World of Warships – 0.6.0 Adrenaline Rush Preview

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Previewing 0.6.0 and the Adrenaline Rush skill with the . The cooldown of your main battery, secondary battery, and AA armament are improved as you take damage. The skill seems to be a no brainer for a , I fight on Trap and put pressure on the enemy. Enemy around B point get run over as my team supports the assault. I hope this is helpful to check out Adrenaline rush and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII German Battleship Bismarck Replay


  1. why not add rudder movement, and AA guns ?

  2. how ideal is this skill for an aggressive shimakaze, fletcher or yuugumo

  3. Tested it on Khaba today. Loosing HP anyway and as I was at 20% HP I had
    reload of 3.3 seconds. Was cool!!!!

  4. Somebody likes his Bismarck. Can’t blame him. Let me kill the Hood in this
    game please wargaming.

  5. Adrenaline Rush should not be in the game, maybe if they put it as a last
    capt. skill. This is just crazy, yes it is arcade game, but come on… WG
    is ruining this game with this childish updates.

  6. not enough i think…

  7. Notser, does the faster reload stay after you heal up? for example, if you
    take 50% damage, you have a 10% boost, but after you have healed up say 20%
    of your health, so your sitting at 70% health, then does the 10% bonus stay
    or is it now back down to 6% bonus?

  8. HEAP on Atlanta?

  9. try the AR on khaba, gearing, akizuki and des moines with max RoF setups

  10. Brian Lock (神通)

    IMO, if you want to take that skil, you might just as well time your HP
    heal so you can squeeze the maximum reload CD

  11. So the build to go is Preventative Maintenance, AR, BFT, AFT, Manual Sec,
    and Fire Prevention?

  12. lee christmasgaming

    Notser, will this skill be useful of my Yamato?

  13. Brian Lock (神通)

    23 second reload on half HP Yamato seems good

  14. I think something like Gearing Khabarovsk would benefit from this

  15. wait… if u go down in health and u get that boost, then u heal up, does
    it stay until u go past the health u were last at when u kept getting the

  16. the two bb potatos… just wow.

  17. From 6m to 1m, i don’t like it at all, at least 3m, but not 1m….

  18. The enemy better buckle up any time you get around this ship. You’re an
    absolute killer in that thing and it’s a blast to watch. Also, your gunnery
    is rarely not outstanding and when you combine it with secondaries that hit
    as well… it’s so dominating. Thx dude!

  19. This skill is just so gamey and immersion breaking. 🙁

    And who WOULDN’T want to take that skill (apart from CV ofc)?

  20. when you start these matches do you say to everyone ” Hey I’m filming for
    youtube. Can you all play like absolute potatoes?”


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