TOTAL TURN AROUND – IZUMO – World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. Константин Лисица

    Великолепный бой!

  2. Nice game! My favorite part of this was the 2 – 3man divisions being hard carried by a solo player.

  3. Only good game I ever had with Izumo was my very first game with Stock Izumo with a non trained captain, managed to get a Kraken, and then FXPd to Yamato.

  4. Thats some brawling

  5. Gotta admit. I really enjoyed this one. Impressive!

  6. Wow i’ve never heard that dutch crew voice…can you also bring Nueve de Julio for spanish voice over?

  7. why the last izumo didnt ram?????

  8. Muito bom!

  9. the shots on musashi and jean bart is just beautiful

  10. Dutch sounds like German spoken with an American (or sometimes Scottish) accent

  11. the dispersion on some of these shots – like 10:16 … man I would have been fuming

  12. Very impressive. Maybe his best shot was on the Jutland at the end. 😉

  13. Nice game alleen je moet hem in het Engels zetten Nederlands of Belgs klinkt zo raar

  14. Wtf Mem a japonese ship speking in dutch?

  15. たにけい:famas121q

    Great play skills.
    This is one of the best replays I’ve ever seen.

  16. Where I can find this voice crew?

  17. Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

    Wow double consecutive driveby

  18. God what would I not give to my enemies to broadside like this. Every game would be a 300k game in the Kremlin.

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