World of Tanks – Hunter Killer

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Today’s the day! On stage at the WGL Grand Finals playing in front of thousands. No pressure! While I’m gone, here’s some World of Tanks to keep you occupied. See you on Monday!

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  1. H…how can he not know about Dank Memes!

  2. 한국인이 볼진 모르겟지만 솔직히 이 영상은 상대 중전차가 너무 던짐…. (야티가 자리잡으러가기도 전에 이미 무리하게 밀고있음)

    그래서 야티 플레이하시는분이 자리잡고 대강 티타 역타 잡아가면서 야금야금 잡아가는 당연한 형식으로 이겨감

    저기서 중형(바샷,140등)이 들이댄다면 어떗을까….. (쉽진않았을듯 ㅋ)

    레이팅 빨갱이 아닌이상 저럴수가없음

  3. chasy chasy – chatchy chatchy – i love you :D

  4. The JpE100 is just so much more satisfying than the JgTiger though. That
    gun man. BLAM. You get hit by that, you’re hurt dog. And you can bully with
    the tank too unlike the JgTiger which has a butter LFP and a weak UFP, plus
    it doesn’t lose its engine every other hit.

  5. no. the guy is platooned with Garlicfries. whos a fucking faggot and hates
    by 99% of the relevant NA community. PLSGO trash

  6. dank memes can’t melt steel beams

  7. DankestMemes is a strange name? Jingles doesn’t get around the internet
    much ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I snap a shot off with the BL 10 on my ISU

    You have to be in a light tank to get a pascucci’s medal, wait a sec….
    when did they thange that? Or am I just crazy?

  8. I half expected a surprise comeback from the prot, given how the name of
    the video was “Hunter Killer”

  9. BL10 < Everything else

  10. havent even finished watching the video and i already dont like this
    player. the lowe is a great sniper tank…. assuming you know how to aim or
    are using hax. that said i wouldnt waste a space putting nocks on it even
    if i snipe with mine XD

    they work well together but that start annoyed me

  11. Jingles, do you mind telling us a bit more about your military background?
    I’m intrigued to know what you did in the army/navy/airforce

  12. Pretty sure i’ve gone against Dankestmeme’s clanmates, in BENIS, before, in
    a clan war landing tournament.

  13. I have always wanted 1 to

  14. Jingles there is a world of tanks rap it’s awesome look it up

  15. I’m going to have to disagree with your saying that the WT auf Pz. IV is a
    good machine. Not once have I had a game in it where the horrendous camo
    rating hasn’t gotten me killed. Even with a camo net and some crew members
    trained in camouflage, that stupid paper tank gets seen from 300m easy,
    without even firing. I would definitely prefer the Jagdtiger, if for no
    reason than that I believe it’s stealthier.

  16. War thunder needs to add better sounds like wot did

  17. The epic tanker Xbox 360

    Good luck in Poland

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  19. The JagdTiger was the first tier 9 vehicle, let alone TD, that I ever owned
    as well. I still have it and love it.

  20. Dat Löwes comment 😀 im dead IF he shoots :DD

  21. If your day isn’t immediately brightened by a dose of Jingles laughter,
    you’re likely either a sociopath or deaf. Statistically speaking anyways..

  22. Jingles, i have an awesome 10k dmg in a platoon of 2 superpershings, how
    can i send that replay to you? :D

  23. Well, Hunter Killer to me sounds like a badass hydralisk.

  24. Kenneth Salvio Jr

    ty jingles

  25. you see jingles,when an pak 43 88 does not penetrate an late 40’s – 60’s
    tank of any country or a 105 for example or even the 75 L/70 ,that’s when I
    complain….those guns have high muzzle velocity and would pen anything….

  26. Ben “BluudLust” NoLastNameGiven

    7:45 its the arty’s fault for not relocating closer to his team.

  27. You are gonna get sunken in there… hahahahahaaa Respect Mr. Jingles

  28. lol, looks like war thunder 2 years ago

  29. 704 is better not because of the gun, but because it’s smaller, faster,
    more maneuverable and also has decent armor. And if you like a slow DPM
    monsters with strong armor than the Tortoise is better. JT is OK, but
    nowadays it’s a bit underwhelming for a tier 9 TD.

  30. Don’t click Read more

    You thought I was going to say “You’re a rebel, I like you”
    You were wrong!
    Well…since you’re here, would you like to have a cup of tea with me?

  31. Jingles forgive me senpi for I have sinned I did not watch your last 2
    videos on time in the same day it was uploaded :(

  32. Best match you ever had? I do recall one battle once, “The good the bad and
    the ugly” episode 12, last replay, as I wrote to you on Facebook the other
    day. That was a Dane, driving that machine, dominator, [PBDK9] on
    Westfield, Standard battle. Read further, on FB-site for more details.
    -And welcome back home. Good to “have you back”. I bet Boo’s tale is waving
    so much, that the whole back-part of him is waving too. I’m sure he’s happy
    to have you back too. -So is Rita. no doubt! She told us Friday night, that
    she missed you even before you left!

  33. demented laughter= dislike

  34. Pablo Lamatafeliz


  35. Florin Petru (MachineXtech)

    i hate people what beg for a kill ^_^

  36. Jingles, ask Circonflexes about Russian bias in the game. Please be
    prepared to sedate him afterwards… It is a touchy subject for him. There
    is Russian bias in the game. Lots of it.

  37. ‘Nobody cares whether artillery lives or dies’ – I beg to differ. I just
    watched DezGames most recent video and in one of the games a T110E5 was
    camping at the back of the map protecting arty.


  38. JubJub Doowalawala

    Jingles if you’re wondering Dank Memes means:-
    “Dank Memes” is an ironic expression used to mock online viral media and
    in-jokes that have exhausted their comedic value to the point of being
    trite or cliché. In this context, the word “dank,” originally coined as a
    term for high quality marijuana, is satirically used as a synonym for

  39. world of warships does that have tanks?, if not why are you bothering?

  40. jagdtger. rhe best gqme I had was 6000 dmg. 2 kills.

  41. Jingles is the Zodiac Killer

  42. why the hell someone’s chat always appear twice? so annoying, it’s like
    chat spamming.

  43. lol did anyone else see in chat someone was saying that the lowe is a
    sniper… hahah no its called a heavy armored heavy for a reason

  44. I once kindly asked if we could win by cap instead of killing the last arty
    for a mission. My team kindly agreed, but then the arty decided to pop up
    right next to us at 80%. Skumbags the lot of them!

  45. Hat off for the Löwe driver. Considering how much crap he had to take from
    this a-hole and his pal at the beginning, just to let him take the 8th
    kill. I sure as hell would have not let him get the kill.

  46. Truong Vu Phan (2Moto)

    its over “8000”.

  47. Badass explotions in the background without looking back.

  48. Don’t let your memes be dreams


  49. well, the first tank that struck the most fear in me in WOT was the FV215b
    183, but who hasn’t been scared of that thing eh? I knew one day I would
    get that tank… that day has yet to come, but I do own the FV4005 stage 2

  50. Lol dank memes xD

  51. If this was on Steam I might give it a go.

  52. Dank memes Jingles! It’s what us kids are learning in schools these days.

  53. Only the dankest of Memes.

  54. That’s a pretty dank name

  55. This is the bešt game of my life!

  56. I have always taken issue with being able to repair a thrown track in ten
    seconds. I really think it would be a good exercise for someplace like the
    Bovington tank museum to take a tank out of the garage, any tank… crack
    one of the tracks and let World of Tanks players try to put it right again.
    It would make for some very long and very amusing youtube videos.


    That name isn’t that strange, at least not by North America / USA
    standards. Our whole society is practically run by the word of Dank Meme

    >the thought of a meme-ran society
    Ayyyyy lmao

  58. Thanks Jingles for making more World of Tanks videos it means a lot to me

  59. This tank was awesome til wargaming nerfed it’s frontal armor same with the
    8.8 version

  60. >That clan tag…

    :DDD :DD

  61. Make another luchs video jingles

  62. 9:23…got 27 of those “Very, very satisfying medals to have”..and yeah,
    every time feels like the first, because hey killing scumbags never gets

  63. Jingles Did you hear the news about Blizzard Drops the Hammer on Popular
    Vanilla World of Warcraft Nostalrius Private Servers? Another question
    would you or did you try this Vanilla server?

  64. Mike Hunt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Meh, tbh this video really was nothing special.

  65. That’s how you do replays. QB will never learn that.

  66. Hey Jingles you might not see this but my Birthday is the 13th of april and
    it would really make my day to have a shout out from you big fan love the
    videos you make when i have a rough day i just turn on the videos sit back
    listen to Jingles and his war stories or history of tanks and wars or just
    all round Jingles talk hope the warships Game was fun and ill head back to
    the salt Mines Mr. Overlord

  67. That was me in the Löwe! this game was awhile ago and I played not that
    well this match. JgTiger won this match for us!

  68. Awesome video jingles keep it up!

  69. nice game love that tank to :)

  70. Wait wait WHAT… there was russian bias in WoT at one point? I thought
    that was a WT thing 0_0

  71. Ahhhhh, nothing more satisfying than the warm laugh of jingles.

  72. artillery is good only if it’s in your team;p that’s the logic of the
    artillery haters

  73. BobbyJenkins Plays

    This guy’s name XD

  74. I felt the need to find your latest video and post: Jingles, you were the
    most attractive guy on that stage for ships, even though you think you’re
    ancient, you don’t look it! Just wanted to remind you. Thanks for a great
    channel and please please don’t ever stop what you’re doing :)

  75. Dank memes is best memes

  76. Tao Kaka (Randomness Iz Best)

    “Lowe is a sniper tank guys.” XD

  77. HGS “HazardousGamingSquad”

    Jingles, Congratz on winning yourself a wargaming gaming chair on the WOWS
    match earlier today.

  78. I keep disconnecting when he laughs at his own jokes.

  79. Never know a Jingles video to attract so many twats in comments…..!

  80. thanks for the emergency vid jingles

  81. Apparently he changed his name to “thebuttslammer”

  82. Dankest memes

  83. T28 prototype got 5555 damage lel.

  84. B E N I S S O L I D A R I T Y

  85. Who else never skips the intro

  86. Normal, really average gameplay

  87. jingle just Google search dank memes you old coupe!

  88. Michael Palladino

    -hey dank, you got any memes?
    -only the kind that melt steel beams

  89. Circon would love his name

  90. Looking forward to your return. Did you get some good replays for us?
    Always entertaining good Sir. Hope you had fun.

  91. Jingles can you please put your World of Warships game from the grand
    finals on YouTube ?

  92. Please stop making me want to go down the German td line

  93. EU account for sale ¦ Ingame-Name:zabuzel (you can check the account stats
    online) ¦ 5 Premium tanks(FCM50t, JgTiger88,T54mod1,su-122-44,Is2-premium
    edition) ¦ 2100gold ¦ In Garage:
    IS7,Obj140,ISU-152,T32,T28prot,IS3,Luchs-all fully grinded and with top
    modules, also the majority of them have crews with 2 full skills and the
    third one in developpement. ST-1, Arl-44,PzSflIVc are also fully researched
    and have very good crews. those interested are welcome to request print
    screens, ask for additional information or ask about the price in private
    message. „smile“-Emoticon

  94. Hey jingles can you check out an old game. Its Called Battlezone. It was
    created by Actvision. It was an excellent game with a really cool concept.
    Its outdated for sure but maybe if someone like you gives it a shout it
    might be remade. If you ever have time.

  95. I got my first radley walters medal in the Panzer III/IV

  96. yow jingles, i got a replay for ya with a possible new type of hack. an
    arty shoots at ya, and while the shell is underway, your tank is unable to
    move or anything, it wont react to anything. and then your tank suddenly
    blows up and you are one shotted while you had full hp. even my arty
    spotter mod didnt see him light up when he shot, which means its clearly
    him causing the lag.

  97. I was eating up the Jagdtiger glamour shots.

  98. I dont have a problem to let a teamate get an epic medal, but i have some
    rules: Im not going to die just so he can get it, im not going to lose the
    chance of geting a medal of my own and definitely wont risk 15 people’s
    game so 1 can get a medal.

  99. Are you going to show the game you played in Poland i missed it and i
    really wanna see what happened, and im sure other people as well

  100. Jagdtiger? No, Sir. Didn’t like it. Good play though.

  101. Dremes of le memes

  102. TheRancidMarshmallow

    I think his toon mate was actually trying to kill him at the end, to deny
    him the radly-walters…

  103. should black out the chat, the asshatery is strong with this one

  104. Severe under reaction to dankest memes Mr internet celeb Jingles

  105. i have the E3 but I’m not sure which TD to get next, i have enough XP to
    get to tier 9 for all of them. need some opinions. I’m playing on the Ps4
    by the way so, my choices are jagdtiger, 704, or tortoise.

  106. This name made my week

  107. Quantum Imperfections

    Jingles!!! I wanna have your baby!

  108. i follow this guy on Instagram this is weird

  109. Russian guns were not known for accuracy but the German guns were. Maybe it
    was the crew as the Russian crews were basically noobs but WoT “balanced”
    accuracy for game balance. One of the few things German tank players could
    count on doing well when vs under tiered Russian units.

  110. 1:37
    A similar thing happened to me, but for me it was the Hellcat that i always
    wanted, back when i first started playing WoT

  111. ItzzDustyspartan32

    9:48 Speaking of Asking for a Radley Walter’s I was in my Type 58 (as a
    console peasant) and i already had 7 kills. And there was one left.I had a
    few platoon mates with me but they were holding back. an E8 Sherman was
    with me when we engaged the final enemy. The E8 practically gave me the
    final kill. I was so very happy as it was my First (and at the moment:only)
    Radley Walter’s

  112. good luck!

  113. I hated the Jagdtiger.

  114. what you basically said jingles is. Artillery players if you cant take
    being treated like trash and cant handle no one helping you or people being
    a asshole to you don’t play artillery. Just food for thought my friend but
    that would mean to me don’t say anything about it, get offended or expect
    better that’s just the way it is. If that is the case for artillery players
    it must be for everyone else. So when ppl flame out, insult, threaten you,
    team kill, and everything else that people think is ok to do online / in
    game but most would never in real life. That’s just how the internet is if
    you cant handle it don’t get online. Now I agree that people don’t have
    thick enough skin anymore. Atleast in the USA idk about Europe / Asia
    people have become some over sensitive self entitled damn cry babys. I just
    feel we need to be as fair as we can be as humans despite what our opinion
    or feelings are about something.

  115. patrick Katalenas

    It ain’t WoT without people fucking up simple grammar! :D

  116. geoffreystorckman8

    well, past jingles, good news is you did not embarrass yourself in the
    exhibition match. Better news is you won the exhibition match! Bad news is
    rita let everyone out of the salt mines yesterday…

  117. Jagtigers are definitely very sexy, have you seen that ww2 video with a
    battalion of Jagtigers surrendering on April 10th or something like that?
    With several Jagtigers, all magnificently camouflaged with branches, pull
    in the town square and park next to each other ? God they look so sexy.

  118. rip

  119. just watched your game at the grand finals 2-1 you gave that last round to
    ze Germans fair play and all that, didn’t want to give them a reason to
    hold too much of a grudge, gg jingles

  120. Well done Mighty jingles on the finals

  121. thats a good tank but i like brittish tanks more.

  122. I swear , at first glance I read Hittler Killer:)))

  123. watchin’ Jingles right now on Wargaming live stream 🙂 Go Jingles GO!!!

  124. Hope you enjoy Poland and have a great game. Keep them coming.

  125. wtf happened to de xcom….

  126. Jagdpanzer 2 op pls nerf I call German bias. ))))))))):

  127. Well meme’d my friend.

  128. man ,between this and QB’s JT replay, its making me VERY excited for this
    tank. can’t wait for the sale to start so i can buy it!

  129. Ive been away from wot for about a year. Is it too late to get back into

  130. Truly the dankest jagdmeme out there, even the clan tag is benis )))))))

  131. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    That M40 had plenty of time to run away, he is relatively fast and has a
    mini-map. he failed himself by not moving.
    sure sometimes its impossible to survive but most of the time just moving
    will keep you alive

  132. NOOO THERE’S NO XCOM 2. This must be billy’s doing.

  133. 4:13 and then Jingles says that the KV-4 is “thirsty for more”

  134. We need to educate Jingles about dank memes.


  136. >meme arrows on wot

  137. Canadiangaming 101 (Meso1284)

    So much eco

  138. This video is the proof that the FV4202 (P) is just too slow to be
    considered a good medium tank. It can barely catch up to the Jagdtiger to
    have that arty kill! Wargaming, just give it a speed buff for christ sake!

  139. For such a fast firing gun, it seems to have somehow low ammo load… Is it
    an issue?

  140. I think the BL-10’s popular is also the fact that it’s a tier 10 gun……
    that happen to be mount in a Tier 8 vehicle (ISU 152), it can miss, and it
    may bounce, but once it hit and penetrate, it hurt, a lot.

    And also, the fear factor, nothing scarier than when you are charging in a
    tier 9 or 10 heavy tank, and suddently, BANG, there goes 800 hit points on
    your tank.

  141. Very good video Jingles.

  142. Obj 740, Jagtiger and Jagzilla.

    Best three guns in the game, imo in terms of overall reliability. I RARELY
    miss well aimed shots, get in a good % of snapshots, and almost always roll
    even or high with those guns.

    Everything else seems to come with a larger dollop of RNG added.

    I have had like 10 chances at a RW medal as well, and only once have I
    gotten it. I have literally had tanks charge in front of me as I was going
    to fire, block me, take the kill (even taking a hit from me), and then lol
    and mock about how I wanted that medal. And on a few of these, I recall for
    some that was the guys first kill for like 200 dmg lol.

    7 kill matches? Hundreds of them. That damn 8th or more is hard as hell to

  143. Ah Jingles, you’re spoiling us with all the World of Tanks videos this
    week. Haven’t seen that in a while. Thank you!


  145. 4:01 Seinfeld moment.

  146. whats up with the chat?

  147. I knew that Löwe player would have around 2-3k games after he said binocs
    are a waste of money

  148. Not focused by arty as soon as he comes around the corner? Definitely
    doesn’t have good stats xD

  149. Dats a feels gud game right thar.

  150. I love my Jagtiger but I am continually getting my engine knocked our after
    being shot in the front. Damn German frontal transmission! So these days, I
    tend to take 2 repair kits. A bit slow but still great fun to play

  151. That was really nice that the Lowe let him get the final kill.

  152. Who thought of hydralisk hero from sc1?

  153. Camperoftehintrowebz

    “russian bias”
    If anything russians are balanced past tier 5, and underpowered before tier
    Germans are weak up until tier 6, then they get fucking powerful
    (Jagdpanzer has weak armor, sure. But its last cannon is quick and deadly,
    accurate too.) VK 36.01 H? Tier 7 they get the Tiger and Tiger P. Both are
    fucking amazing at kills and defense. then you get the Jagdpanther. That
    thing is just… whoo man. So good!

    As for the russians? Kv-85 is well rounded… its not that much of a
    problem if you know that you can pen its lower glacis on the front. T-150
    is hella armored, but it doesn’t have the destructive capability that the
    kv85 has or, heaven forbid, the KV2. The kv2 on the other hand, has an
    insanely powerful gun. But, it fires SLLLLOOOOWWW. It also has a lower
    chance to pen with its AP than the other tier 6 russian heavies. (With
    explosive ammo, it doesn’t matter though) The tier 7 heavies and Su-152 are
    great in their own regards. IS is a quick little killer out there in the
    battle field, with high maneuverability/damage. Kv3 has good armor (Tiger P
    tends to bounce/tank more though.) And its gun is the same as the IS, but
    it just doesn’t perform as well.

    I could go all day. As for anything else, Americans are pretty fucky with
    their armor and gun, Brits are great armored opponents/allies, french are
    just… there, chinese and japanese I barely notice.

  154. theres something magical about jingles saying “dankest meme”.

  155. I need that thumbnail

  156. I would like to share a story that will make you laugh. Its about how I got
    my only pools metal. Its really funny but unfortunately it’s kinda long.

  157. Dank Memes Are Wet Dreams…

  158. kingles love all the videos I watch them all the only thing I don’t like
    about them is wot and war ships have too long intors

  159. what defenders on the west side! That is not world of tanks

  160. Still grinding my ferdy. I’ve only faced one of these in a battle before.
    Went head to head with one in my T95. I wasn’t to pen him nor he me, got
    invader for that battle.

  161. that Löwe is a fucking idiot. the Löwe is NOT a sniper. it’s a second-third
    line support, if i remember correctly. you don’t charge your Löwe to the
    front line, that gets you killed. But you don’t stay all the way back
    sniping, that’s how you lose.

  162. He just tried to greentext in WoT, holy fucking newfag.

  163. Jingles is there a reason why all of your WOT vids have been 16-12 minutes

  164. I thought the fv might have accidentally ammo racked him.

  165. When is the WoWS Dream team stream?

  166. This guy in the replay is trash.

  167. Oliver Shakespeare

    it funny that the t28 prototype did 5555 damage

  168. Am I the only one who, after seeing the title, went : “Meatbags….” ?

  169. What´s the name of that mod that remembers and marks the last position of
    an enemy tank on the minimap?
    It´s very handy, i think.

  170. Oh Jingles… Too old to know what dank memes are :P

  171. When Someone has a Name Like DankestMemes, you know the replay is going to
    be good!

  172. wish i had this kind of matchmaking. Only bad enemy players that wont shoot

  173. Obviously to old to know about the Dankest maymays.Its nice to see a German
    TD replay that is not about the Hitler Mobile aka Wft. E-100

  174. is it the same gun as the ferdi?

  175. dank memes playing on the NA server. if the doesn’t summarize NA I don’t
    know what does.

  176. Jingles you realy dont understand the dank meme industry

  177. That Skeleton guy

    Lowe is a sniper look it up

  178. If you want to see the evolution of World of Tanks from 4 years ago to
    today, just watch Jingles!

  179. I Wonder… Jingles you’re old!

    Am I now going to be the first person sendt to the salt mine?

  180. was hoping for some Fear factory with w title like that.

  181. To you British people, “Dankest Memes” might sound like a really peculiar
    name, but In the ol’ US of A, its completely normal… sort of.

  182. Jingles have you seen gaijin’s new game crossout?
    it isn’t complete and utter pay to win, russian bias shit! in fact, it
    looks pretty good!

  183. The pure joy in this sentence : Dankest memes just earned himself a
    Pascucci’s medal for three artilery kills, a VERY VERY Satifying medal to
    have. :D

  184. why play this when war thunder exists?

    massive hate incoming

  185. I prefer counter battery fire medal to pasccuchi. It’s best earned in Bert
    shotgunning the enemy in the face!

  186. the link sends you to world of tanks gameplay not warships, is this wrong
    or am i being dumb about it

  187. Love how the Löwe and the Jagdtiger were getting into it in chat at the
    beginning of the match and ended up working together the entire time.

  188. Never ever bothered about medals and all that shit.

  189. >Jingles doesn’t browse the dankest maymays

    embarrassing tbh fam

  190. BENIS clan is best clan…

    …after T2FTW

  191. The bl10 is extremely accurate, just like the kv2, u just need to sacrifice
    dissidence to Stalin and u can pull off anything

  192. purplemnkydshwshr

    Did anyone else notice at 1:30 the Lowe complaining that Binocs are a waste
    of money, then try to defend his choice by saying it’s a sniper and proceed
    to use APCR, lol >_<

  193. 3:30 – uhm…damaged transmission is the reason why the engine was damaged.
    You know – the “damaged transmission = engine power down to 50%” is in the
    WoT from the start and will be unless the transmission would be a separate

  194. People complain about Russian Bias in WoT too? Geez, what’s next? Hello
    kitty with Russian bias?

  195. JustinPlaysTV // JPTV

    +TheMightyJingles is WarGaming still gonna sell the Jadgtiger 8,8cm? If
    they aren’t I’ll maybe pick up at Panzer 38. I want a premium tank for all
    countries to train crew and make money, as I advance or higher tiers. xD

  196. People actually care about medals?

  197. the rate of fire on here is a lot faster then on the xbox one version of

  198. “You don´t just snap off a shot with the BL10?” Jingles thats the only way
    russian guns work, you aim you loose XD

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  200. Lasse Hovlandsdal

    Absolutely love this tank. Feels like low rolls are less frequent than on
    my T30 too.

  201. I’m on the tear 7 Jagepanther and eventually that tear 9 will be mine

  202. can u do replay contest again

  203. benis :DDDDD

  204. Ooo yes you can snap with bl10 u just need to sacrifice to takin then u
    snap and hit weak spots from max view range

  205. Jagdtiger is now a Tier 10 premium TD with pref MM.

    …who thought giving the thing 2100HP is a gud idea XDDDDDD

  206. as an arty player i need to correct you, my team dose care if i live or
    die, they want me and all arty to die.

  207. T28 did 5555 dmg

  208. I was surprised when jingles didn’t know that DANK MEMES EXISTED OMG HOW

  209. Seven Eleven (SevenEleven357)

    Jingles the transmissions is in the front in this tank that’s why it said
    the engine was damaged

  210. Ah, someone has obviously watched Sliphantom’s video, we have a member of
    the Löwe master race playing today :P

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    game. Gun is absolutely awesome dpm.

  212. Jingles is fulfilling the exhibitionist side of him lolol

  213. I’ve gotten the idea that Jingles only makes a video out of the high tier
    replays. But that’s fine cause I at least know the ones I sent in were

  214. @jingles You know what dank is?

  215. You are wrong jingles, some ppl do care about their arty. I’m not sure if
    it’s because of my ok rating, or they legitimately care.

  216. “It struck the fear of God into me because I just couldn’t penetrate it.
    One day it will be mine.” Good thing we have the context.

  217. Jingles you liar you not at the GF you pigging out at the all you can
    shovel buffet.

  218. I met that bastard in a t20

  219. I love the Löwe: “1 apcr left”. The Löwe is well know for it’s bad accuracy
    and horrible AP penetration, so it’s absolutely reasonable to spam gold.
    Good job m8.

  220. Well… IS2, 2v7, carried my friendly Stug’s arse and what does he do? ram
    me when I’m aiming at my potentially 10th kill a T5 arty that makes me miss
    my shot and makes him kill me… 9 kills woo hoo -_-

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    these in ages! If I want to watch a random replay jusy will go to QB or the
    WoT website and watch them. I am here for you jingles! I want to see you
    playing. Please give us some of that. Sorry its a long comment, but we love
    you for doing that.

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    WOT today 1 In a mill I’m afraid.

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    no h8 its gr8

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  234. “When you have no more original names and have to take one from a outdated
    call of duty kill streak that no one used”

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    Damn this game got pretty. I can’t wait for an actual PC instead of a
    toaster to play this title.

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    me that EVERY arty dies!

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    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  238. Yes jingles, you do snapshot the BL10… On the move. At 500 meters…when
    the top 3 inches of his turret are showing…with a damaged gun…and a
    dead commander and gunner..when the targets moving at 70 KPH.

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  242. this clan BENIS is very racist on the NA server, that the player of the
    jagdtiger is part of

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  244. wow, what awesome display of great skills… -.- autoaim snapping bots and
    babytanks, not knowing any weakspots whatsoever, questionable decisions
    everywhere and getting presented with radley walters he did not deserve in
    the end. why the hell would you feature a replay like that with 0 skill

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    superstructure and it’s flat. Each time I play in it enemy tanks just press
    2 and negate my armour…

  249. Actually Mr.Lowe driver, I’ll tell you what the Lowe is. The Lowe is a
    worthless piece of shit.

    I will gladly give a player the last kill if he’s on for a Top Gun,
    Radley’s or Pool’s, however, I won’t give the kill if said player asks for

  250. The chat at the start though lol!

  251. Those damage rolls… I wish my premium jadgtiger could do that.

  252. Don’t copy QB’s way of pronouncing Panzer 4, please. It makes no sense,
    unless you choose to pronounce E-100 in German and IS-7 in Russian too.

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  257. Hey jingles good video as usual! Congratulation on almost getting 500k subs
    hope you reach it soon! Anyway cya back on Monday! :)

  258. Hey jingles good video as usual! Congratulation on almost getting 500k subs
    hope you reach it soon! Anyway cya back on Monday! :)

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  273. So,the 128 mm shells of the JgTiger with 276 mm penetration and 560 average
    damage costs 1200 credits.

    The 105 mm shells of the T32 (105mm top gun) with 200mm penetration and 320
    avg dmg costs 1000 credits.

    If you compare them you’ll see that for 20% less credits the damage is
    halved,and the penetration is….
    Well balanced economy my fat a$$.

  274. jingles u shuld do more videos about how u play the game … we can watch
    these replays by ourselves 😛

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    when new players buy a bunch of tier 8 prems and then act like they’re

  307. Can we watch jingles in the Grand Finals?

  308. Got my first tier 8 tank this week, the JP II. I can’t wait to get the

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    kills” that’s just the way it is.

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    kill me, pls

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    in the morning. There are exactly 3000 views. Awesome.

  320. JT was my first T9 ever. before T10 tds, and when its only rival was the
    OBJ704. Never regretted it. It racks up damage so fast.

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    help immensely. Thank you so much, keep up the good work.

    -Loyal Subscriber

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    KV-2 don’t have to aim!! Stalin already does

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  336. Cristian Gabriel Capatina

    And now
    SerB:Jgt is too OP we need to nerf it
    WG:Sir but it is slow and doesn’t have the best armor if you will nerf it
    you will make it onderpowered
    SerB:Do you wanna work for Gaijin guys?
    WG:No sir, a nerf it’ll be…..

    I told ya a stoy

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    Warning this comment contains…

    You just read this pointless comment!
    You won: I wasted your time award!

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    OMFG , jingles is not aware of the existance of dank memes.Do a favor to
    yourself and google it.
    Ao and another thing jinlges , DANK MEMES are illegal , thats right illegal
    , in russia , and i challenge you to find out why

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    Jingles is 8:40 here in Austria…….

    Austria not Australia OMG guys……..

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