WEYMOUTH – IM BRITISH! – World of Warships Gameplay

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  1. do the Belfast next

  2. Christopher Matarazzo

    the British only have ap rounds and they have a smoke screen that you have
    to place at 1/4 speed baron

  3. My great grandfather served on the HMS Belfast, may we see her in action?

  4. still waiting for it on console

  5. MrJohnycomelately21

    The British cruisers us HEAP it’s not as good as just HE or AP but that’s
    the trade off, speed, pretty good guns but crappy armour (light cruiser)
    and no HE

  6. Belfast!!!! Because British burn is best burn
    Average 105k damage in that OP chips munching bastard!

  7. Play the HMS Belfast Baron! Think you will mightily enjoy the OP British

  8. Play ze German cruiser Dresden!

  9. FrustratedNameSearch

    About damn time you came home !!!


  10. When it comes to choice of ammunition the British are the worst for it lol.

  11. What ship next you ask bavron well the aurora please.

  12. yo baron, play the roon next plz! for Ze fatherland! Ze German cruisers are

  13. my god!! your pronunciation of Edinburgh. its killing me

  14. Kirov plz

  15. Turn on detailed damage and ribbon idicator

  16. i want the HMS hood. it is, well was the MOST ICONIC ship during the war.
    only four crew members survived when it sank.

  17. Play the Leander or if possible play the Fiji

  18. you should play the Fiji or the tier 9 German bb Frederick the Great

  19. Yamato. Old school. Big time.

  20. mikasa is also a character in attack on titan

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