good gunboat for that matter. This ship can get up to 5.8km concealment if you spec into it, which is really nice because you have mogador torps that hit really hard and are very fast. Instead you tunnel vision into one playstyle that negates/ignores many of this ships strenghts and this isn’t the first review where you’ve done this. If you’re going to make a review that other people can use when deciding to buy or not a ship, please show all the aspects of that ship, so people can make an informed decision based on your video, don’t autopilot into an idea of how that ship would play because it is based on some other nation. This comment is meant as constructive criticism because I want you to do better at those reviews and use the many years of experience you have.

  14. Mountbatten I’m sorry that one game ended so quickly for you. I was the Felix Schultz there at the end of your video. I like the ZF-6, but I’m having more fun with the new DD line, mostly because the guns just hit so damn hard.

  15. Arizona Anime-Fan

    HAHA – I knew it when you sank my Kite that this would be in the video; First time I saw this ship in battle and I knew I made a mistake the moment I turned in on it, unfortunately once committed there wasn’t any way to uncommit (thanks to the kitekaze’s turning speed); I was just trying not to get sunk by the torps the moment you started to show broadside, EXCELLENT job spacing them out so as to leave me no way out of that one (my torps were still on cooldown, which is why we didn’t kill eachother there). Should have turned out, and ate an extra second of those AP (damn they hit hard) and tried to burn you down. Still fun little engagement; after it I decided to whale the ship myself to see how it goes.

    -My experience was similar to yours, though I built exactly opposite then you, for stealth (5.8km conceal with a stealth build) and torps (those are fast and heavy damage torps), though I’m sorta torn on how good a build that is for it. At t-9, only having 8km torps is a bit too short a range to do a full torp boat (however they’re VERY fast at 80+km, with a fast reload), and this DD is sorta slow both in turning and in straight-line speed, which makes a stealth torpedo boat difficult to pull off. However the lack of a heal and the low HPs convinced me this wasn’t a gunboat, but a torp boat. Still I had about the same experience as you, I was placing in the top 3 of my team with average (at best) damage totals, those torps absolutely delete cruisers and BBs if you can land more then 1 in a salvo… so it sort of plays a bit like a Halland, only being a slower turning/speed ship with much shorter torp range and much heavier damage torps; plus having that smoke.

  16. Nice vid Sea Lord, looks like another dockyard ship I won’t be getting.

    • You should get her. She is the best ship to come out of the dockyard yet! She is so good and alot of fun! I have an 80% win rate in her.

  17. Martine Maxine Caulfield

    very nice review! I think im gonna pass this one, for the doubloons it cost I prefer to get a Friesland or maybe a Cossack.

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