World of Warships= Italian Battleships Are Good

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Hey guys, today we discuss the new Italian Battleships and the almost instant hate they seemed to receive, enjoy!

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  1. they aren’t bad but considering people love to play overpowered ships

  2. The problem isn’t the line it’s the current meta. But by themselves these ships look quite appealing and in a time where the game is becoming difficult to deal with, this line is refreshing.

  3. I’ve run into the Lepanto enough times now in cruisers to know that she excels at making cruiser captains salty. Getting slapped with a salvo of SAP in a Cleveland is quite unpleasant.

  4. “More pen for DDs”
    Apparently DDs need to die quicker than cruisers do huh

    • I think its only fair since cruisers are a support class and the dds are always in the frontline spotting and spamming torpedoes they should be the ones to die first.

    • @Afonso Messias focus fire on a DD is understandable but would you really want to slap it harder with your SAP? From the IT BB pov, that’ll be nice. From the DD pov, that would suck.
      (This is my opinion based on me playing gun boat DDs and light cruisers most of the time)

    • @Victor Felixthe point is to avoid being spotted when an italian bb is close dds can do that cruisers cant

  5. Thank you again for a calm, reasoned and honest review.
    You and PQ are my go to sources when I want to learn without the over the top hyperbole.
    Keep up the great work.

    • Tyfighters002 Verkerk

      Yea mr gaslighter likes to blow everything out of comparison, we need a reliable source. Thanks mountbatten

    • @Tyfighters002 Verkerk who do you mean by gaslighter!? I also like his more calm aproach here!

    • Tyfighters002 Verkerk

      @Christian Kuhl I mean flamu, I really used to like him but over they years he makes everything out to be a big deal and says it’s all terrible, like with the american bb split he said it was gonna be trash and went back on it, and with italian cruisers. Stuff like that has made me not trust or like his content very much.

    • @Tyfighters002 Verkerk i agree and also think its just a show for his core minions 😉

    • Tyfighters002 Verkerk

      @Christian Kuhl pretty much, evan if hes a good player and talks about stuff he knows about, I prefer watching someone who’s calm and can be rational evan if their not as good of a player, like mountbatten 🙂

  6. As Italian I’m proud our bbs are actually pretty good 😅

    • @Tomato News Network Russian BBs are also nerfed okay don’t say like these because of the player like you don’t even know how its difficult to play Russian BB so keep your mouth shut okay.
      Russian BBs are like match box and don’t forget Kremlin AAs which is a paper now days so think about a thunderer who just destroys your AA with one salvo very very cancer in CV match you are done CV also knows about your AAs so pushing is very hard and fuking HE spammers are way more worst.

    • Yeah.. to be honest russian BBs are definitely not what they used to be anymore in this game. They be been stealth nerfed to shit in all honesty. Kremlin can’t hit shit from 16km and gl pushing in anymore. Looking forward to grind the Italian BB line and am very very leased by their look so far

    • @MK gaming Calm the fuck down! Jeeeezez!

    • What’s your opinion on flamu’s video about the ITA BB’s?

    • @Reichskeks just changed my mind now…

  7. just wondering, what would their pen be if those 90mm had SAP instead of HE?
    i think they could leave the maingun sap as is if those 90mils had sap.

  8. Getting some positive feedback for Italian bbs. That’s nice👍

  9. I will tell you this. if you can push and create an impact in a BB in Asia server, the said BB is very good. I challenge anyone who thinks otherwise

  10. Am i the only one “Zap ammo is like uncle gold ammo from Wot”? thinking.

  11. It’s true Trump has a small PP, but

    Well that’s what you think Mountbatten, they’re going to see this title and make them go 20 knots, 50 second reload, and -5 sigma

  12. I got the tier 5 for having Prime. And she is hit or miss for the most part. She does destroy broadsides when you get them and tier 5 dispersion isnt making you cry.

  13. Why not make the 100mm secondaries SAP. Then we could get a Pizza Kita.

  14. I was honestly looking forward to these ships a lot so I am so glad that they are turning out okay. I look forward to playing them for myself!

    Note: My only issue with them is that they are another hard counter to my fav line, the French BBs

  15. They are good for now. After the event they will be weakened, you can bet what you want, it’s always the same story.

  16. So far I’ve had a blast playing them XD.

  17. curious if anyone has bought all the random gold bundles and got enough tokens to get all the bundles there? isnt the final 1 Columbo?

  18. Italian ships in a nut shell “ya see that 2 key? ya that one, rip it out of your keyboard and never touch it again.”

  19. I wish they have the Italian secondaries 1/4 pen, would make them comparable to german secondaries, lower range and accuracy but much higher volume of fire

  20. They r ok wouldn’t say good but ok…

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