USS Missouri (BB-63) meets YAMATO / plus easteregg || World of Warships

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bow on ….. get citadeled twice….
better citadel then on but still an overmatch for Yamato.

Player: _fog_invader
Ship: Yamato
Map: Northern Lights

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  1. how can he have it?

  2. 😀 funny eastereggs only sad about the price the mighty mo will cost :'(

  3. eh, it’s just another Iowa, even bow on Yamato can get cit. the diff
    Missouri is Prem.

  4. well if you play standig still 7km to a Yamato is pretty normal that you

  5. From 4km I am not surprised a Yamato can get bow citadels on this…

  6. That camo that the Missouri had on looked fantastic! 7:30

  7. I wish they would add sailers on ships that would be so cool

  8. Looks like Wo dc’d

  9. Just another reskin version of the Iowa, nothing special. I thought i’m
    getting all hype for it, but it was for nothing

  10. German battleship sucks Royal Navy more powerful

  11. Yamato still rekts it.

  12. the most beautiful warship ever made!!
    i visited the mighty mo at pearl harbour, simply amazing!!

  13. I hate how they just reskin it.There are small changes to it. Abut nothing
    to make ti really interesting. Would have been awesome if they done
    something with guns. Maybe just increase the speed of the shell traverse
    speed. Also they still need to nerf the Yamato. The accuracy on it is too
    good. American BB’s should be the one that is really accurate. Not Yamato.
    In real life american bb’s started getting really accurate near the end.
    but no we get crap American BB’S

  14. Totally predictable

  15. How can I get Mighty mo :P

  16. Steven Seagal doing exercises on the Missouri deck…too funny! Hope WG
    incorporates that piece of “action” as a permanent fixture when the ship’s
    in port….

  17. i was in that game and Wo was stuck on the rock’s and coulden’t move. =[

  18. If you noticed carefully, wo-9 parked his ship in the strait between two
    islands, he did this so he wouldn’t have to worry about flanking shots, he
    was probably testing the bow armor’s durability (hence why he wasn’t firing
    before he went down)

  19. Speaking as someone who earned a Kraken in my Iowa yesterday on the Shatter
    map domination , it seems to me that supertester was playing the Missouri
    like a damned potato.

  20. IDK why but I can feel musashi is coming soon

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