World of Warships – 0.5.2 Maps

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Quick look at the two new maps coming in 0.5.2, The Atlantic and Shattered. These two maps have some unique features and some familiar ones to create some interesting moments. I also explore the ranked layout of the maps since they will also be maps that will show up in ranked play. Hope you like the short overview of the maps and have a wonderful day!


  1. Nice maps and challenging looking forward to play them. my main focus will
    be on the DD’s and CA’s . Very good narrated Notser as always.

  2. Very nice preview for the hordes of us that are not in the test server.
    Thanks for posting.

  3. since they are added new flags, will you get the rewards from challenges
    you complete before the patch, or do you have to do them again? example:
    will you get high caliber flags if you got high caliber pre patch

  4. Question about ranked if I may: I reached 5 (so proud of my red flag!) with
    my MOGAMI of course (thanks Noster for your guidance on this) and I was
    wondering, in the unlikely event I should lose a battle (ha!) do I lose my
    lovely red flag??? Cause if I do I’m not risking it! haha Ok, maybe I will
    but I’m just wondering, thanks! And thanks for this vid, I could never get
    my test server account to work so I just removed it…

  5. I played “Atlantic” on the PTS in a Zao, and really enjoyed it. Can’t wait
    to get that ship on my normal account, and I can’t wait to start getting
    these maps!

    Good commentary on the high Tier stuff. I won’t lie, I just got the Mogami
    and I am getting my ass kicked game after game. Since I do not have a
    premium Japanese ship, I am still retraining my CPT on the Mogami and it is
    painful. MM seems to think that a stock Tier VIII ship with an untrained
    CPT is perfect to throw into a Tier 10 match. A good AP hit from Yamato or
    Montana and the game is over very quickly. I seemed to just barely make
    credits with Premium, and without I am getting wrecked. At this point I am
    enjoying my Myoko much better, and I am considering shelving the Mogami
    until I build up 10mil credits or so so I don’t have to stress so much
    about taking damage. I guess I will just have to break down and pony up the
    $47 for Atago. Sigh…

  6. suggestions!
    team deathmatch in world of warships.
    historic battles to relive the moments in WW2 and more
    new ultra realistic mode with huge maps, no HUD,reliant on your team
    (joke),communication with team can be done via open mic.
    any thoughts

  7. with shattered for B cap it depends wich dd is there faster i rushed that
    cap and taken it and just destroyed the ones that came close or near it by
    hiding behind the islands and used my torpedos and smoke i had a really
    good game in the khabarovsk with it

  8. Aren’t both of those from the Canadian east coast? The first one most
    certainly is. That’s the bay of fundy rocks.
    They look interesting. I would agree about the similar playability to Fire,
    two brothers etc.
    The team make up is going change the tactics a bit especially on shattered.
    The other outlier is how CVs are going change ranked and the other modes
    too if we assume they are changing them enough for people to play them
    I welcome the new maps. More variety is only good for the game.
    Funny thing… There was a guy in the WG forum who said that DDs don’t
    influence the battles in ranked because they don’t do as much damage as the
    other ships ….lol Laughed my ass off for a while at that one.
    Oh, and yes do that other map thing you mentioned please.

  9. Have you had a battle on Strait?. They opened up the eastern island so now
    the B cap can be accessed through a channel and you can’t hide in there for
    very long. As for economy, it’s still low. If you lose the battle, unless
    you dominated your team you will lose credits.

  10. Notser, do u have a sound mod installed? or did WG change the gun sounds?

  11. Use drag and drop to select the PT of the game to open the replay files
    instead of just clicking them. If you drag it to the executable for the PT,
    it will give you the option of opening the replay with it. It was hard to
    see much detail since you seem to have had your settings set to “potato”
    for the resolution settings.

  12. wow 930 rolled around and still no notser video this morning lol. usually
    they go live at 9am est. shew….. thanks man. I needed my notser video
    fix. thanks for the content. again, a big fan of yours. see you next time.

  13. Shattered reminds me of New Dawn. Where B cap is where DD rules and no BB
    in their right mind would go through it. The difference with Shattered is
    that the islands are huge. You can’t shoot over them like in New Dawn. So
    this means no long range engagements, except when you are fighting for A or

  14. hey Notser. Seems the resolution of this vid is messed up a bit. Cheers,

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