Top Premium Battleships by Tier | World of Warships Legends PlayStation Xbox

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Checking out the best Premium Battleships (Arkansas, Nikolai I, Warspite, Scharnhorst and Jean Bart) in World of Warships Legends (WoWs Legends) available on PlayStation and Xbox.


  1. First view sorry for letting you get nuked the other day

  2. Abdulhameed Al-Sikafi

    Holy cow thx i needed this lol

  3. Who else was hoping he would wait for the Jean Bart game to end to stop the video?

  4. …Lenin??

    • Oh I forgot the Lenin, my mind has blocked it out from the trauma of losing it

      That would definitely be a contender if not the outright winner

  5. JB is my 2nd most played ship but I haven’t played it much in the last 6 months. The fragile guns are a big weakness for it. I’d personally put the Alabama and Massachusetts above the JB just because the guns get knocked out fairly often

  6. I was lowkey hoping fro Massachusetts but great list anyway😭😭

    • Each ship is only as good as you play it… Any of them can be absolutely dangerous when played to the best of their ability. I’m a huge fan of american ap, I will make any ship regret pulling broadside on me with Simms….

  7. what about Lennin?????

  8. I love my Stalinite armoured Lenin, however my wife doesn’t appreciate the £100’s I ploughed in to get it.

  9. But I’m also interested in the intro music……….

  10. Only differences: tier 4 Texas cuz I love my New York and Tier 7 Massachusetts cuz it’s the apitimy of American battleships but actually has speed and personally I think JB is overrated I mean don’t get me wrong I think it’s great but the guns are very fragile I mean unless u want to be a 50000 ton torpedo 😂😂😂

  11. What did you think of the Lenin? For me personally I think that had become the best tier 7 bb in the game

  12. Nassau has 4 mods, including Artillery plotting room, at tier 3 (same amount of mods as tier 7 and legendary). So many different ways u can play it and excel.

  13. Arkansas is such great value! Will help with the daily grind and missions and challenges, it’s one of my most used ships, and so much fun to boot, you gotta get it!

  14. Secondary-spec Arkansas is hysterical. Love that thing and I’m fairly certain it has the most accurate secondaries in the game.

  15. If that Jean Bart had a rear turret she’d be an absolute beast!

  16. Tbull seems like the coolest guy to hangout with out of the wows legend’s community

  17. For me, Massachusetts is the one. Even on PC Massachusetts is a top pick.

  18. I personally love the Warspite, definitely one of the strongest t5 BB’s. Plus a lot of people don’t realise it has 381mm guns meaning it can overmatch quite a lot of the battleships at its tier. Can really annoy the hell out of enemy players that think they can bow tank

  19. Tier for tier the Arkansas might the strongest BB in the game: strong seconadaries and with plotting room great accuracy at longer ranges… unlike all other tier 3 & 4 BB’s. Also your armour holds up well when angled. The only problem is that the Arkansas has no AA guns at all, so it will suffer once the carriers get released.

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