TOG 2 AMPHIBIOUS LANDING on D-Day! – Britain’s Finest Warship!

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Men of War Mondays – British Secret Mission – TOG II Amphibious Landing on Normandy during D-Day!
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Big Thanks to Beckett!
Map used:

Thanks for watching!


  1. what is this game called?

  2. What mod is this

  3. World’s most magnificient idea evur! LET THE TOG ll* TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

  4. And not being sarcastic actually really cool idea

  5. Well to bad they weren’t amphibious or build

  6. I thought it was a king during WW2 for the U.K

  7. You forgot the nebelwerfer

  8. baron the Tog 2 had paper armor a weak engine and bad gun depression. stop
    saying it is op or even good

  9. Baron I don’t want to play that I ‘m a german my german is better than
    yours but you said :,, scheiße what is that ? ”
    But a german soldier said :,, Verfluchte sxheiße was zum Teufel ist das
    !?!?!? Schießt Feuer frei ihr Idioten ”

  10. 5 O’CLOCK!

  11. 300.000 subscribers hype!

  12. Minh khoanpk Nguyen

    some victoria crosses need to be given to those men and togs who had fought
    with outstanding courage and skills, with baron first in line

  13. like my comment

  14. did he say squire!?

  15. At 2:52 look right the tog was flied over

  16. Watttttt??????

  17. wow where did he download the mod? and what is this mod?

  18. We “ONLY” lost 167 Men

  19. This is simply beautiful

  20. you should see the karl gerat thor. biggest german artillery in robz
    realism. it can kill a churchill even if it was 5 feet away from the
    explosion. and anything thath goes into the hole. stays in the hole.
    downside. slow as a ant.

  21. play the fv (whatever) or the is3 killer in war thunder baron

  22. @BaronVonGamez its funny to watch when you spekaing German x’D maybe you
    should Leran it Complete :D

  23. Robert M. OrtizJohnson

    LOL TOG2 by sea LOL

  24. theoverworked farmer

    that llooks so fun!! i wish i had the game

  25. Oh my god YES. BARON PT-76 NEXT.

  26. Congrats on 300k baron!

  27. ohh my gosh the amphibious tog
    if that thing can be update with some machine guns and rockets that will be

  28. TOGs would be awesome in war thunder

  29. Do the king diesel next

  30. I swear to god if I see one more Samuel Adams add…

  31. TOG jam lol

  32. Michael DePelteau

    12:22 You were actually right at first calling them His Majesties’ Service,
    as Britain was ruled under a King at the time, not a Queen!!

  33. Make a jagdtiger the way the hitler wanted it Flamethrower!!! If u think
    this is a good idea Like it

  34. The crazy thing was seeing how fast the Germans ran during the beginning.
    Super soldiers were real.

  35. Hey Baron, You should do the Ratte vs Monster like you said you were going
    to do a while back. Thank you!


  37. tigerPs ALL THE TIGER Ps

  38. The N0o_b game r :3

    I request a fat man nuke

  39. they should make the kerbero panzer cop armor from jin-roh for the mod


  40. congrats on 300000 subs! love your videos keep it up!

  41. Jolly Good Ole Chap!

  42. did bunkers like the ones in this level actually exist? I mean the big tall
    saving pvt Ryan bunkers…

  43. The Yveltal Warrior

    TOG has best penetration If You Know What I Mean. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  44. A nice feature in youtube would be teh ability to subscribe to playlists,
    as opposed to the enotre channel. I for example enjoy watching your wows
    videos, but could not care less about some other games.

  45. They should add the Tog II to Warthunder…so much fun awaits it.

  46. Sonny Worthington

    Baron you do realise that the British were more successful than the
    Americans in the D day landings and took the bleachers they were given a
    lot quicker because of the cliffs on omohar making it a blood bath for the
    American troops. So I don’t see why you are making out the the British
    didn’t do well in the landings. Btw who ever reads this I’m joking and u
    just read the entire message , not funny , deal with it!

  47. Baron, a British accent doesn’t mean it has to be posh. It’s just an accent
    from somewhere within the British Isles.

  48. Wow, something the Brits could actually do on their own!


  49. This was ridiculous Baron, and I love it.

  50. i still do not see RA2 i disapprove T_T lol jk

  51. cc “cc2009” hartmann

    this is fucking awsome :D

  52. did any one else realize the troops some of them were Canadian (on flag
    when u select a unit old Canadian flag) actully when baron plays as earl
    look he is a Canadian

  53. Where do you get the mod for this mission

  54. WOT blitz confirmed. They’re almost faster in water.

  55. ah, jingles finest

  56. did you know the togs took the front in 1946?

  57. 6 tog 2s or 6 kv222

  58. do you think the TOG should be added to war thunder?

  59. I thought americans went in on d-day

  60. Tog 2, still better at landing offensive than shermans.

  61. Sorry tog2

  62. “Her majesty’s Navy” in ww2 it was His Majesty’s Navy Cause king George

  63. you know someone likes a game when they make there own sound effects and

  64. Baron, do you talk to yourself when playing this game alone? Cause I do.

  65. Yo Baron ya tittyfish! Why don’t u put the P.2000 Gott if u think ur good
    enough to make it. If not ur a tittyless tittyfish! p.s. Ik the tank is
    fake But do it TITTYFISH BARON!!

  66. Sjoerd “DatNLguy” Brouwer

    You know what, I won’t tell a TOG-2 joke! You know why…? Because it’s too
    long XD

  67. Christian Haegler

    That whole scenario is historically completely inaccurate. All beaches
    except Omaha got the s### bombed out of them, leaving almost no fortified
    positions or heavy weaponry standing or functional. And the Brits were
    landing on those free beaches. From what I`ve read the British troops only
    encountered light resistance.

  68. So that happened.

  69. everybody get up its time to tog jam we got the real thing on welcome to
    the tog jam!

  70. Long Live the HMS TOG

  71. your accent is great

  72. I’m in Normandy rn!!! Lol right on Omaha beech

  73. tiger bros

  74. Can you do a ww1 mod next Monday

  75. If dday went the British in amphibious tog2’s and American with amphibious
    t28’s and amphibious other heavy tanks the war would have ended a lot
    quicker to bad the Germans had 2 maus’ sadly the didn’t even get to fight
    but they should have just used those materials for making more tigers could
    have changed the war just realized I got of topic damn add/adhd

  76. I think on the Real D-Day they would have been a much too good target for
    the big guns in Normandy


  78. Congrats on 300,000 subs Baron! Been here since 100,000 and here’s to more!

  79. Still waiting for the Toge in warthunder!

  80. every one who subscribes to this channel will receive a free cat in the next 5-10 days

    can tog fight the Japanese? I don’t know comrades find out next episode OOH

  81. I want this in game

  82. TheMetalsonic3000

    Now try this as the Germans and attempt to stop the TOG onslaught.

  83. The_Night_Warrior_Gaming

    Would you perhaps say…unleash the TOGs of war?


  85. Congrats on 300k subs!

  86. Hey Baron, show us the Canadian Ram 2 tank!

  87. nice german 😀 (im german)

  88. Funniest thing is; when it was designed it would have actually been pretty
    bloody good for the trench warfare it was designed for ^^

  89. legit I learned about this in history lesson

  90. Baron Baron!!! can you do the Object 279 next for the glory of Nikita

  91. definitely I am a British school boy and I have heard that story

  92. Thats how the british DID do D-day.. I suggest you look up Sir Percy Hobart

  93. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's Bundeswehr

    Jingles should see this..

  94. Scheiße was ist das ?????

  95. BaronVonGamez; The Shermanator; Slick Bee you three great youtubers need a
    Men of war special altogether

  96. bravo mate!

  97. I am so excited for April fools day in world of warships. I just know that
    there’s gonna be something with togs

  98. Im in me mums TOG, brum brum

  99. Earl was canidian

  100. baron tog3 plz (mod)

  101. Amphibious TOG 2….for some reason that doesn’t seem odd to me at all.

  102. Be the boat little TOG ;)

  103. That’s right! Jerry ain’t the only one with secret weapons! Forward, for
    King and country!

    I don’t believe we’ve seen the FCM-F1 yet, or am I mistaken?

  104. matthewmcelhaney 9859home

    I like this

  105. Finally togs

  106. I swear to god if they release TOG II in war thunder, and make it
    amphibious I will pay as much as I have to to get it, heck id pay $50 for a
    Tog II

  107. What happened to the multiplayer ???


  109. StoneTheMason _Music

    wow o-o

    so is this some kind of war re enactment game? ive never seen it before

  110. TOG!

  111. So the British made a bt-7 on steroids that is amphibious and transports
    troops? interesting

  112. row, row, row your tog gently through their team, merely, merely, merely
    listening to their screams!

  113. those 88s would have killed those things really easily…
    anyway nice video and greets from Germany :)

  114. baron where do you find this stuff

  115. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  116. u stop playing wows or what??

  117. SU-100Y Baron we need that Naval gun on the field

  118. Love it.

  119. You guys should race the Russian trucks on warthunder

  120. Tog is best boat!

  121. *Distant sound of mighty jingling*

  122. Scheiße! Wat is dat!? LOL

  123. this is the craziest thing to reach men of war if only my game wasn’t
    broken at the time:(

  124. Mod?

  125. The mighty jingles would be proud

  126. viktor Selaković

    War thunder nede JU-290A

  127. TOGZ! Thouzands of zem! vell, shoot zem private. “ii I am shooting zem
    kommander it doez not seemz to make a difference”

  128. Baron and I invaded D-Day on a Rowboat before.. ;)

  129. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  130. Marc Schnierstein

    Baron How to You Get your Golden Eagles so fast at WarThunder?

  131. I knew it! I knew you would play it!

  132. And very happy sir that you had fun at that wedding

  133. TooooooooooooooG!!!!

  134. axaxaxaxa

  135. First!! Love you baron

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